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Nicolas Slonimsky collection, 1873-1997

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Writings, 1920-1995 (continued)
Articles (continued)
BOX 20 Shostakovich, the Soviets' wonder boy. [newspaper article, undated]
BOX 20 Shostakovich's seventh is the culminating point of Soviet music. [typescript, 5 p.; inscribed: Sent to New Masses Aug. 24, 1942]
BOX 20 Shostakovich's War symphony. Christian Science Monitor, 26 Dec. 1942.
BOX 20 Sibelius, Jean. [typescript, 3 p.]
[Sibelius, Jean]
BOX 20 [Liner notes for] Symphony no. 2 in D major. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-423-AM-423- MM-423.
BOX 20 Sing together. Sol renditions have their drawbacks but a chorus builds harmony. Christian Science Monitor, 6 Dec. 1947.
BOX 20 "The six" of American music. Christian Science Monitor, 17 Mar. 1937, weekly magazine.
BOX 20 Slonimsky on Cowell. The Music Magazine, May 1962.
BOX 20 Slonimsky's music almanac, Aug. and Sept. [typescript, 6 p., 7 p.]
BOX 20 Some musical puzzles. Christian Science Monitor, 16 Dec. 1955.
BOX 20 [Liner notes for] South American chamber music(selected and arranged by N.S.). Columbia Masterworks, Set M-437.
BOX 20 Sounds and psyche. Medical Opinion and Review(Dec. 1968).
BOX 20 South American composers, (1940). [promotional material fromMusical America, 10 Feb. 1940.]
BOX 20 Soviet composers in war and revolution. [typescript, 19 p.]
BOX 20 Soviet literature unchained. Panorama(May 1934).
BOX 20 Soviet music. The Musical Record1, no. 12 (May 1934).
BOX 20 Soviet music, 1917-1949. [typescript, 32 p.]
BOX 20 Soviet music at [the] quarter century mark. Combining art with patriotism, Russian composers carry on in the midst of titanic struggle. Musical America, 10 Feb. 1943.
BOX 20 Soviet music and musicians. The Slavonic and East European Review22, no. 61 (Dec. 1944).
BOX 20 Soviet music unchained. Panorama(June1934).
BOX 20 The Soviet opera. Bulletin on the Soviet Union3, no. 11 (June 15, 1938).
BOX 20 Stati uniti, opera in the United States. [typescript, 28 p.]
BOX 20 The status of the Latin American composer, 1942. [typescript, 46 p.]
BOX 20 Stephen Foster, minstrel. Christian Science Monitor, 16 Jan. 1963.
BOX 20 Stimulating talks reveal extraordinary paradoxes.Christian Science Monitor, 21 Nov. 1959.
[Strauss, Richard]
BOX 20 [Liner notes for] Also Sprach Zarathustra. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-421-AM-421-MM- 421.
BOX 20 Don Juan. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 20 [Liner notes for] Ein Heldenleben, op. 40. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-441-AM-441-MM- 441.
BOX 20 Till Eulenspiegel. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 20 Stravinskiana. A note here, a note there about the composer ofOedipus.Boston Evening Transcript, 25 Feb. 1928.
[Stravinsky, Igor]
BOX 20 Danses concertantes. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 20 [Liner notes for] Firebird Suite ; Prelude in E flat minor, by Shostakovich. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-446.
BOX 20 [Liner notes for] Le Sacre du printemps. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-417-AM-417-MM- 417.
BOX 20 [Program notes for] Le sacre du printemps. San Francisco Symphony, Mar. 1968.
BOX 20 [Liner notes for] Suite from Petrouchka. Columbia Masterworks, Set X-177.
BOX 20 Studies in black and white. [typescript, 2 p.]
[Sullivan, Arthur]
BOX 20 [Liner notes for] Iolanthe. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-422-AM-422-MM-422.
BOX 20 [Liner notes for] Patter songs from Gilbert and Sullivan. Columbia Masterworks, Set M- 440.
BOX 20 [Program notes for] Sunday at 4:30 conducted by Arthur Fiedler, 22 Oct. 1944-24 June 1945.
BOX 20 Sundry items published in Etude, 1948-1950. [typescript, 22 p.]
BOX 20 Surrealist music. [typescript, 7 p.]
BOX 21 The Swan of Pesaro. Christian Science Monitor, 24 July 1952.
BOX 21 The Swedish Nightingale. Christian Science Monitor, 11 Aug. 1955.
BOX 21 The sweet and marvelous Purcell. Christian Science Monitor, 6 Jan. 1956.
BOX 21 The symphonies of Shostakovich. [typescript, 5 p.]
[Szymanowski, Karol]
BOX 21 [Liner notes for] Twelve etudes, op. 33 ; Mazurkas 1 and 2, op. 50. Columbia Masterworks, Set X-189.
BOX 21 Taking a fugue apart. Christian Science Monitor, 3 May 1937.
BOX 21 Tansman's traits. Prodigious youth, prolific composer. [newspaper article, undated]
BOX 21 Tchaikovsky. [typescript, 5 p.]
[Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyich]
BOX 21 1812 overture. [typescript, 4 p.]
BOX 21 [Liner notes for] Francesca da Rimini, op. 32. Columbia Masterworks, Set M- 447.
BOX 21 Symphony no. 4. [typescript, 7 p.]
BOX 21 [Liner notes for] Symphony no. 6 in B minor ("Pathetique"). Columbia Masterworks, Set M- 432-AM-432-MM-432.
BOX 21 [Liner notes for] Violin concerto in D major, opus 35. Columbia Masterworks, Set M-413- AM-413-MM-413.
BOX 21 Tchaikovsky's house in Klin. Christian Science Monitor, 19 Apr. 1943.
