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Nicolas Slonimsky collection, 1873-1997

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Writings, 1920-1995 (continued)
Articles (continued)
BOX 18 [Liner notes for] Quartet, op. 50. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-448.
BOX 18 Prokofiev. A full length portrait. Review of Sergei Prokofiev. His Musical Life, by Israel Nestyev. New York Times Book Review, 7 July 1946.
BOX 18 A proposal. [typescript, 3 p.; at bottom: N.S. music lecturer at UCLA, March 22, 1965]
BOX 18 Proposal for a comprehensive encyclopedia of music. [typescript, 5 p.]
BOX 18 Psychedelic music. [typescript, 9 p.; inscribed: Medical Opinion and Review, 1968]
BOX 18 A quarter of a century: 1951-1976. [typescript, 26 p.; inscribed: High Fidelity, sent off Jan. 1976]
BOX 18 Rachmaninoff gives concert. The Boston Herald, 26 Mar. 1928.
[Ravel, Maurice]
BOX 18 [Liner notes for] Bolero. All-American Youth Orchestra. Columbia Masterworks, Set X- 174.
BOX 18 [Liner notes for] Introduction and Allegro ; Maid with the Flaxen hair, by Debussy. Columbia Masterworks, Set X-167.
BOX 18 [Liner notes for] Quartet in F. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-425-AM-425-MM- 425.
BOX 18 [Liner notes for] Sonatine. Columbia Masterworks, Set X-179.
BOX 18 [Liner notes for] Valses nobles et sentimentales. Columbia Masterworks, Set X- 194.
BOX 18 Ravel's piano concerto. [Record review for Concerto for Piano and Orchestra. Maurice Ravel conducting pianist Marguerite Long and the Symphony Orchestra, C-LFX257 to C-LFX259.]
BOX 18 Rebarbarization of the musical armamentarium. City Celebration[San Francisco] (June 1979).
BOX 18 The Red Army sings. Christian Science Monitor, 6 Nov. 1943, weekly magazine section.
BOX 18 Red music. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 18 Reference dictionary of music. [typescript, 370 p.]
BOX 19 Reinhold Gliére. The American Quarterly on the Soviet Union 1, no. 2 (July 1938).
BOX 19 Relevant paragraphs, Jan. 7, 14, 28 and Apr. 15, 1945. [typescript, 8 p.]
BOX 19 Reminiscences of a vanished world and a great teacher. The Piano Teacher( Sept./Oct. 1963).
BOX 19 Rengaw at the Microchron. Christian Science Monitor, 22 Jan. 1962.
BOX 19 Report and impressions-N.S., American specialist in music, traveling on a State Department grant, Bucharest, Mar. 22, 1963. [typescript, 7 p.]
BOX 19 Report on the sojourn in Bulgaria of N.S., American musicologist traveling on a grant of the State Department, Sofia, Mar. 7, 1963. [typescript, 5 p.]
[Respighi, Ottorino]
BOX 19 Concerto a cinque. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 19 Resplendent musician.Christian Science Monitor, 10 Feb. 1956.
BOX 19 The responsibility of genius. [typescript for seminar description. Norman, Oklahoma, 9-13 Oct. 1988; 1 p.]
[Reznicek, Emil]
BOX 19 Overture to the opera Donna Diana. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 19 Rimsky-Korsakov. A personal portrait. [typescript, 4 p.]
[Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicolai]
BOX 19 [Liner notes for] Capriccio Español, op. 34. Columbia Masterworks, Set X-185.
BOX 19 Quintet for piano, flute, clarinet, French horn, and bassoon ; Capriccio Español, op. 34. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 19 The Road to Music. New York: Dodd, Mead, 1966.
BOX 19 Romantic. Medical Opinion and Review 1, no. 12 (Sept. 1966).
BOX 19 Roy Harris. The Musical Quarterly 33, no. 1 (Jan. 1947).
