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Music Manuscripts, 1895-1958 (continued)
BOX 60 Part 2: Manuscript Transcriptions of Works by Others
Tschaikovsky, Piotr
BOX-FOLDER 60/3 Romeo and Juliet
Score; 36 p.
Manuscript in ink by Ernest Bloch
Wagner, Richard
BOX-FOLDER 60/4 Siegfried-Idyll
Score; 11 p.
Manuscript in ink by Ernest Bloch
BOX 22-24 Manuscript Lectures and Lecture Notes, 1912-1940
Manuscripts of lectures along with notes by Ernest Bloch.
Arranged alphabetically by title and chronologically therein.
BOX-FOLDER 22/1 Lectures, Geneva 1912-1913
Lecture notes: Plan de la 1re [1st] causerie -- Gustav Mahler; Claude Debussy; Edmond Fleg; various paginations.
Holograph in ink; French text
BOX-FOLDER 22/2 Lectures in Geneva, 1911-1912
96 p.
Les Grandes Principes de l'Esthetique (Cours sur la Musique; 2nd-5th, 8th, 9th Causeries; Forme (fin) Rhythme); holograph in ink and pencil
BOX-FOLDER 22/3 Lectures in Geneva] (1913-14).
Lecture notes: Kyrie (includes 1 leaf sheet music); Gloria; Credo; Sanctus; various paginations.
Holograph in ink and pencil; French text
BOX-FOLDER 22/4 [Lectures in Geneva].
Lecture notes: L'Evolution du gout Musical; Art et Culture; L'Art y les Peuples Primitifs; 119 p.
Holograph in ink and pencil
BOX-FOLDER 23/1 [Lectures in Geneva] (1914).
Lecture notes: La Genie-La Personalite; La Repercussion de l'oeune d'Art-Artist & Public; 47 p.
Holograph in ink and pencil
Also includes "Conférences Ernest Bloch" ; 7 p.
BOX-FOLDER 23/2 [Lectures in Geneva].
Lecture notes: La Matiere Musicale; 18 p.
Holograph in ink and pencil
BOX-FOLDER 23/3 [Lectures in Geneva].
Lecture notes: Miscellaneous: 51 p.
Holograph in ink and pencil
BOX-FOLDER 23/4 [Lecture notes-San Francisco Conservatory] (1940).
Lecture notes: The Tower of Babel, April 26, 1940; 20 p.
Holograph in ink and pencil
BOX-FOLDER 23/5 Notes pour l'etude de choeurs : Servizio Sacro = Sacred Service
Lecture notes; 7 p.
Holograph in French in ink
Laid in note from Suzanne Bloch on cover folder stating these are "detailed directions for choral director's interpretation"
BOX-FOLDER 24/1 The Peterborough School, 1919
6 p
Holograph in ink; French text
In French. At head: Peterborough -- aout 1919.
BOX-FOLDER 24/2 The Peterborough School, 1919
Typed carbon copy, 3 p.
English translation of "Preface"
BOX-FOLDER 24/3 [The Peterborough School] (1919).
Lecture notes; [84] p.
Holograph in ink and pencil; French text
BOX-FOLDER 24/4 [The Peterborough School] (1919).
Lecture notes; [7] leaves.
Holograph in ink and typescript. English text.
BOX-FOLDER 24/5 The Peterborough School, 1919
Lecture notes; [53] p (bound).
Holograph in ink and typescript. French text.
BOX 26-41 Correspondence, 1894-1980
The Correspondence series is divided into two subseries: Personal Correspondence and General Correspondence. Personal Correspondence includes letters, postcards, invitations, and telegrams from family members and close friends. Non-family correspondence and related materials are found in the General Correspondence subseries. There are two categories filed at the end of the General Correspondence: Unidentified, which includes Bloch letter drafts, a letter from Bloch to an anonymous singer, and other unidentified items, and Miscellany, which contain two letterpress volumes of letters from EB to directors and professional recipients and folders of envelopes corresponding to other correspondence. Many of the letters are written in French or German.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent and chronologically therein.
