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Julius Gold collection, 1858-1964

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Correspondence (continued)
General (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 9/42-44 Miscellaneous (A-Z and Unidentified)
BOX 10-12 Correspondence with students
BOX-FOLDER 10/1 Barthelson, Joyce
BOX-FOLDER 10/2 Campbell, Henry
BOX-FOLDER 10/3 Cesana, Bruno
BOX-FOLDER 10/4-7 Christensen, Dan
BOX-FOLDER 10/8 Coleman, Corinne
BOX-FOLDER 10/9 Copley, Frank
BOX-FOLDER 10/10 Edmunds, John
BOX-FOLDER 10/11 Ferguson, Allyn
BOX-FOLDER 10/12 Firestone, Nathan
BOX-FOLDER 10/13 Fragale, Frank
BOX-FOLDER 10/14 Frost, Robert
BOX-FOLDER 10/15 Garrett, Jack
BOX-FOLDER 10/16 Gillingham, Harry
BOX-FOLDER 10/17 Granat, Frank
BOX-FOLDER 10/18 Hayes, Jack
BOX-FOLDER 10/19 Herst, Jerome P.
BOX-FOLDER 10/20 Hurbert, Stanley
BOX-FOLDER 11/1-4 Kimbell, Ray
BOX-FOLDER 11/5 Kohanovich, Lydia
BOX-FOLDER 11/6 Larew, Walter
BOX-FOLDER 11/7 Mitchell, Edward R.
BOX-FOLDER 11/8 Ocnoff, Edward
BOX-FOLDER 12/1 St. Edmunds, John
BOX-FOLDER 12/2-4 Sargeant, Winthrop
BOX-FOLDER 12/5 Sharp, Florence
BOX-FOLDER 12/6 Sister Edmund
BOX-FOLDER 12/7 Sister M. Dominic
BOX-FOLDER 12/8 Stern, Isaac
BOX-FOLDER 12/9 West, James
BOX-FOLDER 12/10 Willson, Meredith
BOX-FOLDER 12/11-12 Miscellaneous (A-Z, Unidentified)
BOX 13 Correspondence with family
BOX-FOLDER 13/1 Gold, Glen (relationship: daughter)
BOX-FOLDER 13/2 Gold, Leon (relationship: cousin)
BOX-FOLDER 13/3 Gold, Jacob (relationship: uncle)
BOX-FOLDER 13/4-5 Gold, Janet Hale (relationship: wife)
BOX-FOLDER 13/6 Gold, Nathan (relationship: cousin)
BOX-FOLDER 13/7 Ross, Anabel (Mrs. William D. Ross); (relationship: sister-in-law)
BOX-FOLDER 13/8 Weil, Jennifer (Mrs. Paul Weil); (relationship: cousin)
BOX-FOLDER 13/9 Unidentified
BOX 13 Correspondence with institutions regarding jobs, grants, fellowships
BOX-FOLDER 13/10 American Operatic Laboratory, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 13/10 Beverly Hills Unified School District
BOX-FOLDER 13/10 California Council for Adult Education
BOX-FOLDER 13/10 California Institute of Technology
BOX-FOLDER 13/10 Carnegie Corporation of New York
BOX-FOLDER 13/10 Carnegie Institution of Washington
BOX-FOLDER 13/10 Cecil B. DeMille Productions Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 13/10 Drake University
BOX-FOLDER 13/10 Encyclopaedia Britannica
BOX-FOLDER 13/10 Federal Music Project
BOX-FOLDER 13/10 Fisk Teachers Agency
BOX-FOLDER 13/10 Ford Foundation
BOX-FOLDER 13/11 Guggenheim Foundation
BOX-FOLDER 13/12 Immaculate Heart College
BOX-FOLDER 13/12 Juilliard School of Music
BOX-FOLDER 13/12 Kansas City Conservatory of Music
BOX-FOLDER 13/12 Sol Lesser Productions, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 13/12 Los Angeles City College
BOX-FOLDER 13/13 Los Angeles Conservatory of Music and Arts
BOX-FOLDER 13/14 Loyola University
BOX-FOLDER 13/14 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures
BOX-FOLDER 13/14 Mount Saint Mary's College
BOX-FOLDER 13/14 Musical Courier
BOX-FOLDER 13/14 Musical News
BOX-FOLDER 13/14 National Institute of Music and Arts
BOX-FOLDER 13/14 Paramount Pictures Corporation