BOX 19 A royal game. Christian Science Monitor, 22 Mar. 1954.
BOX 19 Russian folk music. [typescript, 6 p.]
BOX 19 Russian music. Encyclopedia Americana (1973). [drafts, correspondence, etc.]
BOX 19 Russian music is important. [newspaper article, 6/8/39.]
BOX 19 Russian music warms to war. Christian Science Monitor, 12 July 1941.
BOX 19 Russian novelist in a "Human Portrait." Review of Dostoyevsky. A Human Portrait, by Robert Payne.Christian Science Monitor, 20 Apr. 1961.
BOX 19 A Russian symphony and concerto. Disques (Dec. 1932).
BOX 19 Saint Petersburg Cultural Foundation, 1992. [promotional material in Russian of a lecture given by N.S.; 7 leaves (2 copies)]
[Saint-Saëns, Camille]
BOX 19 [Liner notes for] Concerto no. 1 in A minor for Violincello and Orchestra, op. 33. Columbia Masterworks, Set X-182.
BOX 19 Violin sonata, op. 75. [typescript, 4 p.]
BOX 19 A Salute to Carleton Sprague Smith. [journal article undated]
BOX 19 Samples of entries for dictionary of American music. [typescript, 7 p.]
BOX 19 The Schillinger system. [typescript, 9 p.]
[Schönberg, Arnold]
BOX 19 Kammersymphonie. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 19 [Liner notes for] Pierrot Lunaire. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-461.
BOX 19 [Program notes for] A Survivor from Warsaw, op. 46. [1968-1969]
BOX 19 Schönberg a musical prophet. Christian Science Monitor, 19 Nov. 1960.
BOX 19 The Schönberg idea. [poem, 2 p.]
BOX 19 Schönberg in the Soviet Mirror. Journal of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute2, no. 2 (Feb. 1978).
[Schubert, Franz]
BOX 19 [Liner notes for] Fantasie (transcribed for piano and orchestra by Liszt). Columbia Masterworks, Set M-426-AM-426-MM-426.
BOX 19 [Liner notes for] Symphony no. 2 in B flat major. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-420-AM-420- MM-420.
BOX 19 Symphony no. 6. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 19 The Unfinished symphony. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 19 Winterreise. [typescript, 3 p.]
[Schumann, Robert]
BOX 19 Andante and variations for two pianos, op. 46. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 19 Carnival in Vienna. [typescript, 4 p.]
BOX 19 Dichterliebe. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 19 Overture, scherzo and finale, op. 52. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 19 [Liner notes for] Quartet no. 1 in A minor. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-454.
BOX 19 [Liner notes for] Sonata no. 2 in G minor, op. 22. Columbia Masterworks, Set X- 186.
BOX 19 Symphony no. 4. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 19 Scientific mind turned on music-Saminsky's provocative book about composers of this day.Boston Evening Transcript, 20 May 1933.
[Scrapbook, articles 1949-59]
see: BOX 345
[Scriabin, Alexander]
BOX 19 Piano sonata no. 4, op. 30. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 19 [Program notes for] Symphony no. 2 in C, op. 29. Boston Symphony Orchestra, 10 Dec. undated
BOX 19 Scriabin. A musical seer. Christian Science Monitor, 16 Dec. 1959.
BOX 19 [Scribners Encyclopedia-drafts, correspondence, galleys, etc.]
BOX 19 Selection of an instrument to play. [typescript, 9 p.; inscribed: Medical Opinion and Review, 1967]
BOX 19 Serenade on a guitar. Christian Science Monitor, 30 Dec. 1960.
BOX 19 Serge Prokofieff's marginal notes on his compositions. [typescript, 5 p.]
BOX 19 Serge Prokofiev, his status in Soviet music. The Quarterly on the Soviet Union(Apr. 1939).
BOX 19 Sergei Prokofiev. [typescript, 5 p.]
