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Correspondence (continued)
Subject (continued)
BOX 82-84 Shorter College Correspondence
BOX 82 "A" miscellaneous
Beiswanger, Barbara
The blind
"B" miscellaneous
Chin, Mrs. P. T.
Christie, A. N.
"C" miscellaneous
Drama Dance Company
The Dance Mart
"D" miscellaneous
"E" miscellaneous
Gaffney, Floyd
Gay, Jan
See also: box 42
Georgia Council on Human Relations
Gold, Carolyn
Grauert, Ruth
Greenhole, Mary
"G" miscellaneous
Halpern, Ann
Hanger, Sally Fan
Hewitt, Luellen
Holbrook, Mary
"H" miscellaneous
BOX 83 "I" miscellaneous
Kamin dance books
King, Eleanor
"K" miscellaneous
Lattimore, Alice
Lepeschkin, Julie
Lin, Pei-Fen
Lippincott, Gertrude
"L" miscellaneous
McGhee, Joanne
Miller, Cora
Moomaw, Virginia
Mooney, Gertrude
"M" miscellaneous
National Dance Teacher's Guild
New York Medical College
"N" miscellaneous
"O" miscellaneous
Pauley, Frances
"P" miscellaneous
Richards Company, Inc.
Rome Council on Human Relations
Ryder-Frankel Studio
"R" miscellanoeus
BOX 84 Shorter College
  • Contracts, correspondence to dean, president
  • Dance department
  • Dance majors correspondence
    • Downing, Ann
    • Green, Mary
    • Kimsey, Janis
    • Lasseter, Jo
    • Mobley, Charlotte
    • Moore, Tom
    • Shirley, Sylvia
    • Theo, Kay
  • Department descriptions/evaluations
  • Faculty meetings
  • Shugart, Janet
  • Spiesman, Mildred C.
  • "S" miscellaneous
  • Titus, Mary
  • "T" miscellaneous
  • United Cerebral Palsy
  • "U" miscellaneous
  • Ward, Willis [Bill]
  • Weidman, Charles
  • Wigman, Mary
  • Wolfe, Katharine
  • "W" miscellaneous
  • Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association
  • "Y" miscellaneous
BOX 31-35 General
BOX 31 Alcoholics Anonymous
Arnheim, Rudolph
"A" miscellaneous
Barnard College
Bateson, Mary Catherine
Bender, Laurette
Berkshire Community Action
Berkshire Home Care
Boas family genealogy
Boas, Getrud
Boas, Helene
Boas, Henry D.
Boas, Norman
Bode, Rudolph
"B" miscellaneous
Cage, John
Chaffee, Joan
Choreographer's workshop
Cole, John R.
Columbia University
Committee on Research in Dance
Cote, Albert
"C" miscellaneous
BOX 32 Department of Public Welfare
Deren, Maya
Dix, Jane and William
Donelan, Robert
Dunham, Katherine
"D" miscellaneous
Emmaus House
"E" miscellaneous
Friends of the Dance
"F" miscellaneous
Gaustad, Virginia and Ed
Gomberg, William
Graham, Martha
Greek Traditional Dance Center
"G" miscellaneous
Hearns, Ernest P.
Herrman, Georg
Hewlett, Emily
Holm, Hanya
Holocaust Memorial Museum
"H" miscellaneous
Inquiries: Percussion and Dance Music 1947-50
Industrial Bank of Commerce
International Council for Negro Folklore
"I" miscellaneous
Jefferson School of Social Sciences
Johnson, Alice E. "Bessie" [Krackowizer]
"J" miscellaneous
BOX 33 Kealiinohomoku, Joann
Kennedy, Rose and Ted
Krackowizer genealogy
"K" miscellaneous
Laine, Hugh
Larson, Bird
Lawton, Shailer
Lindenbaum, Ed and Lois
Lipps, Lewis
"L" miscellaneous
MacSweeney, Leslie
Massachusetts Arts Committee
Massachusetts Arts Lottery Council
McCloskey, Mark
McGovern, George
Mead, Margaret
Meyer, Helene [aunt]
Michelson, Nicholas
See also: box 24
Montague, J. Allison
"M" miscellanoeus
National City Bank of Rome, Georgia
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