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Writings, 1920-1995 (continued)
Articles (continued)
BOX 9 [Cobbett's cyclopedia of chamber music-drafts, correspondence, galleys, etc.]
BOX 10 Colors and keys. Medical Opinion and Review2, no. 1 (Oct. 1966).
BOX 10 Complicated problem-drastic solution. Christian Science Monitor, 10 Nov. 1952.
BOX 10 Composer in a palace. Surrounded by treasures and household pets, Malipiero personifies an ageless tradition.Christian Science Monitor, 30 Sept. 1950.
BOX 10 Composer in uniform. Christian Science Monitor, 21 Aug. 1943.
BOX 10 Composer's fan mail. Friends on the air waves put a sparkle in Slonimsky activities.Christian Science Monitor, 28 Aug. 1948.
BOX 10 Composer's notes on the quaquaversal suite. [typescript, 1 p.]
BOX 10 Comprehensive encyclopedia of musical knowledge. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 10 Concert of contemporary American music
[Program notes for] Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. May 25, 1967. (Essay for strings, by John T. Williams ; Structures sonores, by Henri Lazarof ; Concerto for bassoon and orchestra, by Ernest Kanitz ; Symphony no. 2, op. 9, by Easley Blackwood.)
BOX 10 Consonances and dissonances. Christian Science Monitor, 6 Dec. 1937.
[Copland, Aaron]
BOX 10 [Program notes for] Outdoor Overture[1947].
[Corelli, Arcangelo]
BOX 10 La folia. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 10 Creativity by edict. Medical Opinion and Review3, no. 7 (July 1967).
BOX 10 Critics ain't what they used to be. The sad decline of musical invective. [journal article undated]
BOX 10 Cross-note puzzles. Christian Science Monitor, 1 Mar. 1937.
BOX 10 Cultural explosion in the U.S.S.R. [typescript, 62 p.]
BOX 10 Curious facts and amusing anecdotes. [typescript, 7 p.]
BOX 10 Dance map of Europe. Christian Science Monitor, 20 Oct. 1945, weekly magazine section.
BOX 10 Dancing on an asteroid.Christian Science Monitor, 1 July 1955.
[Debussy, Claude]
BOX 10 Prelude a l'après-midi d'un faune. [typescript, 3 p.; inscribed: Long Beach Jan. 31, 1969]
BOX 10 String quartet, op. 10. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 10 Two dances for harp and string orchestra. [typescript, 3 p.]
[Delius, Frederick]
BOX 10 Two pieces for small orchestra. [typescript, 2 p.]
[Dello Joio, Norman]
BOX 10 Concerto for harp and orchestra. [typescript, 1 p.]
BOX 10 Demotic music. [typescript, 8 p.; inscribed: Medical Opinion and Review, Mar. 1998]
BOX 10 The demotic style. Medical Opinion and Review4, no. 5 (May 1968).
BOX 10 Development of Soviet music. Bulletin on the Soviet Union2 (30 Apr. 1937).
[Diamond, David]
BOX 10 Suite for Romeo and Juliet. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 10 Dictionnaire de musique, 1972. [typescript, 28 p.]
BOX 10 Distortions scored of Soviet translator. Christian Science Monitor, 22 Sept. 1959.
BOX 10 Dizzy Dorato. [typescript, 20 p.]
BOX 10 Dmitri Dmitrievitch Shostakovitch, July 31, 1942. [typescript, 27 p.; inscribed: copy fromThe Musical Quarterly]
BOX 10 Dmitri Shostakovich. [typescript, 7 p.]
BOX 10 Dmitri Shostakovitch. The Musical Mercury2, no. 2 (June/July 1935).
BOX 10 Domashniaia kanitel (Household proceedings). [comedy by N.S. (1907), 15 leaves ; sketches, 7 leaves.]
BOX 10 Dreams. [descriptions of dreams by N.S., 8 p.]
[Dukas, Paul]
BOX 11 The apprentice sorcerer. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 11 Dvořák's quartet, op. 96. [typescript, 1 p.]
BOX 11 Elements of music. [typescript (Nov. 1963), 17 p.; inscribed: forThe Book of Knowledge(Grolier)]
BOX 11 Elgar. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 11 [Program notes for] Elie Siegmeister 75th Birthday Tribute Concert. Merkin Concert Hall, Abraham Goodman House, 15 Jan. 1984.
BOX 11 [Encyclopedia Britannica-drafts, correspondence, etc. for music articles]
BOX 11 [Encyclopedia Britannica Book of the Year articles, 1958-69](seeGeneral Collections)
BOX 11 [Encyclopedia Judaica-drafts, correspondence, etc. for music articles]
[Enesco, Georges]
BOX 11 Octet for strings. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 11 Rumanian rhapsody no. 1. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 11 Ernst Toch, 1887-1967. Neue Zeitschrift für Musik(Dec. 1967).
BOX 11 Escena musical de los estados unidos. Nuestra Musica6, no. 24 (1951).
BOX 11 Etude musical miscellany. Etude (Jan. 1949).
BOX 11 Eureka, the process of intellectual discovery. [typescript of seminar description, at Norman Okla., 9-13 Oct. 1988; 1 p.]
BOX 11 Europa volveré a cantar! Musicalia10 (June 1944).
BOX 11 Europe will sing again! Christian Science Monitor, 22 Jan. 1944.
BOX 11 Ever youthful Mozart. Christian Science Monitor, 6 Oct. 1953.
BOX 11 Ewen's musical masterpieces, corrections and suggestions. [corrections for David Ewen'sEncyclopedia of the Opera, June-Sept. 1952 and July-Sept. 1958; typescript, 200 p.]
