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Correspondence, 1909-1977 (continued)
Family Correspondence, 1920-1977 (continued)
Correspondence between Serge Koussevitzky [S.K.], Natalie Koussevitzky [N.K.] and Olga Koussevitzky [O.K.], 1923-1941, undated (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 106/9 S.K. to N.K., 1932-1941
BOX-FOLDER 106/10 S.K. to N.K., undated
BOX-FOLDER 106/11 N.K. to S.K., 1923
BOX-FOLDER 106/12 N.K. to S.K., 1924-1925
BOX-FOLDER 106/13 N.K. to S.K., 1926-1939
BOX-FOLDER 106/14 N.K. to S.K., undated [Biarritz, 1920s]
BOX-FOLDER 107/1 N.K. to S.K., undated
BOX-FOLDER 107/2 S.K./N.K. to O.K., 1930-1932
BOX-FOLDER 107/3 S.K./N.K. to O.K., 1933-1934
BOX-FOLDER 107/4 S.K./N.K. to O.K., 1935-circa 1941
BOX-FOLDER 107/5 S.K./N.K. to O.K., undated
BOX-FOLDER 107/6 O.K. to S.K./N.K.
Koussevitzky [Kusevitskii] family correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 107/7 Kusevitskii Family
BOX-FOLDER 107/8 Akatova, Zinaida
See also: Zinaida Akatova in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 107/9 Bakh, Anna Kusevitskaia
See also: Anna Kusevitskaia Bakh in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 107/10 Bakh, Sarra
See also: Sarra Bakh in Family Genealogy
Hayton, M. S., Mrs.
see Hayton, Shura
BOX-FOLDER 107/11 Hayton, Shura
See also: Shura Hayton in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 107/12 Kusevitskaia, Sof'ia
See also: Sof'ia Kusevitskaia in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 107/13 Kusevitskii, Adol'f
See also: Adol'f Kusevitskii in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 107/14 Kusevitskii, Aleksandr
See also: Aleksandr Kusevitskii in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 107/15 Kusevitskii, Boris
See also: Boris Kusevitskii in Family Genealogy
Kusevitskii, Elena
see Kusevitskii, Boris
BOX-FOLDER 107/16-17 Kusevitskii, Iosif
See also: Iosif Kusevitskii in Family Genealogy
  • 107/16 Kusevitskii, Iosif & Kseniia
  • 107/17 Kusevitskii, Iosif & Kseniia [undated envelopes]
Kusevitskii, Kseniia
see Kusevitskii, Iosif
BOX-FOLDER 107/18 Kusevitskii, Lev
See also: Lev Kusevitskii in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 107/19 Kusevitskii, Nikolai
See also: Nikolai Kusevitskii in Family Genealogy
Kusevitskii, Raia
see Kusevitskii, Adol'f
Naoumoff [Naumov] family correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 108/1 Naumov Family
Koussevitzky, Natalie
see Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais, Anna Naumova and Naumova, Anna Ushkova
Koussevitzky, Olga
see Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais, Anna Naumova; Naumov, Aleksandr and Naumova, Anna Ushkova
Koussevitzky, Serge
see Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais, Anna Naumova; Naumov, Aleksandr and Naumova, Anna Ushkova
BOX-FOLDER 108/1a Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais, Alexandra
BOX-FOLDER 108/2-6 Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais, Anna Naumova, 1922-1975, undated
See also: Anna Naumova Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais in Family Genealogy
  • 108/2 Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais, Anna [Naumova], to S.K./N.K., 1922-1925
  • 108/3 Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais, Anna [Naumova], to S.K./N.K., 1926-circa 1949
  • 108/4 Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais, Anna [Naumova], to O.K., 1933-1946
  • 108/5 Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais, Anna [Naumova], to O.K., 1947-1964
  • 108/6 Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais, Anna [Naumova], to O.K., 1965-1975, undated
BOX-FOLDER 108/7 Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais, Nataliia "Nadine" "Nadia"
See also: Nataliia "Nadine" "Nadia" Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 108/8 Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais, Serge
See also: Serge Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 108/9 Naumoff, Alexandre
See also: Alexandre Naumoff in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 108/10 Naumoff, Anna
See also: Anna Naumoff in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 108/11 Naumoff, Maria "Marusia"
See also: Maria "Marusia" Naumoff in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 108/12 Naumoff, Nádia
See also: Nádia Naumoff in Family Genealogy
Naumov, Adelia Souza
see Naumov, Nikolai
BOX-FOLDER 108/13-16 Naumov, Aleksandr, 1940-1975, undated
See also: Aleksandr Naumov in Family Genealogy
  • 108/13 Naumov, Aleksandr [to S.K./N.K.]
