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Iconography, 1886-1948 (continued)
Photographs, 1886-1948 (continued)
Miscellany (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 12/50 HB's medals
BOX-FOLDER 12/51 Bust of HB by Brenda Putnam
3 photographs
BOX-FOLDER 12/52 "Sedgemere," St. James, Long Island, New York
BOX-FOLDER 12/53 Female head and shoulders, titled "Appassionata"
Photograph of drawing
BOX-FOLDER 12/54 Nude female torso, titled "Moonlight Sonata"
Photograph of drawing
Artwork, 1901-1933
One self portrait, several drawings of Bauer, and lithographs of Beethoven and Schubert.
Arranged alphabetically by last name of artist.
BOX-FOLDER 12/56 Barboza, Bento
Drawing of HB in ink and watercolor, São Paulo, Brazil, 1904
BOX-FOLDER 12/55 Bauer, Harold
Self-portrait in blue pencil, titled "David and Goliath," 1926 June 12
BOX-FOLDER 15/16 Brut, Kulh
Drawing of HB in ink
BOX-FOLDER 15/17 Massaguer, Conrado
Caricature of HB in pencil, 1933
BOX-FOLDER 15/18 Schloesser, Carl
Lithograph of Beethoven, titled "In his Study"
BOX-FOLDER 12/57 Unidentified
Silhouette drawing of HB and Pablo Casals in ink, Van-Castelle, Spain
BOX-FOLDER 14A/2 Unidentified
Reproduction of silhouette drawing of HB, Paris, 1901 May
BOX-FOLDER 15/19 Unidentified
2 lithographs, 1928
Contents: Portrait of Schubert; view of Schubert's home
BOX 13-14 Realia, undated
Medals awarded to Bauer, a metronome, and a plaster casting of Bauer's hands. Two additional medals in the collection (one presented by the Philharmonic Society of London, 1912; the other, a silver medal) are presently housed in the Musical Instrument Vault. A photograph of all the medals together is located here.
Arranged by subject.
BOX-FOLDER 13/1 Plaster casting of HB's hands
see also Photographs: Plaster and bronze castings of HB's hands
BOX-FOLDER 14/1 Metronome, with key, in chamois pouch
BOX-FOLDER 14/2 Medal, boxed, inscribed "Sciencias, letras e artes" (Lisbon)
BOX-FOLDER 14/3 Medal, boxed, inscribed "Por Isabel la Católica" (Madrid)
BOX-FOLDER 14/4 Medal, boxed, inscribed "Honneur et patrie" (Paris)
BOX-FOLDER 14/5 Medal, bronze, 6.8 cm diameter, without inscription
BOX-FOLDER 14/6 Medal, bronze, 8 cm diameter, from the society "La trompette," inscribed "Souvenir de E. Lemoine, Harold Bauer"
BOX 1, 11 Miscellany
Legal and financial documents, invitations, material regarding recordings, a music-centric stamp collection, and other items.
Arranged by subject.
BOX-FOLDER 11/12-14 Legal and financial documents
Birth certificate, naturalization certificate, and miscellaneous financial materials
BOX-FOLDER 11/16 Invitations, 1926-1927
BOX-FOLDER 11/18 Miscellany
15 items
BOX-FOLDER 11/15 Recordings and piano rolls
Lists and related publicity materials
BOX-FOLDER 11/17 Stamp collection, 1944 April 13
21 postage stamps honoring composers, writer Alexander Pushkin, and music generally

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