BOX-FOLDER 13/14 George Pepperdine College
BOX-FOLDER 13/14 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (City)
BOX-FOLDER 13/15 St. John's College
BOX-FOLDER 13/15 San Francisco Chronicle
BOX-FOLDER 13/15 San Francisco State Teachers College
BOX-FOLDER 13/15 San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
BOX-FOLDER 13/15 San Jose State College
BOX-FOLDER 13/15 Stanford University
BOX-FOLDER 13/15 Universal-International Pictures
BOX-FOLDER 13/15 University of California, Los Angeles
BOX-FOLDER 13/15 University of Chicago
BOX-FOLDER 13/15 University of Colorado
BOX-FOLDER 13/15 University of San Francisco
BOX-FOLDER 13/15 University of Saskatchewan
BOX-FOLDER 13/15 University of Southern California
BOX-FOLDER 13/15 Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 13/15 Miscellaneous (A-Z)
BOX 14 Correspondence regarding acquiring and selling books and journals
BOX-FOLDER 14/1-4 Julius Gold (4 folders)
BOX-FOLDER 14/5-7 Glen Gold, Books & Music (3 folders)
BOX-FOLDER 14/8 Tradition subscription requests
BOX 14, 21 Promotion
The Promotion series consists of printed fliers, brochures, placards, testimonials, etc.
Arrangement is alphabetical by subject.
BOX-FOLDER 14/9-12, 21/1 Julius Gold (including printed fliers, brochures, placards, testimonials, etc.)
  • Plan of a representative school for music study and research
  • T'jan, Bookseller and Importer
  • Tradition: A magazine of musical inquiry
BOX-FOLDER 14/13 Glen Gold, Books and Music
BOX-FOLDER 21/2 Miscellaneous others
BOX 14 Programs, 1960-1964
The Programs series consists of programs for musical performances (1900-1964, undated)
Arrangement is chronological by date and alphabetical by institution.
BOX-FOLDER 14/14 Programs of musical performance (1900-1964, undated)
BOX-FOLDER 14/15-16 Programs of instruction (arranged alphabetically by institution)
BOX 15, 21-22 Clippings, 1860-1960s and undated
The Clippings series consists of periodicals, clippings, and promotional material about Julius Gold and various students.
Arrangement is by format and alphabetical by title.
German periodicals
BOX-FOLDER 15/1, 21/3 Allgemeine Deutsche Musik-Zeitung (Allgemeine Musik Zeitung) , 1878-1914
See also: box 20 for 1860 issue.
BOX-FOLDER 15/2-6 Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung , 1820, 1868, 1871-73, 1877-78, 1880-81
BOX-FOLDER 15/7 Deutsche Tonkünstler Zeitung (1910)
BOX-FOLDER 15/8 Monatschrift für Gottesdienst und kirchliche Kunst , 1897-1898
BOX-FOLDER 15/9 Die Musik , 1915
BOX-FOLDER 21/4 Musikalisches Wochenblatt , 1896
BOX-FOLDER 21/4 Musik Welt , 1881, and undated
BOX-FOLDER 15/10 Neue Zeitschrift für Musik , 1887-1905
BOX-FOLDER 15/11, 21/3 Unidentified
BOX-FOLDER 15/12 Scrapbook
Clippings and promotional material about Julius Gold and various students.
BOX-FOLDER 21/5-9, 22/1-5 American periodicals
BOX 16, 20 Photographs
The Photographs series consists of prints of Julius Gold, his family, etc.
Arrangement is alphabetical by subject.
BOX-FOLDER 16/1, 20/1 Julius Gold, alone and with others
BOX-FOLDER 16/2 Glen Gold (daughter) and her house
BOX-FOLDER 16/3 Others
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