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Moldenhauer archives at the Library of Congress, circa 1000-circa 1990

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Musical Figures, 1000-1987 (continued)
Shelf Miserae, Symphonische Dichtung für Orchester, 1933-1934
Autograph full score, signed; 59 pages; 41 x 32 cm.; ink and colored pencils
Note: Annotations by Scherchen; dated at end "Aug. 1934"
Digital content available
Shelf Simplicius Simplicissimus, circa 1957
Printed score; 378 pages
Note: Signed to Hans Moldenhauer, 1962 October 10
Mainz: Schott's
BOX 105 Obituary, 1963 December 5
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Haslinger, Tobias
BOX 22 Autograph letter, 1830 December 12
1 page; French
Note: Signed to a composer
Hatze, Josip
BOX 22 Biographical data, undated
Typescript document, annotated; 1 page; Italian
BOX 22 "Josip Hatze, O Pedesetgodivsnjici umjetnickog I Nacijonalnog rada....," 1948
Brochure on Hatze; 45 pages; Croatian
BOX 22 Cvati, cvati ruzice..., undated
Autograph music manuscript, signed; 3 pages; 32 x 42 cm.; Croatian
BOX 22 Noc na Uni, 1902
Autograph music manuscript, signed; 7 pages; 35 x 25 cm.
BOX 22 Skladbe, Ljuven sanak, undated
Printed score; 7 pages
BOX 22 Uvelo lisce, Sjecanje, Handzaru, Ala j'lep, Jutrom, undated
Printed score
BOX 22 Vecernje zvono (Impresija), undated
Autograph music manuscript, signed; 6 pages; 32 x 23 cm.
Haubiel, Charles Trowbridge
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Hauer, Josef Matthias
BOX 22 Hauer from Rosbaud, 1954 April 4
Reproduction of letter; 1 page; German
BOX 22 Pisk, Paul A., 1935 January 11
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; German
Note: Comments about Berg
BOX 22 Réti, Rudolph, 1924 February 5
Autograph letter, signed; 4 pages; German
Note: Discussion of Hauer's system of "tropes"; illustrated with four musical examples
BOX 22 Rosbaud, Hans, 1953 December 31
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; German
BOX 22 Melischer Entwurf in der Zwölftonschrift, 1954 January 4
Autograph music manuscript, signed; 1 page; 34 x 27 cm.; ink and pencil, in 4 colors
Note: Signed to Hans Rosbaud
Digital content available
BOX 22 Melischer Entwurf in der Zwölftonschrift, 1955 January 29
Autograph music manuscript, signed; 1 page; 34 x 27 cm.; ink and pencil, in 4 colors
BOX 22 Trope, in four colors, 1949 May 3
Autograph music manuscript, signed; 1 page; 35 x 27 cm.
Note: Inscribed, as translated: "Josef Matthias Hauer, the intellectual originator and, despite many poor imitators, regrettably still the sole expert and craftsman of twelve-tone music."
BOX 22 Zwölftonspiel für Streichquartett, Vienna, 1954 January 12
Autograph full score; 11 pages; 34 x 27 cm.
Note: Signed to Hans Rosbaud
BOX 22 Zwölftonspiel für Orchester, 1955 March
Autograph full score, signed; 36 pages; 34 x 27 cm.
BOX 22 Obituary, Vienna, 1959 September 22
1 page; German
BOX 22 "Josef Matthias Hauer," undated
Brochure; 18 pages; German
BOX 22 "Josef Matthias Hauer und Arnold Schoenberg," 1981 March
Typescript document; 1 page; German
Note: To Hans Moldenhauer, from Victor Sokolowski
Note: Critical comparison of twelve-tone system
BOX 22 "Tropentafel von Josef Matthias Hauer," 1948
Document; 2 pages
Note: On verso, a facsimile quotation from Hauer's credo (1947)
Includes: Autograph dedication to Hans Moldenhauer from Victor Sokolowski
BOX 22 "Das Zwölftonspiel," undated
By Hauer
Commentary; 2 pages; German
Haupt, Karl August
BOX 22 Autograph letter, 1856 August 26
Signed; 1 page
Hauptmann, Moritz
BOX 22 Bott, A., 1843 October 29
Autograph letter; 2 pages; German
BOX 22 Unidentified, 1863 December 20
Autograph letter; 4 pages; German
Note: Signed to a concertmaster
BOX 22 Album-Canons, 1865 April 3
Autograph music manuscript; bound; 12 pages; 26 x 33 cm.
Note: Signed to S. Jadassohn from Suzette Hauptmann, Leipzig, 1868 April
BOX 22 Sonata, 1835 August 6
Autograph music manuscript; bound; 25 pages; 24 x 33 cm.
Note: Signed to Julius Rietz
Hausmann, Robert
BOX 23 Lüstner, Louis, 1890 January 6
Postcard, signed; German
Haydn, Joseph
BOX 95 Sinfonia in D no. 96, undated
Music manuscript with autograph (?) title page; 8 pages; 24 x 30 cm.; ink
Note: Arranged for piano solo
Includes: 25 pages master sheets; signature of ownership by F. Ries; 9 page typed essay, with annotations, titled "Sinfonia in D für das Klavier arrangirt...," by Kathleen Munro
Includes: Five letters concerning authenticity: 1939 November 24, to Richard Speyer; 1939 December 11, from the Preussische Staatsbibliothek; 1961 April 4, to Hans Moldenhauer from Karl-Heinz Köhler; 1961 December 8, to Hans Moldenhauer from Karl Geiringer; 1979 October 17, to Hans Moldenhauer, from Ernst Hilmar
Shelf Stabat Mater, for Two Oboes, Two Violins, Viola, Organ or Harpsichord, and Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass, undated
Copied by Johann Elssler
Music manuscript, signed; 276 pages; ink
Note: Haydn's signature attached later
BOX 112 Portrait, undated
Includes: Haydn without wig
Haydn, Michael
BOX 23 Canone à 8, 1798 October 16
Autograph music manuscript, signed; 1 page; 19 x 12 cm.; Latin
Digital content available
BOX 23 Graduale, for Soprano, Alto, Violin, and Organ. Allegretto, undated
Manuscript full score, copied; 3 pages; 30 x 23 cm.
BOX-FOLDER 127/1 Missa in G Dur, undated
Full score, copied; 156 pages; 30 x 23 cm.
Heifetz, Jascha
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Heinefetter, Sabine
BOX 105 Moldenhauer, Hans, 1960 January 27 and May 17, 1963 March 11
3 typescript letters, signed; 4 pages; German
BOX 23 Three autograph letters, 1830-1845
Signed; 6 pages; German
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