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Nicolas Slonimsky collection, 1873-1997

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Writings, 1920-1995 (continued)
Articles (continued)
[Haydn, Joseph]
BOX 13 Seven last words of Christ. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 13 Symphonie concertante. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 13 [Liner notes for] Symphony no. 104 in D major ("London"). Columbia Masterworks, Set M- 409-AM-409-MM-409.
BOX 13 Hearty applause for Mr. Delius. Review of Frederick Delius, by Sir Thomas Beecham.Christian Science Monitor, 4 Aug. 1960.
BOX 13 Heitor Villa-Lobos. The musical soul of Brazil. Show(Nov. 1962).
[Herbert, Victor]
BOX 13 [Liner notes for] The Music of Victor Herbert. Columbia Masterworks, Set M- 415.
BOX 13 The heroic days of modern music. [typescript with annotations, 26 p.]
BOX 13 His "melody of life." Christian Science Monitor, 3 Jan. 1964.
BOX 13 His signature. SRG PRKFV. Christian Science Monitor, 1 Aug. 1958.
BOX 13 [Liner notes for] History Making Premiers: Varese, Ives Ruggles, etc. conducted by N.S.[galley sheet]
BOX 13 [Hollywood Bowl program notes, 1967]
[Holst, Gustav]
BOX 13 St. Paul's suite for strings. [typescript, 1 p.]
BOX 13 How I orchestrate. [typescript, 3 p.; inscribed: N.S. ca. 1935]
BOX 13 How to terrorize a conductor into playing your music. [typescript, 4 p.]
[Humperdinck, Engelbert]
BOX 13 [Liner notes for] Hansel and Gretel suite. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-424-AM-424-MM- 424.
BOX 14 Igor Stravinsky. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 14 Igor Stravinsky. As the analyst looks at the logical development of next week's visitor. [newspaper article, undated]
BOX 14 Impressionism. [typescript, 5 p.]
BOX 14 Incredible mayor. Christian Science Monitor, 10 July 1952.
BOX 14 In epitome the career of Roussel. From the sea and the school into the clear-minded and individual composer.Christian Science Monitor, 23 Oct. 1930.
BOX 14 Instruments are for playing. Medical Opinion and Review3, no. 10 (Oct. 1967).
BOX 14 Interview with myself. Christian Science Monitor, 27 Oct. 1955.
BOX 14 Introduction to Twentieth century music, by Richard Burbank. New York: Facts on File, 1984. [includes typescript, 48 p.; inscribed: Musical millennium]
BOX 14 Introduction to Some Twentieth Century American Composers. A Selective Bibliography, by John Edmunds and Gordon Boelzner. New York: The New York Public Library, 1960.
BOX 14 An introductory speech in Rumanian before a lecture in French. Bucharest, 31 Mar. 1963. [typescript, 1 p.]
BOX 14 If anyone is sleepy let him go to sleep. Review of Silence. Lectures and Writings, by John Cage. Christian Science Monitor, 14 Dec. 1961.
BOX 14 I remember the heart and the mind of Wallingford Riegger. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 14 Is jazz serious music? [typescript, 6 p.]
BOX 14 Ives. [typescript, 9 p.; inscribed: Civic Orchestra, New Haven program book, May 20, 1973]
BOX 14 Ives, Charles Edward. [typescript, 15 p.]
[Ibert, Jacques]
BOX 14 Capriccioso, Divertissement, Suite elisabethaine. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 14 Jazz, swing and boogie woogie. Christian Science Monitor, 20 May 1944.
BOX 14 Kaleidoscope of composers in exhibition. Boston Evening Transcript, 3 Nov. 1934.
[Kalinnikov, Vasili]
BOX 14 [Program notes for] Symphony in G minor, no. 1, undated
BOX 14 Keeper of the Russian tradition. Christian Science Monitor, 4 Jan. 1957.
BOX 14 Kiddies on the keys. Christian Science Monitor, 23 Feb. 1946.
BOX 14 The "King of the fortepianists." Christian Science Monitor, 7 Mar. 1960.
BOX 14 A king with a flute. Christian Science Monitor, 17 Jan. 1953.
BOX 14 Knight of poetic opera. Christian Science Monitor, 15 May 1954.
BOX 14 The Koussevitzky mission. The Saturday Review, 30 June 1951.
BOX 14 The last word. Musical Journal(May 1977).
BOX 14 [Latin American music]
[typescripts, 11 p., 5 p.; inscribed on one draft: Not used in E.B. material used for Book of Knowledge; inscribed on second draft: Vanguard record co.]
[Leclair, Jean Marie (1697-1764)]
BOX 14 Suite for flute and strings. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 14 Les noces. [typescript, 10 p.; inscribed: Preface to translated text]
[Letters to the Editor]
BOX 14 1928 Mar. 8 [Latin of Stravinsky's Oedipus-Rex].Boston Herald.
BOX 14 1929 Sept. 30 A dramatic test. Boston Evening Transcript.
BOX 14 1930 July 8 It was Benjamin Franklin. Boston Evening Transcript.
BOX 14 1933 Mar. 24 Of course; we were speaking figuratively. Boston Evening Transcript.
BOX 14 1933 Oct. 27 Example, but no precept. Boston Evening Transcript.
BOX 14 1934 Apr. 2 Unbearable affliction. Boston Evening Transcript.
BOX 14 1935 Sept. 2 Joyce v. Kelly. New York Times.
BOX 14 1937 Sept. 2 Headline slanguage. Christian Science Monitor.
BOX 14 1938 May 25 [Delius' birth date]. Musical America.
