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Hodges family collection, circa 1790-circa 1909

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BOX 1 Writings of the Hodges Family
Holographs on various subjects by Edward Hodges and John Sebastian Bach Hodges.
Arrangement is by author and title.
BOX 1 Edward Hodges
BOX 1 Annuary. An attempted annuary, or annual record of events in the life of Edward Hodges, 1795-1821.
Written in the back of Bristol Harmonic Institution bylaws, 1824
BOX 1 Essay on the cultivation of church music. New York, 1841.
From back, inversed: miscellaneous poetry and quotations
BOX 1 Great scale.
Chart with 11 cardboard frames demonstrating vocal registers, vibrations, and organ-pipe dimensions
BOX 1 Haydn and his quartetts, Nov. 14, 1820.
Notes on the 3 quartets, Op. 76. Originally laid in with the Collection of miscellaneous vocal music, no. 3a (Box 3)
BOX 1 Memoranda & copies of documents connected with the proposed new organ for Trinity Church, New York.
Laid in: correspondence concerning the organ and bells of Trinity Church
BOX 1 Memoranda concerning a proposed organ for Trinity Chapel, New York, 1852.
BOX 1 St. Paul's organ, New York, 1841.
BOX 1 John Sebastian Bach Hodges
BOX 1 [Holograph writings on plain chant, organists, and the relation between the arts and religion (14 p.)]
BOX 2-16 BOX OV 1-3 Music of the Hodges Family
Holographs and printed music of the Hodges family.
Arrangement is by composer and title.
BOX 2-13 BOX OV 1-3 Edward Hodges
BOX 2-12 BOX OV 1-3 Manuscripts
BOX 2 Church Music, A.D. 1821-22. 4 vols., SATB.
Includes The beatitudes & two other anthems for Christmas 1821; Clifton Te Deum; anthems
BOX 3 Collection of hymn tunes by Hodges and others. 2 vols.
BOX 6 Dixit Dominus (Psalm CX) by Andreas Romberg. Adapted by Edward Hodges. New York, 1842.
BOX 7 Fair maid of Clifton. Funeral anthem by Edward Hodges, 1827.
Also includes: Some juvenile compositions of which I may well be ashamed. E. H., Bristol, Oct. 1832. At end: T. H. C. 8/9/27
BOX 7 Gaudemus omnes (O be joyful in God) adapted from Carissimi by Edward Hodges, New York, 1844.
BOX 7 Graun's Te Deum, adapted to the English version by Edward Hodges.
BOX 8 Humpum scrumpum, or A musical commonplace book [by] Edward Hodges, 1821.
BOX 8 I will give thanks [by] William Croft (New York, 1850).
Includes duet "I will be glad" by Edward Hodges
BOX 8 Jubilate, adapted from various works of Sebastian Bach by Edward Hodges, Bristol.
BOX 8 A new political conundrum to be sung or said by all whigs and tories in the United Kingdom [by] Edward Hodges. Bristol, October 1831.
BOX 8 Psalm 136th, set as an antiphonal or responsive Thanksgiving anthem for two choirs by Edward Hodges. Bristol, 1836.
Score; for parts, see Psalm 94th
BOX OV 2 Psalm 94th. An anthem upon popish persecution (in Ireland) and so-called reform (in England) by Edward Hodges. Bristol, 1833. Vols. 1-4. (SATB)
Bound with Psalm 136th by Edward Hodges, Bristol 1836)
BOX 3-6 BOX OV 1 Collection of miscellaneous vocal music. Nos. 1, 3-10.
  • Box 3 1. Arias and choruses (soprano and basso parts)
  • Box 3 3a. Haydn string quartets, Pergolesi Stabat mater, Canon triplex by Marcello, Misericordias Domini by W. Mozart, Miserere by Gregorio Allegri
  • Box 4 3b. Chants; services by Boyce and Langdon
  • Box 4 4. Hymns
  • Box 5 5. Te Deums by Boyce and King; St. James' Te Deum
  • Box 5 6. St. James' Square Te Deum by Edward Hodges, 1817; Te Deum by Boyce; chants
  • Box 5 7. Secular songs; piano music (incl. works by Benneger, Tessarini, Tartini)
  • Box 6 8. Hymns
  • Box 6 9. Chants by Edward Hodges and others
  • Box OV 1 10. Choruses by Handel, Feo, Gluck, Geminiani, Pulli, Guadagni, Purcell, Tosi, Porpora, Galuppi, and Pergolesi
BOX OV 3 Service music : Miscellaneous sacred music consisting of services and anthems composed by Edward Hodges of Bristol from the year 1818.
BOX 8-12 Service music : [Morning and evening services, responses, and Kyrie eleisons, by Edward Hodges, William Boyce, Orlando Gibbons, William Jackson, Charles King, Richard Langdon, James Nares, and Benjamin Rogers].