BOX 20 The seven arts in Russia. Review of The Seven Soviet Arts, by Kurt London. Christian Science Monitor, 21 June 1938.
BOX 20 Sex and the music librarian. I.S.A.M. Newsletter 16, no. 1 (Nov. 1986). [speech draft included]
[Shostakovich, Dmitri]
BOX 20 First symphony. [typescript, 5 p.]
BOX 20 Quintet for piano and strings. [typescript, 5 p.]
BOX 20 Song of the forests, op. 81. [Review of recording by U.S.S.R. Vanguard Recording Society of the Combined Choirs and State Orchestra conducted by Eugene Mravinsky; typescript, 5 p.]
BOX 20 Two pieces for string octet. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 20 Shostakovich after the seventh. [typescript, 4 p.; inscribed: Musical America, Dec. 1943]
BOX 20 Shostakovich, the Soviets' wonder boy. [newspaper article, undated]
BOX 20 Shostakovich's seventh is the culminating point of Soviet music. [typescript, 5 p.; inscribed: Sent to New Masses Aug. 24, 1942]
BOX 20 Shostakovich's War symphony. Christian Science Monitor, 26 Dec. 1942.
BOX 20 Sibelius, Jean. [typescript, 3 p.]
[Sibelius, Jean]
BOX 20 [Liner notes for] Symphony no. 2 in D major. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-423-AM-423- MM-423.
BOX 20 Sing together. Sol renditions have their drawbacks but a chorus builds harmony. Christian Science Monitor, 6 Dec. 1947.
BOX 20 "The six" of American music. Christian Science Monitor, 17 Mar. 1937, weekly magazine.
BOX 20 Slonimsky on Cowell. The Music Magazine, May 1962.
BOX 20 Slonimsky's music almanac, Aug. and Sept. [typescript, 6 p., 7 p.]
BOX 20 Some musical puzzles. Christian Science Monitor, 16 Dec. 1955.
BOX 20 [Liner notes for] South American chamber music(selected and arranged by N.S.). Columbia Masterworks, Set M-437.
BOX 20 Sounds and psyche. Medical Opinion and Review(Dec. 1968).
BOX 20 South American composers, (1940). [promotional material fromMusical America, 10 Feb. 1940.]
BOX 20 Soviet composers in war and revolution. [typescript, 19 p.]
BOX 20 Soviet literature unchained. Panorama(May 1934).
BOX 20 Soviet music. The Musical Record1, no. 12 (May 1934).
BOX 20 Soviet music, 1917-1949. [typescript, 32 p.]
BOX 20 Soviet music at [the] quarter century mark. Combining art with patriotism, Russian composers carry on in the midst of titanic struggle. Musical America, 10 Feb. 1943.
BOX 20 Soviet music and musicians. The Slavonic and East European Review22, no. 61 (Dec. 1944).
BOX 20 Soviet music unchained. Panorama(June1934).
BOX 20 The Soviet opera. Bulletin on the Soviet Union3, no. 11 (June 15, 1938).
BOX 20 Stati uniti, opera in the United States. [typescript, 28 p.]
BOX 20 The status of the Latin American composer, 1942. [typescript, 46 p.]
BOX 20 Stephen Foster, minstrel. Christian Science Monitor, 16 Jan. 1963.
BOX 20 Stimulating talks reveal extraordinary paradoxes.Christian Science Monitor, 21 Nov. 1959.
[Strauss, Richard]
BOX 20 [Liner notes for] Also Sprach Zarathustra. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-421-AM-421-MM- 421.
BOX 20 Don Juan. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 20 [Liner notes for] Ein Heldenleben, op. 40. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-441-AM-441-MM- 441.
BOX 20 Till Eulenspiegel. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 20 Stravinskiana. A note here, a note there about the composer ofOedipus.Boston Evening Transcript, 25 Feb. 1928.
[Stravinsky, Igor]
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