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Moldenhauer archives at the Library of Congress, circa 1000-circa 1990

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Musical Figures, 1000-1987 (continued)
BOX 99 Vega, Aurelio de la, 1973 February 13
Typescript letter, signed; 1 page; Spanish and French
Note: Cosigned by Argentinian composer Horacio Vaggino
BOX 99 Vega, Aurelio de la, undated
Autograph card, signed; 1 page; Spanish
Shelf Imaginario II, para orquesta, 1967 April-August, 2nd revision 1967 November 11
Autograph music manuscript, signed; 23 pages; 82 x 64 cm.
Includes: Decorative design in multicolors, 1967 April 29; 1 page, 21 x 115 cm.
Includes: Typed document with autograph annotations; 7 pages; Spanish and French
BOX 99 Portrait imaginé, 1974-1975
Autograph complete music sketches, signed; 156 pages; 28 x 21 cm.
BOX 99 Vielleicht, para 6 percusionistas, 1973
Autograph music manuscript, signed; 24 pages; 39 x 27 cm.
BOX 99 Works list, 1977
2 documents, autographed; 15 pages
Includes: Reproduction of portrait
Pabst, Paul
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Pachelbel, Johann
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Pachman, Vladimir de
BOX 39 Program, St. Gallen, 1928 March 15
Note: Flyer for a Chopin recital
Paderewski, Ignacy Jan
BOX 39 Kneisel, undated
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; German
BOX 114 Portrait, undated
Photograph, signed
Paër, Ferdinando
BOX 39 Bériot, 1832 January 14
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; French
BOX 39 Movandi, Rosa, 1813 September 15
Autograph letter, signed; 3 pages; Italian
BOX 114 Portrait, undated
By Bettoni
BOX 39 Schlesinger, 1834 July 23
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; French
Paganelli, Giuseppe Antonio
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Paganini, Nicolò
BOX 39 Dolci d'amor parole, for voice and violin obligato with accompaniment, undated
Autograph Particell; 12 pages; 22 x 29 cm.; ink
Note: Unpublished; exhibited at Genova, 1940
Digital content available
BOX 39 Morlacchi, Francesco, at the court of Dresden, 1830 February 19
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; Italian
Note: Regarding a Signor Scutezzi, for travel companionship and handling musical matters
Digital content available
BOX 114 Portrait, undated
By Naudin
Drawing; 35 x 22 cm; black and brown watercolors
Note: To Armand Parent
Digital content available
Paisiello, Giovanni
BOX 39 Gregoire, 1812 March 23
Autograph letter, signed; 2 pages; Italian
Note: Refers to pension endowed by Napoléon upon his departure from Paris; his Stabat Mater
Digital content available
Paladilhe, Emile
BOX 39 Patrie. Act 4, "Pauvre martyr obscur," undated
Autograph music quotation, signed
Palmer, Christian David Friedrich von
BOX 39 Bagge, Selmar, 1866 January 18, 1867 June 9, November 19
3 autograph letters, signed; 8 pages; German
Palmgren, Selim
BOX 39 May Night, undated
Autograph music quotation, signed
BOX 39 Szántó family, 1901 July 11
Postcard, signed
Note: Also signed by Busoni, Petri, and others
Panofka, Heinrich
BOX 39 Autograph letter; 1864 February 5
1 page; French
Note: Signed to a doctor
BOX 39 Fétis, 1850-1865
8 autograph letters, signed; 15 pages; French
Panseron, Auguste
BOX 39 Canon enigmatique à 2 parties, undated
Autograph music quotation, signed
Note: With text "Bonjour bon au Henry Berton Montan"
Papier Paumgartner, Rosa
BOX 40 Album leaf, 1885 November 7
Autograph, signed; 1 page
Papini, Guido
BOX 40 Baering, 1876 December 18
Autograph letter, signed; 3 pages; French
BOX 40 Le Mécanisme du Jeune Violiniste, A Complete and Progressive Course of Instruction for the Violin in Four Parts, undated
Printed score; 100 pages
Note: Signed to Constance and Rob Bell, 1888 January 7
London: Chanot
Parent, Armand
BOX 40 Asseyons-nous tous deux près du chemin sur le vieux banc..., undated
Autograph complete score; 4 pages; 33 x 25 cm.
Note: Song with piano accompaniment
BOX 40 Ceillier, Laurent. "Amand Parent," undated
Typescript article with revisions; 6 pages; French
Note: From Le Monde Musical
BOX 114 Portrait, 1906
By Rouault
Painting; paint and colored chalks
BOX 40 La Sonate de Franck, undated
Typescript document; 3 pages; French
Note: From Parent's Souvenirs et Anecdotes
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Parish Alvars, Elias
BOX 40 Fantasie sur le dernier pensé musicale de Bellini, pour flûte et harpe undated
By Parish Alvars and Joseph Fahrbach
Autograph music manuscript, signed; 19 pages; 33 x 25 cm.
Pascual-Ayllón, Fernando
BOX 40 Lugareñas, 1926 July
Music manuscript with revisions, copied and signed; 11 pages; 37 x 27 cm.
Note: Signed to Ricardo Viñes
Pasdeloup, Jules Etienne
BOX 40 Autograph letter, December 8
Signed; 1 page; French
BOX 40 Massenet (?), undated
Autograph letter, signed; 1 page; French
Note: Mentions Lalo
BOX 114 Portrait, undated
By Marion
Photograph, signed
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