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Nicolas Slonimsky collection, 1873-1997

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Biographical Materials, 1894-1995 (continued)
BOX 6-7 Clippings
BOX 6 Articles about N.S. 1925-78
BOX 7 Articles about N.S. 1979-94
BOX 8-117 Writings, 1920-1995
Writings of Nicolas Slonimsky consisting of manuscript and typescript drafts and notes (including index cards) for articles, radio scripts, books, along with speeches, lectures, program and liner notes, reviews, and related materials, published and unpublished.
Arranged in alphabetical order by subject matter.
BOX 8-21 Articles
BOX 8 27 April 1991. [poem, 1 p.]
BOX 8 Absolute pitch. American Mercury(Oct. 1930).
BOX 8 Addition terms for pocket Baker's. [typescript, 33 p.]
BOX 8 Additions to [Failed Wunderkind.] Rueful Autopsy. [dust cover essay]
BOX 8 Additions to the Cyclopedia of music and musicians. [typescript, 62 p.; July 1 and Dec. 13, 1958.]
BOX 8 Alert Secretary-typist. Harvard Crimson, 1 June 1957.
BOX 8 Alexander Scriabin. [typescript, 19 p.]
BOX 8 Alexander Tcherepnin septuagenarian. Tempo(winter 1968-69).
BOX 8 Amateurs with stature. Medical Opinion and Review(July 1970).
BOX 8 American modern music. [typescript, 12 p.]
BOX 8 American music. [typescript, 21 p.]
BOX 8 American opera company, 1886-88. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 8 American peoples encyclopedia yearbook, Dec. 5, 1960. [typescript, 14 p.]
BOX 8 American poet of nature. Christian Science Monitor, 17 Oct. 1959.
BOX 8 Americanism in American symphonic music. [Lectures broadcast in the Voice of America series The American Symphony Orchestra, Nov. 1967.]
BOX 8 America's composers no. 1. Christian Science Monitor, 27 Feb.1943.
BOX 8 America's pianistic ladies. Christian Science Monitor, 21 June 1961.
BOX 8 An encyclopedia of human knowledge and activities. Christian Science Monitor, undated
BOX 8 And then, "English music suddenly dwindled." Christian Science Monitor, 19 Apr. 1962.
BOX 8 Anecdotes. [typescript with annotations, 13 p.]
BOX 8 Animal music. Christian Science Monitor, 14 Sept. 1946.
BOX 8 Announcing. The new 1965 edition of Baker's. G. Schirmer Newsletter2, no. 1 (winter 1964/65).
BOX 8 Another set of notes on the tonal art. Boston Evening Transcript, undated
BOX 8 Answers by pupils. [typescript with annotations, 3 p.]
BOX 8 Anton Rubinstein in America 1872. [typescript with annotations, 5 p.]
BOX 8 Anxieties of composing. Medical Opinion and Review1, no. 9 (June 1966).
BOX 8 Aram Khatchaturian, a new Soviet composer. American Review on the Soviet Union(Feb. 1941). [includes typescript, 4 p.]
BOX 8 Arensky Variations on a theme by Tchaikovsky. [typescript, 1 p.]
BOX 8 Are you learning Russian? Christian Science Monitor, 29 May 1943.
BOX 8 The Ariel of music. Christian Science Monitor, 6 Aug. 1954.
BOX 8 The art of listening. Medical Opinion and Review2, no. 3 (Dec. 1966).
BOX 8 The art of music criticism. [typescript, 9 p.; inscribed: Medical Opinion and Review, 1967]
BOX 8 The avant-garde. Medical Opinion and Review1, no. 8 (May 1966).
BOX 8 The Avierinos' concert. Boston Evening Transcript, 22 Mar. 1928.
[The Bach family]
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Songs of the Bach family. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-457. [includes typescript, 3 p.]
[Bach, J. S.]
BOX 8 Bach's choral preludes. [typescript, 4 p.]
BOX 8 Cantata, "Jauchzet Gott." [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Church cantata no. 158 ("Der Friede sei mit dir"). Columbia Masterworks, Set X-191.
BOX 8 Concerto for two pianos, C minor. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Concerto in D minor. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-418-AM-418-MM- 418.
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Suite no. 3 in D major. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-428-AM-428-MM- 428.
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Toccata and Fugue in C (arr. by Weiner). Columbia Masterworks, Set X- 195.
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] The well-tempered clavier (arr. for jazz combo by Armand Migiani). Orion Super Stereo Sound, ORS 7033.
[Bach, Johann Christian]
BOX 8 Sinfonia for double orchestra, op. 18, no. 1. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 8 Ballad for Americans. [typescript, 2 p.]
[Bartók, Béla]
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Contrasts for violin, clarinet and piano. Columbia Masterworks, Set X- 178.
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Excerpts from Mikrokosmos (v. 1). Columbia Masterworks, Set M- 455.
[Beethoven, Ludwig van]
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Concerto no. 4 in G major, op. 58. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-411-AM- 411-MM-411.
BOX 8 Hammerklavier sonata, op. 106. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 8 Jena symphony. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Leonore overture no. 3. Columbia Masterworks, Set X-173.
BOX 8 Moonlight sonata. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 8 Quartet in B flat, op. 130. [typescript, 4 p.]