BOX 27-35 Personal Correspondence, 1895-1980
BOX 27-31 Family, 1894-1980
BOX-FOLDER 27/1-18 EB to Marguerite Schneider Bloch, 1901 April-1902 April
BOX-FOLDER 28/1-19 EB to Marguerite Schneider Bloch, 1902 May-1903 June
BOX-FOLDER 29/1-23 EB to Marguerite Schneider Bloch, 1903 July-1910 December, undated
BOX-FOLDER 30/1-25 EB to Marguerite Schneider Bloch and children, 1911-1925
Note: Original letters in envelope are too fragile to be served; photocopies availalbe in folder 17
BOX-FOLDER 31/1 Ivan Bloch to family members, 1960-1980
BOX-FOLDER 31/2 Lucienne (Luce) Bloch Dimitroff to family members, 1963-1974
BOX-FOLDER 31/3 Marguerite Schneider Bloch from her father, 1895-1902
BOX-FOLDER 31/4 Marguerite Schneider Bloch from her mother, 1903-1904
BOX-FOLDER 31/5 Marguerite Schneider Bloch from mother-in-law, Sophie Bloch, 1904
BOX-FOLDER 31/6 Marguerite Schneider Bloch from various people, 1894-1910
BOX-FOLDER 31/7-27 Marguerite Schneider Bloch to EB, 1901-1910, undated
BOX-FOLDER 31/28 Maurice Bloch [Bloch's father] to EB, 1903-1913
BOX-FOLDER 31/29 Sophie Bloch [Bloch's mother] to EB, 1902-1909
BOX-FOLDER 31/30 Sophie Bloch to EB, 1910
BOX-FOLDER 31/31 Sophie Bloch to EB, 1911-1918
BOX-FOLDER 31/32-33 Sophie Bloch to EB, 1919
BOX-FOLDER 31/34 Sophie Bloch to EB, 1920
BOX-FOLDER 31/35-36 Suzanne (Suzy) Bloch Smith to family members, 1963-1978, undated
BOX-FOLDER 31/37-38 Goetschel, Leon [cousin] to EB, 1910, undated
BOX-FOLDER 26/3-13 Hirsch, Samuel [brother-in-law] and , Louise Hirsch [sister], and children, 1898, 1910-1922, undated
BOX-FOLDER 31/39 Schneider, Adolf [father of Marguerite Schneider Bloch], 1903-1905
BOX 32-35 Friends
BOX-FOLDER 32/1-12 EB to Edmond and Madeleine Fleg, 1901-1910
BOX-FOLDER 33/1-15 EB to Edmond and Madeleine Fleg, 1911-1920
BOX-FOLDER 34/1-22 EB to Edmond and Madeleine Fleg, 1921-1947, undated
BOX-FOLDER 35/1-32 Edmond and Madeleine Fleg to EB, 1902-1924, 1931-1938, undated
Includes newspaper clippings enclosed with the letters
BOX 26, 36-41 General Correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 36/1 Adler, Samuel, 1958
Enclosure: program of the Fifth Annual Temple Emanu-El Music Festival
BOX-FOLDER 36/2 Akre, L. , undated
BOX-FOLDER 36/3 Astruc, Gabriel, 1908-1914, 1931, 1937-1938
Includes one letter in 1911 addressed to Edmond Fleg
BOX-FOLDER 36/4 Bachman, Alberto, 1910
BOX-FOLDER 36/5 Bacon, Ernst, 1932-1933, 1943, 1953, undated
BOX-FOLDER 36/6 Barrett, Herbert, 1946
BOX-FOLDER 36/7 Bauer, Harold, 1922
BOX-FOLDER 36/8 Bernheim, Léonce, 1911, 1938
BOX-FOLDER 36/9 Bixby, Leonore, 1983
Donor of Anita Frank correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 36/10 Bizet, Alice, undated
BOX-FOLDER 36/11 Blaucard, Jacqueline, 1952
BOX-FOLDER 36/12 Bodansky, Artur, 1922
BOX-FOLDER 36/13 Boissier, A., 1913-1914, undated
BOX-FOLDER 36/14 Breval, Lucienne, 1908-1910, undated
BOX-FOLDER 36/15 Breystein, N., 1924
BOX-FOLDER 36/16 Brunschwig, G., 1895
BOX-FOLDER 36/17 Buttolph, David, 1952
BOX-FOLDER 36/18-19 Carré, Albert, 1908-1910
BOX-FOLDER 36/20 Cellerier, L., 1914
BOX-FOLDER 36/21 Cheatham, Kitty, 1928
Refers to Carl Engel and meeting at Library of Congress
BOX-FOLDER 36/22 Chevillard, Camille, 1904-1905, 1911
BOX-FOLDER 36/23 Chiesa, Mary Tibaldi, 1933-1938
BOX-FOLDER 36/24 Colonne, Edouard, 1930
Note on a calling card
BOX-FOLDER 36/25 Colum, M. M., undated
BOX-FOLDER 36/26 Conservatoire de Musique de Genève, 1911-1919
BOX-FOLDER 36/27 Coolidge, Elizabeth S., 1922-1924
BOX-FOLDER 36/28 Dower, Helen, 1945, 1957
BOX-FOLDER 36/29 Downes, Olin, 1925
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