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Moldenhauer archives at the Library of Congress, circa 1000-circa 1990

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Musical Figures, 1000-1987 (continued)
Picasso, Pablo
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Piccinni, Louis Alexandre
BOX 41 Autograph letter, 1803 March 29
Signed; 1 page; French
Note: Date given according the French Republican Calendar, 8 Germinal An 11
Piccinni, Niccolò
BOX 41 Receipt, 1779 March 31
Note: For royalties covering 1778-1780
Piccolomini, Marietta
BOX 114 Portrait, undated
BOX 41 Signature, undated
Pierné, Gabriel
BOX 41 Lefebvre, Charles, 1924 January 5
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; French
BOX 41 Program, Boston, 1922 January 27
2 pages
Note: Signed to Boaz Piller
Includes: Thematic quotation from Ramuntcho
BOX 114 Ravel (?), undated
Autograph letter; 1 page; French
Note: Mounted with portrait photograph buyLipnitzk
Pijper, Willem
BOX 41 Merlijn, undated
Manuscript full score of unfinished opera; 1 leaf (pages 101-102)
Includes: Letter to Hans Moldenhauer from L. Bolleman, 1929 March 23
BOX 114 Portrait, undated
Photograph, signed
BOX 114 Portrait, undated
Reproduction of drawing, annotated and signed
BOX 114 Portraits, undated
2 reproductions, signed
BOX 41 Signature, undated
Pincherle, Marc
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Pinsuti, Ciro
BOX 41 Biographical essay, undated
2 pages; English
BOX 41 Stepheson, Miss, undated
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; English
Note: On verso, obituary
Pisk, Paul A.
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Pittrich, George Washington
BOX 41 Autograph letter, 1909 June 27
Signed; 1 page; German
BOX 41 Gomera, undated
Autograph music quotation, signed; German
BOX 114 Portrait, Dresden, 1907
By Herzfeld
Photograph, signed
Pixis, Johann Peter
BOX 41 Vivenot, 1826 November 4
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; German
Pizzetti, Ildebrando
BOX 41 Castelnuovo-Tedescore, Mario, 1950 September 13
Autograph letter, signed; 3 pages; Italian
Planquette, Robert
BOX 41 Autograph card, undated
Signed; 1 page; French
Planté, Francis
BOX 41 Calling card, 1891 April 5
BOX 41 Autograph letter, February 12
3 pages; French
Note: Signed to a conductor
BOX 41 Dulan, 1909 April 29
Autograph letter, signed; 2 pages; French
Pleyel, Ignace Joseph
BOX 41 Artaria, 1796 May 21
Autograph letter, signed; 4 pages; French
Note: Discusses a series of compositions
Digital content available
Plotnikov, Eugene
BOX 41 Pimsleur, Solomon, 1934 September 3
Typescript letter, signed; 1 page; English
Plüddemann, Martin
BOX 41 Gattel, 1896 March 30
Postcard, signed; 1 page; German
BOX 41 Der Taucher, 1894 February 17
Text by Schiller
Autograph music quotation; German
Note: Signed to Fritz Wittek
Poglietti, Alessandro
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Pohl, Richard
BOX 41 Warum?, undated
Autograph music manuscript, signed; 2 pages; 33 x 24 cm.; German
Polko, Elise
BOX 41 Autograph card, undated
Signed; 1 page; German
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Ponce, Manuel
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Poniatowski, Józef Michal Ksawery Franciszek Jan
BOX 41 Autograph letter, undated
Signed; 2 pages; French
Includes: Musical quotation with Italian text
Popper, David
BOX 41 Autograph letter, 1866 June 22
Signed; 2 pages; English
BOX 41 Two autograph letters, 1877 November 12, 1888 January 19
Signed; 11 pages + 4 pages; German
Porter, Cole
BOX 99 Night and Day, undated
Music manuscript, signed; 5 pages; 32 x 24 cm.
Note: Copied by Albert Sirmay
Potocka, Delphine
BOX 41 Mikuli, undated
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; Polish
Poulenc, Francis
BOX 41 Koering, René, 1961 December 15
Autograph letter, signed; 2 pages; French
Note: Mentions Berg, Boulez, Milhaud, Schoenberg, and Webern
BOX 41 Koering, René, 1962 January 8
Telegram; French
BOX 41 Les Mamelles de Tirésias,"Envolez-vous oiseaux de ma faiblesse," 1947
Autograph music quotation, signed; 2 pages (8 measures)
Note: For voice and piano
BOX 41 Stabat Mater, 1951
Printed score; 68 pages
Note: Signed to Karl Amadeus Hartmann, 1952
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