[Tcherepnin, Alexander]
BOX 21 Chamber concerto for flute, violin and chamber orchestra. [typescript, 2 p.]
BOX 21 Temper and temperament. Medical Opinion and Review3, no. 1 (Jan. 1967).
BOX 21 Thesaurus of scales and melodic patterns. [typescript, 8 p.]
BOX 21 The thing of it. [typescript, 3 p.; inscribed: Not used]
BOX 21 A thing or two about music. Program notes for 91.5 KUSC-FM, Dec. 1983. [promotional material.]
BOX 21 A thing or two about music. Upbeat! (Sept. 1986).
BOX 21 A third set of notes and comments. [newspaper article, undated]
BOX 21 The three B's in music, 1939. [newspaper article, undated]
BOX 21 Three places in New England. Symphony Magazine, Apr/May 1988.
BOX 21 Three places in New England. [holograph, 2 leaves]
[Toch, Ernst]
BOX 21 Quintet for the piano and strings. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 21 Tonality, Atonality, Pantonality. A Study of Some Trends in Twentieth Century Music, by Rudolph Reti. (1958). [journal article in French by N.S., undated]
BOX 21 To the birthplace of "June moon." Isaac Goldberg goes on pilgrimage to Tin-Pan Alley, recalls its past, observes its present, assembles its manners and customs. Boston Evening Transcript, 10 Jan. 1931.
BOX 21 Trials of a music collector in Latin America. Musical America, 25 Mar. 1942.
BOX 21 Twenty years of Soviet music.Christian Science Monitor, 15 Mar. 1938.
BOX 21 The "ugly duckling" of Russian music.Christian Science Monitor, 27 Jan. 1945, weekly magazine.
BOX 21 Ulysses Kay. [book/journal article undated]
BOX 21 Unalloyed, undecorated, undiminished. Mussorgsky's Boris Godunov in original version for American hearing.Boston Evening Transcript, 30 Nov. 1929.
BOX 21 The unassuming Verdi. Christian Science Monitor, 28 Nov. 1952.
BOX 21 Understanding the music of Soviets. Boston Evening Transcript, 16 Oct. 1935.
BOX 21 The vagaries of inspiration. Medical Opinion and Review 7, no. 1 (Jan. 1971).
BOX 21 Varese. [journal article, undated]
BOX 21 The varieties of American music. [typescript, 10 p.; inscribed: Lecture at the Brooklyn Institute, April 15, 1947]
[Verdi, Giuseppe]
BOX 21 Ernani. [typescript, 4 p.]
BOX 21 Viewing a terra incognita of music.Musical America, June 1941.
BOX 21 Vignettes on Bach for KFAC, Feb. 1985. [typescript, 5 p.]
BOX 21 Vincenzo Bellini his life and work. [typescript, 2 p.; inscribed: for MacMillan, Sept. 10, 1975]
BOX 21 The violin of Norway. Christian Science Monitor, 11 Feb. 1952.
BOX 21 A virtuoso in America. Christian Science Monitor, 13 Sept. 1951.
BOX 21 A visit with Villa-Lobos. Musical America, 10 Oct. 1941.
BOX 21 Visual music. Selmer Bandwagon 9, no. 2 (Apr. 1961).
BOX 21 Vladimir Dukelsky, alias Vernon Duke. [newspaper article, undated]
[Wagner, Joseph]
BOX 21 Sinfonietta no. 2 for string orchestra. [typescript, 2 p.]
[Wagner, Richard]
BOX 21 [Liner notes for] Rienzi-Overture. Columbia Masterworks, Set X-169.
BOX 21 [Liner notes for] Tannhäuser: Bacchanale (Venusberg Music) ; Marche Troyenne, by Hector Berlioz. Columbia Masterworks, Set X-193.
BOX 21 Wanda Landowska. Disques(Aug. 1932).
BOX 21 Was I really the first? Keyboard Classics (May/June 1983). [article and music (No more Shiny Nose) by N.S.]
BOX 21 Ways of a sonata. Christian Science Monitor, 14 Oct. 1937.
BOX 21 The weather at Mozart's funeral. The Musical Quarterly 46, no. 1 (Jan. 1960).
[Weber, Carl Maria von]
BOX 21 Konzertstück in F minor. [typescript, 3 p.]
BOX 21 A welcoming hail-Alfredo Casella comes a second time to lead the pops.Boston Evening Transcript, 28 Apr. 1928.
BOX 21 What do you know about music? [newspaper article, 6/7/37]
BOX 21 When the mail brings music with it. Christian Science Monitor, 9 Aug. 1960.
BOX 21 Whence the dance in Latin America? Christian Science Monitor, 8 May 1943, weekly magazine section.
BOX 21 With Bach to Brazil. Christian Science Monitor, 18 Apr. 1956.
BOX 21 With N.S. for cicerone on assorted matters of interest. [newspaper article, undated]
BOX 21 With N.S. to offer a second set of notes and comments. Boston Evening Transcript, 17 Nov. 1934.
BOX 21 With the new concerto for mirror, reflections of Stravinsky, present and past, from the impending piece. Boston Evening Transcript, 26 Dec. 1931.
[Wolf, Hugo (1860-1903)]
BOX 21 Italian serenade. [typescript, 3 p.]
[Wolf-Ferrari, Ermanno (1876-1948)]
BOX 21 Kammersymphonie, op. 8. [typescript, 3 p.]
[Wood, Henry]
BOX 21 [Liner notes for] Fantasia on British sea songs (arr. and orch. by Wood). Columbia Masterworks, Set X-175.
BOX 21 Young music must have new tools. The Etude (Jan. 1948).
BOX 21 [Miscellaneous and incomplete excerpts]
BOX 22 Radio Scripts
BOX 22 Radio scripts 1943-46
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