BOX 13 Printed Music
BOX 13 Faustina gavotte. Cincinnati: The John Church Co., 1892 .
BOX 13 Lord of the worlds above. [Boston]: Oliver Ditson & Co., 1883 .
BOX 13 Morning service in A. New York: J. A. Sparks, 1841 .
BOX 13 Morning and evening service and two anthems, op. 1. London: Goulding, D'Almaine & Co., 1825 .
BOX 13 Psalm CXXII. "I was glad." New York: William H. Walter, 1866 .
BOX 13 Trinity collection of church music; containing all the psalm and hymn tunes, chants, &c. used in Trinity Church, New York, by Edward Hodges, with valuable additions by the editor, S. Parkman Tuckerman. Boston: Oliver Ditson & Company, 1864 .
[2 copies]
BOX 14 Faustina Hasse Hodges
BOX 14 Manuscripts
BOX 14 At evening.
BOX 14 Fifteen celebrated & pathetic airs... Arranged by F. H. Hodges.
BOX 14 The name of our village.
BOX 14 Now before we work.
BOX 14 Printed Music
BOX 14 Brise du soir. New York: G. Schirmer, 1873 .
BOX 14 Grand chant Te Deum, in C. Philadelphia: William H. Boner & Co., 1872 .
[Rev. ed. copy included]
BOX 14 Hark! the angelus is pealing. Cincinnati: John Church Co., 1892 .
BOX 14 In the summer house. Cincinnati: John Church Co., 1892 .
BOX 14 The litany hymn. Boston: [s.n.], 1870 .
BOX 14 Marigena, 3 reveries by the waterside; No. 1: Moonlight on the river. New York: G. Schirmer, 1862 .
BOX 14 Prison song. New York: William A. Pond & Co., 1874 .
BOX 14 Te Deum in C. Philadelphia: [s.n.], 1872 .
BOX 14 Whatsoever ye would. New York: [s.n.], 1870 .
BOX 14 Who goeth a warfare. New York: [s.n.], 1870 .
BOX 15-16 John Sebastian Bach Hodges
BOX 15 Manuscripts
BOX 15 All this night bright angels sing
BOX 15 Be merciful after thy power
BOX 15 Bonum est
BOX 15 Gloria in excelsis
BOX 15 God is my hope and strength
BOX 15 Hear, O thou shepherd of Israel
BOX 15 How beautiful upon the mountains
BOX 15 I will love thee, O Lord, my strength
BOX 15 Lord now lettest thy servant
BOX 15 Nunc dimittis
BOX 15 O send out thy light
BOX 15 O ye kindreds of the people
BOX 15 Praise the Lord ye servants
BOX 15 Te Deum
BOX 15 Therefore with angels
BOX 15 This is the day which the Lord hath made
BOX 15 Turn thy face from my sin
BOX 15 We praise thee O God
BOX 15 When all things were in quiet silence
BOX 15 Who is like unto the Lord
BOX 15 Evening services
BOX 15 Hymns
BOX 15 Fragments
BOX 14-16 Printed Music
BOX 15 The book of common praise. Edition B. New York: F. J. Huntington, 1869 .
[3 copies]
BOX 15 The book of common praise. Edition B. New York: C. M. Cady, 1869 .
[2 copies]
BOX 15 Contributions to the hymnody of the church. Baltimore: [s.n.], 1874 .
BOX 15 I will love thee, O Lord my strength. New York: [s.n.], 1888 .
BOX 15 Shout the glad tidings, a Christmas hymn. New York: William A. Pond & Co., 1872 .
[6 copies]
BOX 15 There is a flower. New York: William Hall & Son, 1849 .
BOX 16 This is the day. Easter anthem. New York: William A. Pond & Co., 1868 .
[36 copies]
BOX 16-35 BOX OV 4-9 Sacred Music
Printed music for services and other occasions composed by others. Printed music unless otherwise indicated.
Arrangement is by composer and title.
BOX 17-35 BOX OV 4-9 By Composer
Arnold, Samuel (editor)
BOX OV 4-7 Cathedral music. Vol. 1-3. London: Samuel Arnold, 1790 .
Arnold, Samuel (compiler)
BOX 17 Redemption. A sacred oratorio. Selected from the favorite works of G. F. Handel. London: R. Birchall, n.d.
Beethoven, Ludwig van
BOX 17 Christus am Oldberge, op. 85. Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, [1811?] .
Beethoven, Ludwig van
BOX 17 The mount of olives. London: G. Smart, n.d.
Bianchini, Pietro (editor)
BOX 18 Les chants liturgiques de l'église Arménienne. Venise: Arménienne de St. Lazare, 1877 .
Boyce, Willaim (editor)
BOX 18-20 Cathedral music. Rev. ed. Vols. 1-3. London: John Ashley, 1788 .
Bradbury, William B.
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