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BOX 266-341, 352-358 Music Collected by Nicolas Slonimsky, 1930-1990
Music collected by Nicolas Slonimsky. These materials are divided into two subseries: Manuscript, Printed Music, and Multi-Composer_Collections.
Arranged in alphabetical order by composer then title or by title.
BOX 266-268, 340 Manuscript
Alderighi, Dante
BOX 266 Aria per violoncello.
8-measure fragment, annotated on back.
Note: holograph
Antoniou, Theodor
BOX 266 Antitheseis (Antithesen) (Contrasts).
Note: woodwinds, trumpet, harp, percussion, string quartet, and two string orchestras
BOX 266 Concertino pour piano, neuf instruments à vent et percussion.
Inscribed by Antoniou.
Note: photocopy
BOX 340 Concerto for violin, trumpet, clarinet and orchestra, op. 10.
Note: photocopy
BOX 266 Epilogos (Epilog) nach Homer Die Odyssee, für Mezzosopran, Sprecher, Oboe, Horn, Gitarre, Klavier, Schlagzeug, und Kontrabass.
Note: photocopy of holograph (?)
Arnold, Byron
BOX 266 Five incapacitaded preludes
2 scores
Note: piano
Babadzhanian, Arno
BOX 266 Sonata dlia skripki i fortepiano.
Note: photocopy
Becker, John J.
BOX 266 On Sabine hills, for male chorus (words by Horace).
Note: holograph score, 6/49
BOX 266 Soundpiece no. 3. A sonata (in one movement) for violin and piano.
Note: photocopy of holograph, annotated
Behrens, Jack
BOX 266 Taos (1976) portraits, for piano.
Note: photocopy
Beierle, John David
see: Halberstadt, William Harold
Bernstein, Leonard
BOX 266 For Nicky Slonimsky, with ancient affection.
Note: piano
Carvalho, Eleazar de
BOX 266 Um chôrinho brasileiro com tamborins (segundo "copyright" do Musicologo Slonimsky)
Signed "Boston-Janeiro de 1947."
Note: piano and tambourines
Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario
BOX 266 Slow, with variations (on the name of Nicolas Slonimsky), for piano (Greeting cards, op. 170, nr. 22).
Note: photocopy of holograph
Christou, Jani
BOX 340 Patterns and permutations.
Note: orchestra
Conus, Sergei
BOX 266 [2 preludes, for piano].
Note: first prelude from 1933, second prelude, "The Czar's little soldiers," from op. 8, composed in 1946.
Note: holograph
Dallapiccola, Luigi
BOX 266 [dagli "Inni" per tre pianoforti].
8-measure fragment, annotated on back.
Note: holograph
Daniels, Mabel
BOX 266 ["Of musicologists you are the greatest" (f.l.)]
6 measure compositional plea for clemency.
Note: melody w/ words
BOX 266 Dubensky, Arcady
BOX 266 [untitled holograph]
Homophonic elaborations on the diminished chord with an inscription from the "Dubenskys."
Access point(s): Dubensky, [Arcady and family?]
Duke, Vernon
BOX 266 Variations on an old Russian chant (XVIIIth century), for oboe and strings.
Note: photocopy of holograph
Falik, Yuri
BOX 266 Sonata dlia violoncheli-solo.
Note: photocopy of holograph
Fitelberg, Gregor G.
BOX 266 ["Mnie rozan' zhalobno skazal'..." (f.l.)] [op. 31, no. 2]
Note: voice and piano
Gavazzeni, Gianandrea
BOX 266 [dal Dialogo per tenore, baritono e orchestra (piano reduction)].
8-measure fragment, annotated on back.
Note: holograph
Gorini, Gino
BOX 266 Quartetto.
6-measure fragment, annotated on back.
Note: string quartet
Grabovsky, Leonid
BOX 266 Microstrutturi.
7 sections (4 p.).
Note: oboe
Gretchaninov, Alexander
BOX 266 Dorogoĭ Iulīi Leonidovnie.
Annotation: "For Julie Sazonova."
Note: 4-part song
BOX 266 Kolybel'naia, op. 1, no. 5.
At end: "March 1887."
Note: voice and piano
BOX 266 [untitled holograph]
4-measure melody with words, dated 1953, inscribed on the back of a business card.
Halberstadt, William Harold
BOX 266 [untitled]
Note: extract from a work for cello and two pianos tuned a quarter tone apart
BOX 266 Sonata for two pianos tuned a quartertone apart.
Incomplete. Inscribed by Halberstadt.
Note: photocopy
BOX 266 [untitled photocopy negative]
12 intervalic progressions.
BOX 266 Halberstadt, William Harold and John David Beierle
BOX 266 Three pieces for two pianos, tuned a quarter tone apart.
Note: photocopy
BOX 266 [untitled]
Note: chart illustrating voices in some parts of the first of "Three pieces" by Halberstadt and Beierle
Harris, Roy
BOX 266 American symphony, 1938. II. Sad song.
Short score.
Note: holograph?
BOX 266 [Little suite, for the piano]. Suite for children.
Note: holograph?
BOX 266 [fragments]
Note: miscellaneous fragments, probably either Slonimsky mss. or, even if not noted, Harris holographs
  • 5th symphony, IInd movement (2 leaves)
  • Fugue subjects from Third string quartet ; Time suite, 5th movement theme [holograph?]
  • Kentucky spring
  • Piano quintet
  • [Piano quintet.] (Inscribed "Passacaglia subject from piano Quintet")
  • Theme I ; Theme II (Slonimsky annotation: "Time(s) suite(?)"
  • [undidentified, at top: "Maestoso"]
  • Viola quintet, slow movement
  • Violin concerto
BOX 266 Remember November (Election day is action day)
Note: chorus (or solo) with piano 4-hands
BOX 266 Symphony for voices, on poems of Walt Whitman.
Note: chorus, unacc.
BOX 266 Wedding song.
Note: bass solo, string trio and organ
Ives, Charles
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