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Business Files (continued)
Bank Street College of Education (continued)
Faculty lists, graduate programs
Student papers
BOX 20 BOX 77 BOX 79 Boas Dance Group
BOX 20 Agendas
Boas Group Constitution
Hunter College
Costume designs
Dance diagrams to Dance in silence
Executive committee minutes
Minutes of meetings
Rehearsal notes 1944-46
Report on cooperatives
Set design
Silence speaks (dance in 15 scenes) [incomplete]
Tentative outline of performance
Treasurer reports
BOX 77 Applications for admission 1948-50
Curriculum drafts [1930-54]
Contract with Humphrey-Weidman School 1941
Correspondence 1946-47
Dance workshop 1966,67
Income and Expenses 1943-49
June 1947 course outline
323 W. 21st St., New York City [ca. 1949]
A.C. Emerson 1948
Letterhead stationary
Notebooks [ca. 1949]
Permits for use of Public school rooms 1946
Rent payment:
use of Morman Maxon studio 1949
use of Ernst Parkham studio 1949
Report on summer school 1944-45
Publicity and programs
Solicitation and fundraising
BOX 79 Miscellaneous
BOX 12 Bolton Landing Summer School
BOX 12 Bolton Festival
Boyce House floorplan
Correspondence 1950-1951
Emerson, A.C. & Co.
Form letters 1949
Income 1948
Registration summer 1946
Report of Bolton Festival Society
Report on Summer School income and expenses 1950-51
Summer Music Festival 1948
Summer School 1948
Summer School residence
Tuition plan [tentative]
Writing course
BOX 6 BOX 13 Calendars
BOX 6 1980-85
BOX 13 Appointment calendars 1952-66
Datebooks 1947-80
BOX 86 BOX 90-91 Card Files
BOX 90 Dance addresses
BOX 86 Dance articles, small notebooks
BOX 91 Publications, miscellaneous
BOX 19 Dance Notation Bureau Publications
BOX 19 Catalogs 1971-1968
Class schedule, fall semester [n.d.]
Correspondence 1956-63
Highlights 1960, 1963
Rental material at Dance Notation Bureau
Teachers of labanotation
Newsletters 1961-65
Programs for exhibits
Reading materials in Labanotations for elementary students by Ann Hutchinson (1955) 1-10
BOX 57-58 Programs
BOX 57 Alf, Fe
American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
25th convention
75th convention
The American Physical Education Association Dance Section Conference [1919-37]
American Conservatory of Music, Dance and Drama [Franziska Boas]
American Dance Festival 1964
American Museum of Natural History
Bard College Workshop
Barnard College
Barrington Ballet Student Recital
Bennington School of Dance
Art of the Dance Today
Moving Models [November 1942]
North Texas State College
Handwritten program
Boas Dance Group
Boas et. al. Dance Program
Boas School Studio Demonstration
Bodeschule für Körpererziehung
Bolton Central School
Graduation [June 1944]
Recital [August 1944]
Bolton Festival of Music
Bolton Landing Summer Players: A nice place to visit [July 1946]
Bryn Mawr College
Carnegie Hall
Carousel Theatre Co. [February 1939]
Columbia University 2nd Annual Festival of Contemporary Music [May 1946]
Comedie Francaise
Composer's Forum
2nd Georgia Physical Education Conference
5th CORD Conference
Art Conference at The University of Georgia
Congress International De La Population
Georgia Student Art Exhibit and Conference
Pre-Convention Dance Conference
Society for Ethnomusicology
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