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Moldenhauer archives at the Library of Congress, circa 1000-circa 1990

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Musical Figures, 1000-1987 (continued)
Gait, undated (continued)
Autograph letter, signed with translation; 1 page; French
Note: On page 4, note in another hand, with reference to Pacini and Ponchard
Herzog, Johann Georg
BOX 23 Bagge, Selmar, 1865 October 12
Autograph letter, signed; 2 pages; German
Hesse, Adolf Friedrich
BOX 24 Seven autograph letters; 1832-1861
19 pages; German
Note: Signed to Aloys Fuchs, Friedrich Kühmstadt, C. F. Peters, and others
BOX 24 Receipt (?), Breslau, undated
1 page; German
Note: To A. Hesse
BOX 24 Sixth Symphony, 1845 January 14
Autograph music quotation, signed
Hessenberg, Kurt
BOX 24 Moldenhauer, Hans, 1958 September-November
3 typescript letters, signed; 3 pages; German
BOX 24 Vom Wesen und Vergehen, op. 45, undated
Autograph music sketches, signed; 20 pages; 23 x 34 cm.
Hey, Julius
BOX 24 Lindner, Eugen, 1898 May 5
Autograph letter, signed; 3 pages; German
BOX 24 Senff, Bartolf, 1887 September 23
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; German
Hibbard, William
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see Webern, Anton
Hill, Karl, 1831-1893
BOX 24 Senff, Bartolf, 1866-1881
11 autograph letters, signed; 25 pages; German
Note: Letters detail singer's successes; Wagner
Hiller, Ferdinand
BOX 24 "Bald verlässt du die Ufer," 1868 November 29
Autograph poem, signed; 1 page; German
BOX 112 Portrait, undated
Reproduction of photograph
BOX 24 Two autograph letters, undated
Signed; 4 pages; English and German
Hiller, Johann Adam
BOX 24 Cantata, undated
Autograph full score, signed; 45 pages; 23 x 31 cm.; German
Himmel, Friedrich Heinrich
BOX 24 Kühnel, 1809 October 18
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; German
BOX 24 Die Sendung, undated
Arranged by Westenbolz
Printed score; 2 pages
Berlin: Stechbahn
Hindemith, Paul
BOX 24 Alla Battaglia, 1964
Reprint of program; 4 pages
Note: For the Paul Hindemith Commemoration, Yale University; reproduced from Collegium Concert, Yale University, 1951 May 21
Includes: Cover with Hindemith's drawing and music
BOX 24 Brochure, undated
Note: Printed by Schott at Schoenberg's death
Includes: Reproduction of portrait
BOX 24 Clippings, 1964 January 5, 10, and 12
3 items; 3 pages; English
BOX 24 Piller, Boaz, November 9
Typescript letter, signed; 1 page; English
BOX 24 Piller, Boaz, undated
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; English
BOX 24 Unidentified, 1934 March 1
Autograph letter; 1 page; German
Note: Signed to a Geheimrat
BOX 24 Unidentified, 1946-1947
Created by Hindemith
Autograph card, signed; German
Note: Season's Greetings
BOX 24 Unidentified, 1950-1951
Created by Hindemith
Autograph card; German
Note: Signed by Hindemith and his wife, Gertrud
Note: Season's Greetings
BOX 24 Unidentified, 1954-1955 and undated
Created by Hindemith
2 cards; German
Note: Season's Greetings
BOX 24 Bratschensonate mit Klavier, 1939 April 1-2
Autograph excerpt from second and third movements (14 measures + 65 measures); 12 pages; 17 x 13 cm.; pencil
Note: Signed to Boaz Piller, Boston, 1939
BOX 24 Let's Build a Town, circa 1931
Printed score, signed; 15 pages; English
Mainz: Schott
BOX 24 Lied, circa 1927
Printed score, signed; 5 pages
Mainz: Schott
BOX 24 Der Schwanendreher, 1937 April
3 autograph music thematic quotations
BOX 24 Der Schwanendreher, circa 1937
Printed score, with autograph revisions
Mainz: Schott
BOX 24 Sonate, Flöte und Klavier, circa 1937
Printed piano score, signed; 27 pages
Mainz: Schott
BOX 24 String Quartet in E-flat, 1943
Printed pocket score, with pocket annotations and pencil notes; 59 pages
Note: Signed to Eugene Weigel, 1944 November; also signed by Weigel
BOX 112 Portrait, Boston, 1938 February 25
Note: Signed to Boaz Piller
BOX 24 "Commemoratio brevis," 1948
3 copies; 11 pages; English
Note: Memoranda from Hindemith's classes at Yale
Shelf A Composer's World, 1952
Book, signed; 221 pages
Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press
BOX 24 "My Teacher, Paul Hindemith," 1965 September 26
By Silvia Kind
2 copies of typescript document; 5 pages each; English
Includes: Letter to Hans Moldenhauer from Kind, 1965
Shelf Traditional Harmony, circa 1944
Book, signed; 125 pages
New York: Associated Music Publishers
BOX 24 "Vorschläge für den Aufbau des türkischen Musikleben," 1937
Typescript document, with autograph revisions, signed; bound in cardboard; 32 pages; German
Hinkel, Karl
BOX 24 Rundgesang, undated
Autograph music manuscript, signed; 2 pages; 20 x 32 cm.
Hirsch, Karl Jacob
BOX 112 Portrait, undated
Photograph, signed
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