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Visual Materials, 1888-1973 (continued)
Photographs, Slides, and Negatives, 1888-1968 (continued)
Berkshire Music Center (Tanglewood) (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 149/2-3 Koussevitzky Studio for composers, 1965-1970
Photographs showing the construction of the house and adjoining studio, and interior and exterior shots of the finished buildings and site. Also includes shots of ceremonies connected to the buildings, including the presentation of a model of the studio and the dedication ceremony. Individuals pictured include Olga Koussevitzky, Representative Silvio O. Conte, Ada Holding Miller, Merle Montgomery, Aaron Copland, Erich Leinsdorf, Gunther Schuller and Thomas E. Perry. Includes contact sheets.
BOX-FOLDER 149/4 Little Red House
BOX-FOLDER 149/5 Opera department
Students, faculty, and production stills.
BOX-FOLDER 149/6 Orchestra department
BOX-FOLDER 149/7 Seranak
Color, and black and white photographs of the house and grounds.
BOX-FOLDER 149/8, 158/4 The Shed
Inside and outside shots of the Shed and the surrounding grounds. Many include concertgoers. Includes aerial photographs.
BOX 162 Tanglewood, Lenox, Mass., Charter Members, First Class, and Faculty of the Berkshire Music Center, July 26, 1940
1 black and white photograph ; 10 3⁄4 x 29 3⁄4 inches
Contains an inscription from SK.
BOX-FOLDER 149/9 Tappan Manor House
BOX-FOLDER 149/10 Teachers
Includes Gunther Schuller.
BOX-FOLDER 149/11 The Tent, 1937
Photographs of the Tent and its grounds, showing musicians and concertgoers.
BOX-FOLDER 149/11a "To Dr. Serge Koussevitzky, an Admiration," 1947
A bound album containing photographs of Koussevitzky, Bernstein, Copland, de Carvalho and others at an event at the Berkshire Music Center.
BOX-FOLDER 149/12-13, 158/5, 165/11-12 Miscellaneous Tanglewood shots
Various sizes. Includes contact sheets.
Identified Notable Friends and Colleagues (Koussevitzkys not pictured)
BOX-FOLDER 150/1 Aarino, Sylvia
BOX-FOLDER 150/2 Abell, Arthur M.
BOX-FOLDER 150/3 Alfidi, Joey
BOX-FOLDER 150/4 Amfitheatrof, Daniele
BOX-FOLDER 150/5 Andrews, Roy Chapman
BOX-FOLDER 150/6 Arbós, Enrique Fernández
BOX-FOLDER 150/7 Auer, Leopold
BOX-FOLDER 150/8 Bachauer, Gina
BOX-FOLDER 150/9 Bal'mont, Konstantin 1927, 1936, undated
Snapshots of Bal'mont and wife.
BOX-FOLDER 150/10 Bax, Arnold
BOX-FOLDER 150/11 Ben-Gurion, David
BOX-FOLDER 150/12 Berezowsky, Nicolai (and daughter)
BOX-FOLDER 158/6 Berg, Alban
BOX-FOLDER 150/13 Bernheim, Rose
BOX-FOLDER 150/14 Bernstein, Leonard
see also Bernstein with SK and Bernstein with OK
Includes photographs of Bernstein with others.
BOX-FOLDER 150/15 Blackwood, Easley
BOX-FOLDER 150/16 Block, Michel
BOX-FOLDER 150/17 Bloomfield, Theodore
BOX-FOLDER 150/18 Bobrovsky, Irene
BOX-FOLDER 150/19 Borovsky, Alexander
BOX-FOLDER 150/20 Bottesini, Giovanni
BOX-FOLDER 150/21 Burgin, Diana
Burgin as a child.
BOX-FOLDER 150/22 Cabot, Henry B.
see also Cabot with SK and Cabot with OK
BOX-FOLDER 150/23 Cabot, Henry B., Jr.
