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Contestant Materials (continued)
Biographical Sketches
Brief biographical sketches of contestants who appeared on the Major Bowes' Original Amateur Hour radio program between 1934 and 1948.
Arranged alphabetically by name of group or last name of performer.
BOX-FOLDER 16/1 All Girl Swing Band -- One Man Band
BOX-FOLDER 16/2 Ray, Kathleen -- White, Frances
Lists of Performers
Typescript lists of performers from the Original Amateur Hour.
Arranged by nationality.
BOX-FOLDER 16/3 American
BOX-FOLDER 16/4 Irish
BOX-FOLDER 16/5 Mexican
BOX 16 Photographs
Black and white prints of contestants, Major Bowes, Ted Mack, and other aspects of production.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX-FOLDER 16/28 Bowes, Major
BOX-FOLDER 16/6 Cowboy acts
BOX-FOLDER 16/7 Dancers: adult, male
BOX-FOLDER 16/8 Dancers: adult, female
BOX-FOLDER 16/9 Dancers: child, female
BOX-FOLDER 16/10 Dancers: partners, adult
BOX-FOLDER 16/11 Dancers: partners, child
BOX-FOLDER 16/30 Game shows
BOX-FOLDER 16/12 Impersonators
BOX-FOLDER 16/13 Accordion players
BOX-FOLDER 16/14 Bands
BOX-FOLDER 16/15 Bell ringers
BOX-FOLDER 16/16 Guitar players
BOX-FOLDER 16/17 Harmonica players
BOX-FOLDER 16/18 Piano players
BOX-FOLDER 16/19 Trumpet players
BOX-FOLDER 16/20 Xylophone players
BOX-FOLDER 16/29 Mack, Ted
BOX-FOLDER 16/33 Miscellany
BOX-FOLDER 16/26 Novelty acts
BOX-FOLDER 16/27 Performing Groups
BOX-FOLDER 16/32 Promotional banners and billboard
BOX-FOLDER 16/21 Roller-skaters
BOX-FOLDER 16/22 Singers: adult, male
BOX-FOLDER 16/23 Singers: adult, female
BOX-FOLDER 16/24 Singers: child, male
BOX-FOLDER 16/25 Singers: child, female
BOX-FOLDER 16/31 Stage Set
BOX 17 Correspondence
Chiefly letters and other communications related to business operations and performers on the Original Amateur Hour.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX-FOLDER 17/25 Collage of commendatory letters received by Ted Mack
BOX-FOLDER 17/1 Goldberg, Lou, 1936 June 26 -- 1957 February 11
BOX-FOLDER 17/2 Manjarrez, Daniel, 1957 March 27 -- 1957 June 25
BOX-FOLDER 17/3-6 McWilliams, Harry, 1936 June 1 -- 1957 December 2
Miscellaneous correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 17/7-24 A -- Z
Letters received, arranged alphabetically by last name of correspondent
BOX-FOLDER 17/26 Unidentified and undated
BOX 17 Advertising/Sponsor Materials
Materials created or generated by the Original Amateur Hour to advertise its unique entertainment value for potential investors or broadcasters.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
General program information
BOX-FOLDER 17/27 Individual documents
BOX-FOLDER 17/28 Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour, NBC television
BOX-FOLDER 17/37 Miscellany
BOX-FOLDER 17/29 Original Amateur Hour, NBC television
BOX-FOLDER 17/36 Other television and radio program listings
BOX-FOLDER 17/35 Program listings
Program ratings sheets
BOX-FOLDER 17/30 Mexico
BOX-FOLDER 17/31 United States
BOX-FOLDER 17/32 The Amateur Hour Program examination
Station listings sheets
BOX-FOLDER 17/33 Mexico and the Caribbean
BOX-FOLDER 17/34 United States
BOX 18 Promotional Materials
Publications, brochures, and packages created by the Original Amateur Hour.
Arranged alphabetically by subject or genre.
BOX-FOLDER 18/5 Flyers and proofs
BOX-FOLDER 18/3 In-house publications
BOX-FOLDER 18/9 Mack, Ted
BOX-FOLDER 18/10 Miscellany
BOX-FOLDER 18/6 Newspaper materials
BOX-FOLDER 18/4 Original Amateur Hour magazine
BOX-FOLDER 18/7-8 Posters
BOX-FOLDER 18/1 Press release drafts
BOX-FOLDER 18/2 Program fact sheets and announcements
BOX 18 Production Materials
Materials used during the creation of Original Amateur Hour programming.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX-FOLDER 18/18 Miscellany
BOX-FOLDER 18/16 Program order and sequence, La hora internacional del aficionado stage directions
BOX-FOLDER 18/14-15 Commercials (English and Spanish)
BOX-FOLDER 18/11 Original Amateur Hour
BOX-FOLDER 18/12 La hora internacional del aficionado, 1957 March 9 - 1957 July 13
BOX-FOLDER 18/17 Stage directions
BOX 19 Financial and Legal Papers
Financial and legal documents related to the operations and expenses of the Original Amateur Hour.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX-FOLDER 19/1 Balance sheets
BOX-FOLDER 19/2 Bank deposits lists
BOX-FOLDER 19/3 Bills
BOX-FOLDER 19/12 La hora internacional del aficionado
BOX-FOLDER 19/10 Miscellany
BOX-FOLDER 19/4 Payroll sheets
BOX-FOLDER 19/5 Program budgets
BOX-FOLDER 19/13 Servicio postal Mexicano
Registration form
Time/rate tables
BOX-FOLDER 19/6 American television stations
BOX-FOLDER 19/8 Mexican radio stations
BOX-FOLDER 19/7 Mexican television stations
BOX-FOLDER 19/9 Travel expenses
BOX 19-20 Miscellany, 1934-1957
Clippings, programs, notes, one award, and other assorted materials.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX-FOLDER 20/10-11 Articles
BOX-FOLDER 20/6 Award, 1953 May 2
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States certificate presented to Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour
BOX-FOLDER 20/8 Catalogues of films
Clippings, 1935-1957 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/15-20 1935 January -- 1956 December 5
BOX-FOLDER 20/1-3 1957 January 25 -- 1957 November 6
BOX-FOLDER 20/5 Undated
BOX-FOLDER 20/4 Collage of clippings
BOX-FOLDER 20/9 McWilliams, Harry
Miscellaneous notes, including some from Original Amateur Hour tours
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