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Music of the Hodges Family (continued)
John Sebastian Bach Hodges (continued)
Printed Music (continued)
Shout the glad tidings, a Christmas hymn. New York: William A. Pond & Co., 1872 . (continued)
[6 copies]
BOX 15 There is a flower. New York: William Hall & Son, 1849 .
BOX 16 This is the day. Easter anthem. New York: William A. Pond & Co., 1868 .
[36 copies]
BOX 16-35 BOX OV 4-9 Sacred Music
Printed music for services and other occasions composed by others. Printed music unless otherwise indicated.
Arrangement is by composer and title.
BOX 17-35 BOX OV 4-9 By Composer
Arnold, Samuel (editor)
BOX OV 4-7 Cathedral music. Vol. 1-3. London: Samuel Arnold, 1790 .
Arnold, Samuel (compiler)
BOX 17 Redemption. A sacred oratorio. Selected from the favorite works of G. F. Handel. London: R. Birchall, n.d.
Beethoven, Ludwig van
BOX 17 Christus am Oldberge, op. 85. Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, [1811?] .
Beethoven, Ludwig van
BOX 17 The mount of olives. London: G. Smart, n.d.
Bianchini, Pietro (editor)
BOX 18 Les chants liturgiques de l'église Arménienne. Venise: Arménienne de St. Lazare, 1877 .
Boyce, Willaim (editor)
BOX 18-20 Cathedral music. Rev. ed. Vols. 1-3. London: John Ashley, 1788 .
Bradbury, William B.
BOX 21 Esther, the beautiful queen. New York: Mason Brothers, 1856 .
Converse, Charles Crozat
BOX 21 He knows. London: Carl Fischer, 1906 .
Darley, W. H. W.
BOX 21 Music of Christ Church and St. Stephens. Philadelphia: James Kay, Jr. & Brother, 1839 .
Fawcett, Joshua
BOX 22 Lyra ecclesiastica. Bradford: E. A. W. Taylor, 1844 .
Gade, Niels W.
BOX 22 The crusaders, op. 50. Boston: White, Smith, & Co., , n.d.
Gaul, Alfred R.
BOX 22 The prince of peace. London: Novello and Company, 1903 .
Greene, Maurice
BOX 22 Six solo anthems. London: J. Walsh, n.d.
Handel, George F.
BOX 22 Israel in Egypt. London: J. A. Novello, n.d.
Handel, George F.
BOX 22 Judas Maccabeus. London: J. A. Novello, n.d.
Handel, George F.
BOX 23 The Messiah. Accompaniments for wind instruments added by W. A. Mozart. Vols. 1-2. London: Goulding & D'Almaine, n.d.
Arranged by J. Addison.
Handel, George F.
BOX 23 The Messiah. London: J. A. Novello, n.d.
Arranged by Vincent Novello.
[2 different imprints]
Haydn, Joseph
BOX 24 The Creation, in vocal score. London: J. Alfred Novello, n.d.
Arranged by Vincent Novello.
Haydn, Joseph
BOX 24 The Passion (The seven words of our saviour on the cross). London: Novello, n.d.
English adaptation by H. Clementi-Smith.
[Bound with: The cross of Christ, by Thomas Adams; Song of Miriam, by Schubert]
Haydn, Joseph
BOX 24 Die Worte des Erlösers am Kreuze. Leipzig: Brietkopf & Härtel, [1801] .
Helmore, Thomas
BOX 24 Manual of plain song. London: J. Alfred Novello, 1850 .
Jackson, Samuel
BOX 24 David's psalms. [New York]: [s.n.], 1804 .
Jackson, Samuel (arranger)
BOX 24 Sacred harmony. New York: George Lane & Charles B. Tippett, 1848 .
Jacob, B. (arranger)
BOX OV 8 National psalmody, a collection of tunes. London: J. Alfred Novello, n.d.
Jebb, John (compiler)
BOX 24 Choral responses and litanies of the United Church of England and Ireland. London: George Bell, 1847 .
Johnson, James A.
BOX 24 The Offertory sentences. New York: J. A. Johnson and Jacques Brothers, 1851 .
Latrobe, C. J.
BOX 25-28 BOX OV 8 Selection of sacred music of Germany & Italy. Vols. 1-6. London: Robert Birchall, 1806 .
[2 copies of vols. 1, 3, 4]
Leavens, B. F. (arranger)
BOX 28 The service of song. Boston: B. F. Leavens, 1849 .
Macfarlane, Will C.
BOX 29 The message from the cross. Cincinnati: John Church Company, 1907 .
Macfarren, G. A.
BOX 30 Introits for the holy days and seasons of the English church. London: Novello and Co., [1866] .
Macfarren, G. A.
BOX 30 King David. London: Stanley Lucas, n.d.
Arranged for piano by F. W. Davenport.
Macfarren, G. A.
BOX 30 St. John the Baptist. London: Stanley Lucas, Weber & Co., [1873] .
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix
BOX 30 St. Paul. [London]: J. A. Novello, n.d.
[Soprano, tenor and bass parts]
Messiter, A. H.
BOX 30 Choir office-book. The daily and occasional offices and the order of holy used in Trinity Church, New York. New York: E. & J. B. Young & Co., 1891 .
Moore, Harold
BOX 30 The darkest hour. London: H. W. Gray Co., 1908 .
Nares, James
BOX 30 By the waters of Babylon we sat down and wept. Duet anthem. New York: [s.n.], 1842 .
[Manuscript in the hand of Edward Hodges]
Neukomm, Sigismond
BOX 30 David, an oratorio in two parts. Boston: Handel and Haydn Society, 1835 .
[3 copies]
Novello, Vincent
BOX 31 Cathedral choir book. Vols. 1-2. London: J. Alfred Novello, n.d.
Novello, Vincent (editor)
BOX OV 9 The Fitzwilliam music. Vols. 1-5. London: Shacklewell Green, n.d.
Novello, Vincent (editor)
BOX 32 The Psalmist. Part I. London: J. Haddon, 1835 .
Novello, Vincent (editor)
BOX 32 Novello's Collection of anthems by modern composers. Vols. 2-4. London: Novello, Ewer and Co., n.d.
Palestrina, Giovanni
BOX 33 Missa Papae Marcelli, for six voices a capella. New York: Pustet & Co., 1884 .
Edited by Joseph Graf.
Ravencroft, Thomas (compiler)
BOX 33 The Whole book of psalm-tunes. [London]: William Pearson, n.d.
Read, Angelo M.
BOX 33 It is finished, op. 17. New York: H. W. Gray Co., 1908 .
Rider, George T. (editor)
BOX 33 Plain music for the book of common prayer. New York: Mason Brothers, 1854 .
Romberg, Andreas
BOX 33 Psalmus CX, op. 59. Lipsiae: C. F. Peters, n.d.
Romberg, Andreas
BOX 33 Te Deum laudamus, op. 60. Bonae et Coloniae: N. Simrock, n.d.
Tuckerman, S. Parkman (compiler)
BOX 34 A Collection of cathedral chants. Boston: Oliver Ditson & Co., 1858 .
[2 copies]
Tuckerman, S. Parkman (arranger)
BOX 35 The Episcopal harp. Boston: Geo. P. Reed, 1884 .
Tuckerman, S. P. (editor)
BOX 35 The national lyre, a new collection of sacred music. Boston: Wilkins, Carter & Co., 1843 .
Ward, Frank E.
BOX 35 The saviour of the world, op. 20. New York: H. W. Gray Co., 1909 .
Wesley, Samuel
BOX 35 A morning & evening church service. London: J. Balls, [1825?] .
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