BOX-FOLDER 150/24 Carvalho, Eleazar de
see also Carvalho with SK
BOX-FOLDER 150/25 Casadesus, Robert
BOX-FOLDER 158/7 Casella, Alfredo
BOX-FOLDER 150/26 Chardon, Yves, 1929
Snapshots of Chardon and family.
BOX-FOLDER 150/27 Composers (group shots)
Includes Aaron Copland, Marc Blitzstein, Morton Gould, Bohuslav Martinů, and Elie Siegmeister.
BOX-FOLDER 150/28 Copland, Aaron
see also Copland with SK and Copland with OK
BOX-FOLDER 150/29 Crary, Mary
BOX-FOLDER 150/30, 158/8 Damrosch, Walter
see also Damrosch with SK
BOX-FOLDER 150/31 Davies, Peter Maxwell
BOX-FOLDER 150/32 Davis, Colin, Sir
BOX-FOLDER 150/33 Delage, Maurice
BOX-FOLDER 150/34 Delius, Frederick
BOX-FOLDER 150/35 Downes, Olin
see also Downes with SK
BOX-FOLDER 150/36 Dufresne, Gaston
BOX-FOLDER 150/37 Edmonds, Lillian
BOX-FOLDER 150/38 Elliot, Byrd
BOX-FOLDER 150/38a Enesco, Georges
BOX-FOLDER 150/39 Falla, Manuel de
BOX-FOLDER 150/40 Fedoroff, Iwan (and family)
Snapshots of Fedoroff and family.
BOX-FOLDER 158/9 Fellowes, Horace
BOX-FOLDER 150/41 Foss, Lukas
BOX-FOLDER 150/42 Garbousoua, Raya
BOX-FOLDER 150/43 Gershwin, George
BOX-FOLDER 150/44 Glazer, David
BOX-FOLDER 150/45 Glazunov, Aleksandr
BOX-FOLDER 150/46 Glière, Senta and Lolita
BOX-FOLDER 150/47 Goldman, Edwin Franko
BOX-FOLDER 150/48 Goldovsky, Boris
BOX-FOLDER 150/49 Hensel, Philip
BOX-FOLDER 150/50 Hess, Myra
A 1941 album with note and inscription to Koussevitzky from Hess. Photographs of Hess in concert at the National Gallery.
BOX-FOLDER 158/10 Higginson, Henry
BOX-FOLDER 150/51 Hindemith, Paul
see also Hindemith with SK
BOX-FOLDER 151/1 Hober, Beale
BOX-FOLDER 151/2 Howe, Mark Antony DeWolfe
Photograph of a painting, inscribed to Koussevitzky.
BOX-FOLDER 151/2a International Symphony Orchestra, circa 1948
BOX-FOLDER 151/3 Ioann
BOX-FOLDER 151/4 Janin, Jacques
BOX-FOLDER 151/5 Judd, Arthur
BOX-FOLDER 151/6 Khachaturian, Aram
Inscribed, accompanied by agent's letter.
BOX-FOLDER 151/7 Krása, Hans
BOX-FOLDER 151/8 Kurenko, Maria
BOX-FOLDER 151/9 Lattuada, Felice
BOX-FOLDER 151/10, 158/11 Lazăr, Filip
The large photograph is inscribed.
BOX-FOLDER 151/11 Lee, San San
BOX-FOLDER 151/12 Lefranc, J.
BOX-FOLDER 151/13 Leinsdorf, Erich
BOX-FOLDER 151/14 Lipkin, Seymour
see also Lipkin with SK and Lipkin with OK
Includes photographs of Lipkin's wedding reception.
BOX-FOLDER 151/15 Lissitschkina, Sinaida
BOX-FOLDER 151/16 Lopatnikoff, Nikolai
see also Lopatnikoff with SK
BOX-FOLDER 151/17 Lutosławski, Witold
see also Lutosławski with OK
BOX-FOLDER 158/12 Macho, Victorio
BOX-FOLDER 151/18, 158/13 Martinů, Bohuslav
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