  • 108/14 Naumov, Aleksandr [to/from O.K.]
  • 108/15 Naumov, Aleksandr & Dinah, 1940-1949
  • 108/16 Naumov, Aleksandr & Dinah, 1950-1975; undated
Naumov, Dinah
see Naumov, Aleksandr
BOX-FOLDER 108/17 Naumov, Nikolai
See also: Nikolai Naumov in Family Genealogy
Naumov, Praskovia "Pashen'ka"
see Naumov, Nikolai
BOX-FOLDER 109/1-3 Naumova, Anna Ushkova
See also: Anna Ushkova Naumova in Family Genealogy
  • 109/1 Naumova, Anna [Ushkova], to S.K./N.K.
  • 109/2 Naumova, Anna [Ushkova], to/from O.K.
  • 109/3 Naumova, Anna [Ushkova], to/from others
Neuburgh, Alex
see Neuburgh, Ol'ga Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais
BOX-FOLDER 109/4 Neuburgh, Ol'ga Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais
See also: Ol'ga Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais Neuburgh in Family Genealogy
Neuburgh, Ronald
see Neuburgh, Ol'ga Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais
BOX-FOLDER 109/5 de Pasquale, Maria Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais
See also: Maria Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais de Pasquale in Family Genealogy
Polivanov, Lialia Blinova
see Polivanov, Nikolai
BOX-FOLDER 109/6 Polivanov, Nikolai
See also: Nikolai Polivanov in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 109/7 Polivanova, Mariia Naumova
See also: Mariia Naumova Polivanova in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 109/8 Stout, Anna Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais "Bebi" "Baby"
See also: Anna Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais "Bebi" "Baby" Stout in Family Genealogy
Stout, Eugene
see Stout, Anna Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais "Bebi" "Baby"
Stout, Robert
see Stout, Anna Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais "Bebi" "Baby"
BOX-FOLDER 109/9 Sturgeon, Alexandra
See also: Alexandra Sturgeon in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 109/10-12 Sturgeon, Marianna Polivanova, 1943-1968, undated
See also: Marianna Polivanova Sturgeon in Family Genealogy
  • 109/10 Sturgeon, Marianna [Polivanova], 1943-1959
  • 109/11 Sturgeon, Marianna [Polivanova], 1960-1967
  • 109/12 Sturgeon, Marianna [Polivanova], 1968; undated
Oushkoff [Ushkov] family correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 110/1 Ushkov Family
BOX-FOLDER 110/2 B'ra, V.
See also: V. B'ra in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 110/3-5 Iosselevich-Iorgii, Iosif, 1920-1975, undated
See also: Iosif Iosselevich-Iorgii in Family Genealogy
  • 110/3 Iosselevich-Iorgii, Iosif [Joseph] & Tatiana [Ushkova], circa 1920-1939
  • 110/4 Iosselevich-Iorgii, Iosif [Joseph] & Tatiana [Ushkova], 1940-1975
  • 110/5 Iosselevich-Iorgii, Iosif [Joseph] & Tatiana [Ushkova], undated
Iosselevich-Iorgii, Tatiana Ushkova
see Iosselevich-Iorgii, Iosif
Jorgy, Joseph
see Iosselevich-Iorgii, Iosif
BOX-FOLDER 110/6 Prokhorova, L.
