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Moldenhauer archives at the Library of Congress, circa 1000-circa 1990

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Musical Figures, 1000-1987 (continued)
Graener, Paul
BOX 21 Scheel, Steinebach, 1921 August 31
Postcard, signed; German
Grainger, Percy
BOX 21 Deis, Carl, 1931 March 5, 1932 July 4
2 autograph letters, signed; 4 pages; English
BOX 21 Ganz, Rudolph, 1945 November 28
Autograph letter, signed; 2 pages; English
Note: Inscribed "In the Train"
BOX 21 Grainger, Percy from Charles Haubiel, 1932 June 7
Typescript letter; 4 pages; English
BOX 21 Haubiel, Charles 1932-1942
8 autograph letters; 16 pages; English
Note: Letter of 1942 April 15 is a manifesto of his artistic beliefs; explains why he does not like to write for solo piano, his performance abilities, and thoughts on composition and art
BOX 21 Marshall, Lois, 1948 June 8
Typescript letter; 1 page; English
BOX 21 Theremin, Leon, 1938 September 12
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; English
BOX 21 Unidentified, 1932 May 7
Typescript letter; 3 pages; English
Note: Round robin letter sent to Marion Bauer, Martin Bernstein, Charles Haubiel, Gustave Reese, Philip James, and Jacques Pillois
Note: Expresses his views on compositions being written and played in America
Includes: Reply from Charles Haubiel 1932 June 7
BOX 21 My Robin Is to the Greenwood Gone, 1912 May 20
Autograph music manuscript (incomplete); 2 pages; 30 x 23 cm.; ink
Note: Signed to George Bainton
Note: For piano solo
Grammann, Karl
BOX 21 Lindner, Eugen, 1889 October 19
Autograph letter, signed; 3 pages; German
Granados, Enrique
BOX 21 Biographical document, undated
Typescript; French and Spanish
BOX 21 Music notebook, 1887-1889
Autograph; 81 leaves, some blank
Note: Used jointly by Granados and Viñes
Contents: Student exercises fill the bulk of the bolume; sketches; incipits to various compositions; two movements to a symphony in D Minor; pencil drawings that adorn inside covers
Laid in: 2 leaves
BOX 21 Viñes, Ricardo, 1910 March 12
Autograph letter, signed; 2 pages; Spanish
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Grau, Agustí
BOX 21 Sardana de Concert, per a piano, undated
Music manuscript, copied; 18 pages; 34 x 26 cm.
BOX 21 Tamarit, 1928 June
Music manuscript, copied; 15 pages; 32 x 22 cm.
Note: Signed to Ricardo Viñes
Note: Barcarola
Grechaninov, Alexander Tikhonovich
BOX 21 Biographical document, 1929
Autograph, signed; 4 pages; French
BOX 21 Etudes progressives pour piano à 4 mains, op. 144, 1955 June 12
Autograph full score; 17 pages; 35 x 27 cm.; ink
Note: Signed to the Spokane Conservatory, New York
Includes: Autograph letter, signed to Hans Moldenhauer
BOX 21 Holidays, undated
Printed score, signed
BOX 21 Mommy, undated
Printed score, signed
BOX 111 Portraits, 1944, 1955
Reproduction of 2 drawings
Note: Signed to the Spokane Conservatory
BOX 21 Program, 1955 April 28
BOX 21 Typescript letter, 1955 September 7
Signed; 1 page; English
Greef, Arthur de
BOX 21 Program, 1915 March 28
Signed; 19 pages; English
Greissle, Felix
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Grell, Eduard
BOX 21 Brose, W., 1862 December 16
Autograph letter, signed; 2 pages; German
Grétry, André-Ernest-Modeste
BOX 21 Bossenge, père, 1810 September 19
Autograph letter, signed; 2 pages; French
BOX 21 Les deux Avares, undated
Title page, signed; French
Call no.: 126/5 Le Rival confident, 1788, 1790
By Starck (Vicaire de la Metropole de Mayence)
Manuscript complete piano-vocal score, with reduction marked for clavecin; 78 pages (numbered to 28); 31 x 22 cm.; French; red and black ink; bound in decorative vellum
Note: Inscribed by Starck
BOX 111 Portrait, undated
Grieg, Edvard
BOX 21 Clippings, 1907, 1923
3 items; English
BOX 21 Henriques, Martin R., 1901 December 22
Postcard, signed
BOX 21 Levysohn, 1896 April 23
Autograph card, signed; 1 page; Norwegian
BOX 21 Padillha, Lola Artôt de, 1906 February 14
Autograph letter, signed; 3 pages; German
BOX 21 Unidentified, 1891 March 16
Autograph letter, signed; 4 pages; German
Note: Regarding a Milan appearance
Includes: English translation
BOX 21 Unidentified, undated
Autograph card, signed; Norwegian
BOX 21 Allegro moderato, undated
Autograph music quotation, signed
BOX 21 Andante, undated
Autograph music quotation, signed
Note: Sketch on verso
BOX 21 Petition, 1899 December 5
Autograph document, signed; 2 pages; Norwegian
Note: For August Winding; cosigned by Angul Hammerich, Jens Wilhelm Hansen, Christian Frederik Emil Horneman, and Gottfred Matthison-Hansen
BOX 111 Photograph, undated
By Christiansen
BOX 111 Photogrpah of group, undated
Note: Signed by Edvard and his wife Nina
Griepenkerl, Wolfgang Robert
BOX 21 Autograph letter, 1859 January 22
Signed; 2 pages; German
Grimm, Julius Otto
BOX 21 Bagge, Selmar, 1867 Easter Sunday and December 1
2 autograph letters, signed; 7 pages; German
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