BOX 11 Exploring on a keyboard. Girls Today, 7 Sept. 1947.
BOX 11 Exposition of music. [typescript, 26 p.]
BOX 11 The extraordinary monsieur Liszt. Christian Science Monitor, 4 Apr. 1952.
BOX 12 The fabulous Garcia family. Christian Science Monitor, 10 June 1953.
BOX 12 The fame and legend of Villa Lobos. The Saturday Review, 30 Aug. 1947.
BOX 12 Father of Russian music. Christian Science Monitor, 7 Mar. 1958.
BOX 12 Ferde Grofé. [typescript, 1 p.]
BOX 12 The fervent genius. Christian Science Monitor, 7 May 1955.
BOX 12 Firebirdsmanship. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 12 The first romantic composer. Christian Science Monitor, 30 Nov. 1957.
BOX 12 Florent Schmitt. Side-glances at the guest of the hour. Boston Evening Transcript, 26 Nov. 1932.
BOX 12 Florentine in Paris. Christian Science Monitor, 9 Jan. 1959.
BOX 12 The flowering of classical opera.Medical Opinion and Review4, no. 1 (Jan. 1968).
BOX 12 Folklore, harmony, rhythm. [typescript, 10 p.; inscribed: Puerto Rico, Nov. 27, 1959]
BOX 12 The folklore of Latin America's music. Christian Science Monitor, 18 July 1942, weekly magazine section.
BOX 12 The follies of critics, from the Lexicon of Musical Invectiveby N.S.Upbeat!3, no. 3 (Dec. 1986).
BOX 12 Footsteps to Parnassus. Christian Science Monitor, 26 July 1957.
BOX 12 Forest festival gets wide praise. [newspaper article, undated]
BOX 12 Foreword to Instrumentation and Orchestration, by Gardner Read. New York: Schirmer Books, 1979. [typescript, 7 p.]
BOX 12 Fortunate years for unfortunate composer the greater glory of Mussorgsky after half a century of name and fame.Boston Evening Transcript, 11 Apr. 1931.
BOX 12 [Program notes for] Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra in a Concert of Contemporary American Music. Royce Hall, UCLA, 25 May 1967. (compositions by Kanitz, Blackwood, Lazarof, Williams)
BOX 12 Four modernist composers. Panorama(Nov. 1934).
[Franck, César]
BOX 12 [Liner notes for] Prelude, Chorale and Fugue. Columbia Masterworks, Set X- 176.
BOX 12 [Liner notes for] Symphony in D. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-436-AM-436-MM- 436.
BOX 12 Frederick Delius. [typescript, 4 p.]
BOX 12 French Secular Music of the Late Fourteenth Century, by Willi Apel.Christian Science Monitor, 17 June 1950.
BOX 12 Fresh light on Tchaikovsky's private life. Hitherto unpublished letters fill out picture of composer's personality.New York Times, 4 May 1941.
BOX 12 A fresh sound in Soviet music. [typescript, 9 p.]
BOX 12 From peasant beginnings. Medical Opinion and Review3, no. 6 (June 1967).
BOX 12 From the ether a "new" music in a new manner.Boston Evening Transcript, 8 Oct. 1928.
BOX 12 Funny coincidence department. [typescript, 5 p.]
BOX 12 Gardner Read and his second symphony. [typescript, 4 p.]
BOX 12 The gay Rossini. Christian Science Monitor, 10 Mar. 1961.
BOX 12 A genius among artisans. Christian Science Monitor, 25 May 1956.
BOX 12 Genius of grand opera. Christian Science Monitor, 23 Apr. 1960.
[Gershwin, George]
BOX 12 [Liner notes for] Rhapsody in Blue. Columbia Records, X-196.
BOX 12 Good as Gould. Review of Glenn Gould. A Life and Variations, by Otto Friedrich.Los Angeles Times Book Review, 7 May 1989.
[Glinka, Mikhail]
BOX 12 Trio pathetique for piano, clarinet and bassoon. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 12 Gontcharov, Ivan Alexandrovitch. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 12 Gossip, 3/10/69. [typescript, 16 p.]
BOX 12 The great Sarasate.Christian Science Monitor, 13 May 1959.
[Grieg, Edvard]
BOX 12 [Liner notes for] Peer Gynt Suite, no. 1. Columbia Masterworks, Set X-180.
[Grofé, Ferde]
BOX 12 Grand Canyon. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 12 Growth of musical gifts. [typescript, 9 p.; inscribed: Medical Opinion and Review, 1966]
BOX 12 The hand that evokes music from the ether. To introduce Prof. Theremin, Russian savant of sound, prophet of new tones. Boston Evening Transcript, 8 Oct. 1928.
[Handel, George Frideric]
BOX 12 Concerto grosso in G major no. 12. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 12 Suite from the opera The Faithful Shepherd. [typescript, 4 p.]
BOX 12 Handel's world. Its magnificence, its practicality, and its survival in our time. [typescript with annotations, 23 p.]
BOX 12 Handel the magnificent. Christian Science Monitor, 11 Sept. 1954.
BOX 12 The harpsichord is patrician. Christian Science Monitor, 25 Oct. 1952.
[Harris, Roy]
BOX 13 Roy Harris. [typescript of drafts and correspondence for unpublished N. S. book, 450-500 p.]
BOX 13 [Liner notes for] Quartet no. 3. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-450.
[Haydn, Joseph]
BOX 13 Seven last words of Christ. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 13 Symphonie concertante. [typescript, 2 p.]
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