BOX 14 1939 May 10 [Birth date of Jean Philippe Rameau]. Musical America.
BOX 14 1939 Dec. 25 [Musical boners by supposedly respectable writers]. Musical America.
BOX 14 1942 Apr. 10 [Rosa Calvet or Emma de Roquer].Musical America.
BOX 14 1945 Aug. [Ice cream history]. New York Times.
BOX 14 1945 Aug. 22 Churchill story not new. New York Times.
BOX 14 [1945 Dec.] Transition of Nemoy. New York Times.
BOX 14 1948 May 6 Origin of the phrase used by [F. D.] Roosevelt. New York Times.
BOX 14 1951 Aug. 19 From the mail pouch: Schönberg. New York Times. [N.S. and Roy Harris letter]
BOX 14 1951 Dec. 2 Mail pouch: late musicologist [Hugo Leichtentritt]. New York Times.
BOX 14 1952 Nov. 2 Tribute to E. B. Hill. New York Times.
BOX 14 1955 May 15 Mail pouch: Viotti bicentennial. New York Times.
BOX 14 1961 June 12 Henry Hudson an Englishman. New York Times.
BOX 14 1962 Feb. 24 Clear now. New York Times.
BOX 14 1969 Oct. 30 Family matters. The Listener.
BOX 14 1979 Feb. 4 Framed by skill. Calendar.
BOX 14 1981 July 20 To "The man whom society forbids to die." New York Times.
[Leoncavallo, Ruggero]
BOX 14 Pagliacci. [typescript, 5 p.]
BOX 14 Lexicographis secundus post herculem labor.Notes(undated).
[Liszt, Franz]
BOX 14 [Liner notes for] Les preludes. Columbia Masterworks, Set X-198.
BOX 14 Liszt tidbits. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 14 Listening to Music. [inscribed: Medical Opinion and Review1969]
BOX 14 [Program notes for] Little Orchestra Society concerts of 1948-1949.
BOX 14 Locked-up sound set free. Review of Ancient European Musical Instruments, by Nicholas Bessaraboff.Christian Science Monitor, 29 May 1942.
BOX 14 [Los Angeles Philharmonic program notes, 1968-69]
BOX 15 Lullistes, a vos pièces! Guide du Concert(1 Feb. 1952).
BOX 15 Lyric poet of French opera. Christian Science Monitor, 11 Apr. 1959.
BOX 15 Lyrical poet of music. Christian Science Monitor, 26 Nov. 1955.
BOX 15 Magician of the violin. Christian Science Monitor, 14 Aug. 1959.
[Mahler, Gustav]
BOX 15 Kindertotenlieder. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 15 Das Lied von der Erde. [typescript, 4 p.]
BOX 15 Mahler's tenth symphony. [typescript, 1 p.]
BOX 15 The man of eighteen symphonies. The American Quarterly on the Soviet Union1, no. 1 (Apr. 1938).
BOX 15 The man of twenty-three symphonies. [typescript, 4 p.]
BOX 15 Many melodies out of one. Boston News, undated
BOX 15 Marginal notes on the Russian film. Background, directors and the place of "Chapayev" in the Soviet cinema.Boston Evening Transcript, 23 Feb. 1935.
BOX 15 The marvelous season 1912-1913. The Juilliard Review Annual 1962-1963.
BOX 15 Masks and bergamasks. Excerpts from the forthcoming Lectionary of Musical Information, Instruction, and Entertainment.High Fidelity Magazine, Jan. 1976.
BOX 15 Medieval musical notation. Review of The Notation of Polyphonic Music, 909-1600, by Willi Apel.Christian Science Monitor, undated
BOX 15 Meeting Zappa. Harper's Magazine, Apr. 1988. [excerpt from Perfect Pitch. A Life Story, by N.S.]
BOX 15 Memory. Medical Opinion and Review 2, no. 2 (Nov. 1966).
[Mendelssohn, Felix]
BOX 15 [Liner notes for] Capriccio Brilliant, op. 22. Columbia Masterworks, Set X-197.
BOX 15 Minstrels from the emerald isle. Christian Science Monitor, 31 July 1956.
BOX 15 Modern composers of Brazil. Christian Science Monitor, 28 Sept. and 19 Oct. 1940.
BOX 15 Modern composition in Rumania. The Musical Quarterly51, no. 1 (Jan. 1965).
BOX 15 Modern immortals. The Saturday Review, 30 Sept. 1950.
BOX 15 Modern Italian music. Christian Science Monitor, 1 Feb. 1938.
BOX 15 Modern music. [typescript, 10 p.]
BOX 15 Modern music-an airplane view. The Critic3, no. 1 (4 Mar. 1926).
BOX 15 Modernist sprung from the ancients. Casella as the concert of his chamber pieces will reveal him. Boston Evening Transcript, 28 May 1929.
[Moore, Douglas]
BOX 15 Farm journal. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 15 Moscow. Musical interlude. Christian Science Monitor, 21 Aug. 1963.
BOX 15 The most amazing romance in musical history, part 1. The Etude(Oct. 1935).
BOX 15 Mountain melody revived. Review of Armenian Folksongs, by Sivart Poladian.Christian Science Monitor, 3 Oct. 1932.
[Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
BOX 15 Concerto for clarinet and orchestra, A major, K. 622. [typescript, 1 p.]
BOX 15 Concerto for flute and harp, K. 299. [typescript, 1 p.]
BOX 15 Concerto for three pianos, F major, K. 242. [typescript, 1 p.]
BOX 15 [Liner notes for] Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Serenade in G major) (K. 525). Columbia Masterworks, Set X-187.
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