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Music Collected by Nicolas Slonimsky, 1930-1990 (continued)
Manuscript (continued)
[untitled] (continued)
Note: extract from a work for cello and two pianos tuned a quarter tone apart
BOX 266 Sonata for two pianos tuned a quartertone apart.
Incomplete. Inscribed by Halberstadt.
Note: photocopy
BOX 266 [untitled photocopy negative]
12 intervalic progressions.
BOX 266 Halberstadt, William Harold and John David Beierle
BOX 266 Three pieces for two pianos, tuned a quarter tone apart.
Note: photocopy
BOX 266 [untitled]
Note: chart illustrating voices in some parts of the first of "Three pieces" by Halberstadt and Beierle
Harris, Roy
BOX 266 American symphony, 1938. II. Sad song.
Short score.
Note: holograph?
BOX 266 [Little suite, for the piano]. Suite for children.
Note: holograph?
BOX 266 [fragments]
Note: miscellaneous fragments, probably either Slonimsky mss. or, even if not noted, Harris holographs
  • 5th symphony, IInd movement (2 leaves)
  • Fugue subjects from Third string quartet ; Time suite, 5th movement theme [holograph?]
  • Kentucky spring
  • Piano quintet
  • [Piano quintet.] (Inscribed "Passacaglia subject from piano Quintet")
  • Theme I ; Theme II (Slonimsky annotation: "Time(s) suite(?)"
  • [undidentified, at top: "Maestoso"]
  • Viola quintet, slow movement
  • Violin concerto
BOX 266 Remember November (Election day is action day)
Note: chorus (or solo) with piano 4-hands
BOX 266 Symphony for voices, on poems of Walt Whitman.
Note: chorus, unacc.
BOX 266 Wedding song.
Note: bass solo, string trio and organ
Ives, Charles
BOX 266 3rd [orchestral] set.
Note: photocopy of David Porter ms.
Johnson, Tom
BOX 267 The four note opera.
Note: unaccompanied chorus
Jolivet, André
BOX 267 Sarabande des amants morts. Extraite du deuxième acte de La naissance de la paix, opéra-ballet inédit.
Included as enclosure in Polyphonie, Revue Musicale Trimestrielle, bk. 5: "LeConcert", 1949.
Note: piano, red. of orchestra
Jones, Daniel
BOX 267 [untitled work for orchestra (1953)].
Note: holograph short score
Kohn, Karl
BOX 267 Colla voce, for viola and guitar.
Note: photocopy
BOX 267 Concords, for violin and guitar.
Note: photocopy
BOX 267 The resplendent air. Five songs set to translation of four Catalan poets.
Note: voice and piano
Kohs, Ellis B.
BOX 267 The automatic pistol.
Annotated and with an inscription by Kohs.
Laid in: page of the Soldier's Handbook, section III, "Nomenclature, care and cleaning, and safety devices of automatic pistol, caliber .45, M1911."
Note: chorus
BOX 267 A birthday "Festschrift" to Nicolas Slonimsky from Ellis B. Kohs--Apr. 1984.
At top: "A youthful indiscretion attributed to P.D.Q. Sousa, following his apocryphal study with A. S."
Note: piano
BOX 267 Lohiau and Hiiaka. Hawaiian legend for narrator, flute, violoncello, percussion, and dancer(s).
Inscribed by Kohs.
Note: photocopy of ms./typescript
Korn, Peter Jona
BOX 267 Heidi. Oper in fünf Bildern (für alle, die ihre Kindheit nicht vergessen haben).
Note: p-v score
Kounadis, Arghyris
BOX 267 Zwei Gedichte des Konstantinos Kavafis (1961).
Note: photocopy of holograph
Kraft, William
BOX 267 Centennial birthday greetings for Nicolas, based on material from Slonimsky's "Thesaurus of scales and melodic patterns"
Inscribed by Kraft.
Note: 2 sopranos and piano
Leibowitz, René
BOX 267 La nuit close. Drame musical en trois tableaux. Premier tableau.
Condensed score/piano-vocal score.
Included as an enclosure in Polyphonie. Revue Musicale Trimestrielle, bk. IV: "Le Système Dodécaphonique", 1949.
Note: soloists, chorus and orchestra
Mâche, François-Bernard
BOX 267 Octuor, op. 35.
Note: clarinet, horn, bassoon, 2 violins, viola, violoncello and contrabass
Malipiero, Gian Francesco
BOX 267 La festa de la sensa. Sinfonia mistica, per baritono, coro e orchestra.
Fragment (6 measures).
Note: holograph
Margola, Franco
BOX 267 [Sol] quartetto [no.] 2.
4-measure fragment, annotated on back.
Note: piano, red.
Martin, Frank
BOX 267 Der Cornet, no. 9: Der Brief.
Included as an enclosure in Polyphonie. Revue Musicale Trimestrielle, bk. 2 : "Le Rythme Musical", 1948.
Note: voice (alto), violas, violoncellos and double basses
Michelet, Michel
BOX 267 Trio (no. 2) for violin, cello and piano (1980).
Inscribed in Russian by Michelet.
Note: photocopy
Mirzoyan, Edvard
BOX 267 Simfoniia.
1 p. ms. showing fragments from movts. 1, 3, and 4.
Note: strings and tympani
Nabokov, Nicolas
BOX 267 Sonata no. 2.
Inscription by Nabokov.
Note: piano
Nielsen, Riccardo
BOX 267 Sonata for pianoforte.
5-measure fragment, annotated on back.
Note: holograph
Petrassi, Goffredo
BOX 267 Gagliarda (dalla "Partita").
4-measure sketch fragment, annotated on back.
Note: holograph
Ponce, Manuel M.
BOX 267 Nocturno II, [for] piano solo.
Porter, David
BOX 267 Music for harp or piano.
Inscribed by Porter.
Note: photocopy
BOX 267 [untitled].
Signed by Porter.
Note: for 2 pianos, or celeste, harpsichord and guitars
Ptaszyńska, Marta
BOX 267 Madrigals ("Canticum sonarum").
Note: wind quartet, string quartet, trumpet, trombone and gong
Read, Gardner
BOX 267 A birthday fugue on Nicolas Slonimsky - 1953.
Note: piano
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