See also: L. Prokhorova in Family Genealogy
Ushkov, Aleksandra "Shura"
see Ushkov, Aleksei "Lilia"
BOX-FOLDER 110/7-15 Ushkov, Aleksei "Lilia", 1920-1968, undated
See also: Aleksei "Lilia" Ushkov in Family Genealogy
  • 110/7 Ushkov, Aleksei ["Lilia"] & Aleksandra ["Shura"], 1920-1929
  • 110/8 Ushkov, Aleksei & Aleksandra, 1930-1934
  • 110/9 Ushkov, Aleksei & Aleksandra, 1935-1939
  • 110/10 Ushkov, Aleksei & Aleksandra, undated; circa 1930
  • 110/11 Ushkov, Aleksei & Aleksandra, 1940-1949
  • 110/12 Ushkov, Aleksei & Aleksandra, undated; circa 1940
  • 110/13 Ushkov, Aleksei & Aleksandra, 1950-1968
  • 110/14 Ushkov, Aleksei & Aleksandra, undated
  • 110/15 Ushkov, Aleksei & Aleksandra, undated
BOX-FOLDER 111/1 Ushkov, Grigorii
See also: Grigorii Ushkov in Family Genealogy
Ushkov, Ksenia
see Ushkov, Vladimir
Ushkov, Mariia
see Ushkov, Vladimir
BOX-FOLDER 111/2-6 Ushkov, Mikhail, 1920-1977, undated
See also: Mikhail Ushkov in Family Genealogy
  • 111/2 Ushkov, Mikhail & Sofiia, 1920-1929
  • 111/3 Ushkov, Mikhail & Sofiia, 1930-1937
  • 111/4 Ushkov, Mikhail & Sofiia, 1938-1939
  • 111/5 Ushkov, Mikhail & Sofiia, 1940-1977
  • 111/6 Ushkov, Mikhail & Sofiia, undated
Ushkov, Sofiia
see Ushkov, Mikhail
BOX-FOLDER 111/7-10 Ushkov, Vladimir, 1927-1977, undated
See also: Vladimir Ushkov in Family Genealogy
  • 111/7 Ushkov, Vladimir, Mariia & Ksenia, 1927-1947
  • 111/8 Ushkov, Vladimir, Mariia & Ksenia, 1948-1961
  • 111/9 Ushkov, Vladimir, Mariia & Ksenia, 1962-1977
  • 111/10 Ushkov, Vladimir, Mariia & Ksenia, undated
BOX-FOLDER 111/11 Ushkova, Elena
See also: Elena Ushkova in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 111/12 Ushkova, Tereza Eluchen-Pechërin
See also: Tereza Eluchen-Pechërin Ushkova in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 111/13 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 111/14 Unidentified
BOX 112-113 Appreciations, 1927-1950
Fan mail and appreciative letters from the public. These letters are largely from concertgoers and others who heard Koussevitzky perform, and who wish to express their gratitude for the conductor's service to music.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 112 1927-1936
BOX 113 1937-1950, undated
BOX 114-119 Requests, 1925-1962
Letters that make requests of Serge Koussevitzky. Categories include: requests that he program certain pieces on his concert series; requests that he appear in concert, often for charitable causes; or requests that he lend financial or other support to various organizations.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 114 1925-1930
BOX 115 1931-1939
BOX 116 1940-1944
BOX 117 1945-1947
BOX 118 1948-1950
BOX 119 1951-1962, undated
BOX 120-121 Invitations
Professional and personal invitations sent to Serge, Natalie or Olga Koussevitzky. Items include invitations to various musical and cultural events, charity functions, weddings, private parties and other social occasions.
BOX 120-121 Invitations
BOX 122-125 Greeting, Calling, and Business Cards
Professional and personal cards sent or presented to Serge, Natalie, or Olga Koussevitzky. Most items are signed, and some may contain brief messages. In addition to birthday, Christmas, holiday and religious greeting cards, these materials include telegrams, calling cards, business cards, birthday letters from friends, family and fans, and congratulatory, condolence and announcement cards. Miscellaneous items include handwritten lists of individuals who sent or received cards, several copies of the Koussevitzkys' business and calling cards, and a copper plate used to engrave Olga Koussevitzky's calling card (as Olga Naoumoff).
BOX 122-125 Greeting, Calling and Business cards
BOX 130-141 Writings, 1914-1975
Arranged in two subseries: Writings by Serge Koussevitzky and Writings about Serge Koussevitzky. Arranged alphabetically therein.
BOX 130-134, 141 By Serge Koussevitzky, 1921-1951
Published and unpublished writings chiefly in English or Russian. Addresses and talks given at various events and functions; essays and articles written for both popular magazines and scholarly journals; comments, statements and editorials on political topics of the day, as well as on music and cultural subjects; tributes; interviews; typed or handwritten drafts and notes; galley proofs; book outlines; and scripts from broadcasts. Items may be accompanied by various documents, including clippings, correspondence, programs, and notes.
Arranged alphabetically by title, subject, journal title, venue or event.
BOX-FOLDER 130/1 Advice for the untrained listener
BOX-FOLDER 130/2 America's increasing appreciation of music, 1929
BOX-FOLDER 130/3 American citizenship, 1941
BOX-FOLDER 130/4, 141/24 "American composers," 1944
Article from Life magazine. The materials in 130/4 include drafts. The materials in 141/24 are accompanied by a letter and typewritten draft of the article.
BOX-FOLDER 130/5 American music, 1930, 1945
BOX-FOLDER 130/6 American-Soviet cultural cooperation, 1945
BOX-FOLDER 130/7 American-Soviet friendship, 1944
Includes correspondence and Koussevitzky's statement.
BOX-FOLDER 130/8 American-Soviet Music Society, 1946
BOX-FOLDER 130/9 American Youth for a Free World, 1943
BOX-FOLDER 130/9a Ansermet, Ernest, 1942
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