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Quartet no.1 in F major, op. 18. Columbia Masterworks Set M-444-MM- 444.
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Quartet no. 14 in C sharp minor, op. 131. Columbia Masterworks, Set M- 429-AM-429-MM-429.
BOX 8 Quartet, op. 59, no. 2. [typescript, 4 p.]
BOX 8 Romance in G for violin and orchestra, op. 40. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Sonata no. 28 in A major, op. 101. Columbia Masterworks, Set X- 172.
BOX 8 String quartet, op.135. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Symphony no. 5 in C minor ; Fugue in G minor ("The little G minor"). Columbia Masterworks, Set M-451.
BOX 8 Third symphony. [typescript, 4 p.]
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Twelve contra dances. Columbia Masterworks, Set X-184.
BOX 8 Beethoven in his letters. Review of The Letters of Beethoven, by Emily Anderson.Christian Science Monitor, 7 Dec. 1961.
BOX 8 Benjamin Lees' "In Excelsis." Tempo113 (June 1975).
BOX 8 Besides C# minor. Review of Rachmaninov. The Man and His Music, by John Culshaw.The Saturday Review, 13 May 1950).
BOX 8 Biblical lore treated in great detail in Jewish encyclopedia. Review ofUniversal Jewish Encyclopedia, edited by Isaac Land.Christian Science Monitor, 31 July [undated].
[Billings, William]
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] American Psalms and Fuguing Tunes. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-434- AM-434-MM-434.
BOX 8 The birth of opera. Medical Opinion and Review3, no. 11 (Nov. 1967).
[Bloch, Ernest]
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Baal Shem (Three pictures of chassidic life) ; Sumaré;(Milhaud, arr. by Levy) ;Danse du meunier(Falla, arr. by Szigeti). Columbia Masterworks, Set X-188.
BOX 8 Concerto grosso. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 8 Four episodes. [typescript, 2 p.]
[Boccherini, Luigi]
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Quartet in G minor, op. 33, no. 5. Columbia Masterworks, Set X- 170.
BOX 8 The book of knowledge. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 8 Book of musical knowledge. Review of Harvard Dictionary of Music, by Willi Apel.Christian Science Monitor, 30 Dec. [ca.1944].
BOX 8 Bouncing into fortune's lap and out again. The years and the courses of Vladimir Dukelsky, composer at hand.Boston Evening Transcript, 14 Mar. 1929.
BOX 8 Boyce. Symphony, no. 7. [typescript, 3 p.]
[Brahms, Johannes]
BOX 8 Academic festival overture, op. 80. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 8 Brahms' Intermezzi. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 8 First sonata for viola, op. 120. [typescript, 4 p.]
BOX 8 Serenade in A major, op. 16. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Symphony no. 2 in D major, op. 73. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-412-AM- 412-MM-412.
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Symphony no. 3 in F major, op. 90. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-443-MM 443.
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Symphony no. 4 in E minor. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-452.
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Three Rhapsodies for Piano. Columbia Masterworks, Set X-183.
BOX 8 [Liner notes for] Variations on a theme of Haydn. Columbia Masterworks, Set X- 181.
BOX 8 Brahms. Third B of music.Christian Science Monitor, 15 Jan. 1955.
[Britten, Benjamin]
BOX 8 Les illuminations. [typescript, 1 p.]
BOX 8 Scottish ballad, op. 26. [typescript, 4 p.]
[Bruckner, Anton]
BOX 8 Quintet for strings. [typescript, 2 p.]
[Busoni, Ferruccio]
BOX 8 Concertino for clarinet and small orchestra. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 8 By way of introduction. Parisian anecdotes and other amiable personalia about Arthur Honegger, composer of "King David," at Symphony Hall next Sunday. From "Bad Boy" of "the Six" to present place as highly reputed musician.Boston Evening Transcript, 30 Mar. 1928.
BOX 9 Cacophony in history. Medical Opinion and Review5, no. 4 (Apr. 1969).
BOX 9 Careers and opportunities. Medical Opinion and Review1, no. 7 (Apr. 1966).
BOX 9 Centenario de Stravinsky. Musicalia(La Habana) 15-16 (1931).
BOX 9 Chabrier. Melody in French. Christian Science Monitor, 8 Aug. 1953.
BOX 9 Chamber music in America. [newspaper article, undated]
BOX 9 Chamber music richly performed at arts concert.Gazette Telegraph(Colorado Springs), 3 Aug. 1947.
BOX 9 The changing style of Soviet music. Journal of the American Musicology Society3 (1950).
BOX 9 Charles Ives. [typescript, 16 p.; inscribed: Dictionary of American Biography, 23 June 1975]
BOX 9 Charles Ives. The man and his music. The Choral Journal(Jan. 1975). [photocopy (includes superimposed letter of Ives to N.S., 26 Feb. 1930)]
BOX 9 Chess in music. Allegro(Mar. 1973).
BOX 9 Children's page. Christian Science Monitor, 6 Feb. 1939 to 5 Feb. 1940.
BOX 9 Chopin. [typescript, 4 p.; inscribed: noted for a Decca album]
[Chopin, Frédéric]
BOX 9 Andante spianato and grande polonaise. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 9 Chopin etudes, op. 25. [typescript, 4 p.]
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