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Moldenhauer archives at the Library of Congress, circa 1000-circa 1990

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Musical Figures, 1000-1987 (continued)
BOX 14 Caplet, André, 1913 May 5
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; French
Note: Mentions Nocturnes
BOX 14 Indy, Vincent d', circa 1893 July
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; French
Note: Offering friendship; refers to La Damoiselle élue
Note: Attached to portrait photograph by Otto, undated
Digital content available
BOX 14 Je vous la souhaite..., for voice and piano, 1883 January
Autograph music quotation, signed; 12 measure of complete score; 2 pages; French
Note: New Year's musical greeting for Mme. Vasnier
Note: Based on the song "Mandoline"
Includes: Dedication
Defauw, Désiré
BOX 14 Ganz, Rudolph, 1944 March 20
Typescript letter, signed; 1 page; English
BOX 110 Portrait, 1940 December 2
Note: Signed to Boaz Piller
BOX 14 Symphony in D minor, 1932 December 12
By Franck
Autograph music quotation, signed
Deiters, Hermann
BOX 14 Bagge, Selmar, 1867 September 8, March 1868, 1873 December 14
3 autograph letters, signed; 10 pages; German
Delibes, Léo
BOX 14 Bandon, undated
Autograph letter, signed; 3 pages; French
Includes: Musical illustration
BOX 14 Director of the National Theater at Pest, 1881 May 20
Autograph letter, signed; 4 pages; French
Note: Regarding Jean de Nivelle
BOX 14 Pougin, Monday, May 31
Autograph letters, signed; 3 pages; French
BOX 14 Unidentified, June 19
Autograph card, signed; 1 page; French
BOX 14 Fanfares composées pour la distribution des récompenses à l'Exposition Universelle de 1889, 1889 September
Autograph reduced piano score from original for brass band and orchestra; 4 pages; 27 x 35 cm.; ink
Note: Signed to Paul Blondet
BOX 110 Portrait, undated
Lithgraph; French
Includes: Biographical sketch
Delius, Frederick
BOX 14 Five Piano Pieces. Valse, no. 3, for piano solo, undated
Autograph music manuscript with revisions, signed (?); 2 pages; 35 x 27 cm.; ink and pencil
Note: First draft; sketches on verso
BOX 14 Zwei braune Augen, 1885
Text by H. C. Anderson
Autograph music manuscript, signed; 2 pages; 34 x 24 cm.; German; ink and pencil
Note: Song with piano accompaniment
Digital content available
BOX 110 Portrait, undated
BOX 14 "Psalmus 98," 1615 November 19
Autograph; 1 page; Latin
Note: Dedicatory page of Demantius's setting for sixteen voices distributed over four choruses, on the occasion of the fifth birthday of the Saxon heir to the electorate, Hared; dedicated to his parents Johann George and Magdalena Sybil
Digital content available
Denza, Luigi
BOX 14 Clipping, undated
1 page; English
Notes: Includes reproduction of photographs of Signor Denza, Berthold Tours
BOX 14 Custace, Mrs., 1887 April 27
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; Italian
BOX 14 Hush a-bye, dearie, hush-a-bye low, 1891 October
Autograph music quotation, signed
Dessau, Bernhard
BOX 14 Eisner, Bruno, 1909 April 16
Autograph letter, signed; 2 pages; German
Dessau, Paul
BOX 14 Eisner, Bruno, 1973 December 14
Typescript letter, signed; 1 page; German
BOX 14 Hartmann, K.A., 1961 July 29
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; German
BOX 14 2 Gesänge von O. J. Bierbaum. Beruhigung and Schleswig, 1917 October 23
Autograph music manuscript; 3 pages; 35 x 27 cm.
Note: Signed to Mrs. Lattermann
Note: Arranged for voice and piano
BOX 14 Kinderkantate, 1932 December 6
Printed score; 34 pages
Note: Signed to Bruno Eisner
BOX 14 Two Canons, undated
Reproduction of music manuscript; 8 pages
BOX 14 Verkündigung von Richard Dehmel, 1914
Autograph music manuscript; 2 pages; 35 x 27 cm.
Note: Signed to to Dälber
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see Hartmann, Karl Amadeus
Dessauer, Josef
BOX 14 Du willst nicht mit zum Tanze gehn?, undated
Autograph music manuscript, signed; 4 pages; 29 x 22 cm.; German
BOX 14 Ischl, 1855 October
Autograph letter, signed; 3 pages; German
Destin, Tomaso Loewe
BOX 14 Autograph letter, Bergamo, 1875 September 19
Signed; 1 page; Italian
Deutsch, Otto Erich
BOX 14 Calling card, undated
BOX 14 Moldenhauer, Hans, 1956 September 29
Postcard; English
BOX 14 "Mozart und die Wiener Logen," 1932
Essay; 35 pages; German
Note: Signed to Hans Moldenhauer, 1956 August
Vienna: Wiener Freimaurer-Zeitung
Devčić, Natko
BOX 14 Vega, Aurelio de la, 1970, 1983
2 autograph cards, signed; English
Note: Season's Greetings
Devrient, Eduard
BOX 14 Autograph letter, 1864 October 3
1 page; German
Note: Signed to an editor
BOX 14 Pohl, Richard, 1864 January 27
Autograph letter, signed; 2 pages; German
Diémer, Louis
BOX 14 Adolphe, 1878 February 14
Autograph letter, signed; 4 pages; French
BOX 14 Autograph card, 1906 March 22
Signed; 2 pages; French
BOX 14 Leguy, 1894 November 21
Autograph card, signed; 2 pages; French
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