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Music Composed by Nicolas Slonimsky, 1913-1990 (continued)
Printed Music, 1920-1990 (continued)
Thesaurus of scales and melodic patterns. New York: Coleman-Ross Company, 1947 . (continued)
Incomplete, p. 53-68, 133-38, 143-48 lacking.
Enclosed: a supplementary page of scales, titled "Bitonal retrogressive canon," "Bitonal retrogressive canon," and "Scriabin's Prometheus chord."
BOX 124 Three songs Boston: White-Smith Music Publishing Co., 1928 .
Note: voice and piano
  • 1-- Autumns of yesteryear
  • 2-- 'Neath stars
  • 3-- Your tranquil eyes
BOX 124 Tintinnabulations, for the piano. Boston: Oliver Ditson Co., 1935 .
Note: 2 copies
BOX 124 Two etudes for advanced students, for piano solo (op. 2). Providence, RI: Axelrod Publications, 1946 .
Note: 2 copies
BOX 124 Typographical errors [S.l.]: [s.n.], undated
Note: for piano
Note: photocopy
Incomplete (1 p. only). Included in "Studies in black in white" and "Piccolo divertimento."
BOX 124 Utica sheets.
First line: "So soft, so smooth, so snowy-white... Utica sheets and pillow cases." (Slonimsky)
Note: photocopy of "'Neath stars" with new title and lyric written in
BOX 124 Valse trop sentimentale [S.l.]: [s.n.], undated
Note: for piano
Note: photocopy
No. 43 of "51 minitudes."
BOX 124 Variations on a kindergarten tune, for piano solo. Delaware Water Gap, Pa.: Shawnee Press, 1942 .
Same as "My toy balloon."
Note: 3 copies
BOX 124 Variations on a kindergarten tune, for piano solo. Providence, RI: Axelrod Publications, 1942 .
Same as "My toy balloon."
Note: 3 copies
BOX 124 A very great musician Lomita, Calif.: Cambria Publishing, 1989 .
Note: voice and piano
BOX 124 A very great musician. Providence, RI: Axelrod Publications, 1947 .
Note: voice and piano
BOX 124 What makes a garden? (Garden songs, [no. 1]) Boston: White-Smith Music Publishing Co., 1928 .
Quartered music, inscribed by Slonimsky to the Adlow sisters.
Note: voice and piano
BOX 124 Yellowstone Park suite, for piano solo. Providence, RI: Axelrod Publications, 1951 .
(2 copies, one with a semi-erased annotation to Elektra)
BOX 125-128 Programs of Nicolas Slonimsky Performances, 1924-1990
Programs of music composed by and/or lectures given by Slonimsky.
Arranged in alphabetical order by subject matter.
BOX 125 1924-1939
BOX 126 1940-1965
BOX 127 1966-1969
BOX 128 1969-1990
BOX 129-170, 351 Correspondence, 1920-1994
Correspondence to Nicolas Slonimsky, including general and family correspondence.
Arranged in alphabetical order by correspondent.
BOX 129 100th birthday congratulations
BOX 129 Aarons, Martha
BOX 129 Abbaye Saint Pierre de Solesmes
BOX 129 Abbott Academy
BOX 129 Abraham, Gerald
BOX 129 Absil, Jean
BOX 129 Adler, Kurt
BOX 129 Adler, Samuel
Adlow, Dorothy
see: Slonimsky, Dorothy
BOX 129 Admon, Jedidiah
BOX 129 Adolphus, Milton
BOX 129 Adomián, Lan
BOX 129 Aeroflot
BOX 129 Aitken, Hugh
BOX 129 Akses, Necil Kâzim
BOX 129 Alaska Purchase Centennial Commission
BOX 129 Albania, People's Republic of
BOX 129 Albersheim, Gerhard
BOX 129 Albert, Stephen
BOX 129 Albrecht, Theodore
BOX 129 Alderighi, Dante
BOX 129 Alexander Broude, Inc.
BOX 129 Alexander, Izrail
BOX 129 Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
BOX 129 Algemene Muziek Encyclopedie
BOX 129 Allen, Bobby
BOX 129 Allen, Robert F., Jr.
BOX 129 Allende, P. Humberto
BOX 129 Almagor, Dan
BOX 129 Almeida Theatre
BOX 129 Altman, Ludwig
BOX 129 Altschuler, Modest
BOX 129 AM-RUS Literary and Music Agency
BOX 129 America-Israel Cultural Foundation
BOX 129 American Academy in Rome
BOX 129 American Academy of Arts and Letters
BOX 129 American Airlines
BOX 129 American Automobile Association (AAA)
BOX 129 American Composers Alliance
BOX 129 American Harp Journal
BOX 129 American Music
BOX 129 American Music Center
BOX 129 American Music Concerts Association
BOX 129 American Musicological Society
BOX 129 American Recording Project Committee
BOX 129 American Standards Association
BOX 129 American Symphony Orchestra League
BOX 129 Amirkhanian, Charles
BOX 129 Anderson, Beth
BOX 129 Anderson, E. Ruth
BOX 129 Anderson, Emily
BOX 129 Anderson, Harry
BOX 129 Anderson, Leroy
BOX 129 Anderson, Robert P.
BOX 129 Anderson, Roy
BOX 129 Anderson, T. J.
BOX 129 Andreis, Josip
BOX 129 Antheil, George
BOX 129 Antheil, Mrs. George
BOX 129 Antoniou, Theodore
BOX 129 Apostel, Hans Erich
BOX 129 Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc.
BOX 129 Arapov, Boris Aleksandrovich
BOX 129 Archives of American Art
BOX 129 Arensburger, Konstantin
BOX 129 Arirang Music Engravers
BOX 129 Arnold, Ben
BOX 129 Aronov, Arkady
BOX 129 Arriaga Publications
BOX 129 Arts Council of Philadelphia
BOX 129 ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers)
BOX 130 Aslamazov, Aleksandr
BOX 130 Associated Music Publishers
BOX 130 Association of Serbian Composers
BOX 130 Assumption University of Windsor
BOX 130 Astrand, Hans
BOX 130 Astrov, Anatoliĭ Vasil'evich
BOX 130 Ateneo, El
BOX 130 Atlas Musical
BOX 130 Auda, Antoine
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