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Writings & Research (continued)
BOX 85 Notes for Classes [Shorter College Period]
BOX 85 Book lists
Choreography to college courses
Class notebook
Class notes
Therapy/physical education related
Demonstration/class lecture notes
Improvisation class
Kinesiology/Physical Education/Health Classes
List for Shorter College Function
Miscellaneous notes
Notebook (various subjects)
Percussion class
[1960, 1933-34]
Rhythm Studies
Sociology class [1950-51]
Studies from other colleges
BOX 16 BOX 59-64 Publications
BOX 59 By Franz Boas
Baffin Island Adventure [1957]
About Franz Boas
By Franziska Boas
Creative dance in Therapy [1941]
Dance music in the life of the Northwest indians... [1944]
Dance improvisation and the use of percussion [1958]
Dance in the Liberal Arts college curriculum [1953]
The negro and the dance as art [1949]
Note on percussion accompaniment for the dance [incomplete 1938]
Percussion music and its relation to the Modern dance [1940]
Psychological aspects in the practice and teaching of creative dance [ca. 1942]
Teaching the lay dancer [1941]
About Franziska Boas
By Others
Rudolf Arnheim [1946]
Laurette Bender [1941-69]
Charles Babbitts [1943]
Margaret N. H'Doubler
J. Uriel Garcia [Buenos Aires, 1937]
Charles Holt [Paris, 1939]
V.T. Inman [1946-48]
BOX 60 Adrienne L. Kaeppler [1978]
Leo Kanner [n.d. & 1930]
J. Kunst [Amsterdam, 1937]
Gertrude P. Kurath [1960]
Serge Lido [Paris, 1947]
Valentina Litvinoff [1973]
John Martin [n.d. & 1965]
Margaret Mead [1958]
Fannie H. Melcer [1955]
Artur Michel [1945]
Eya F. Rudhyar [1949]
Albert E. Schelflen [1960]
Paul Schilder [Berlin, 1922]
Edwin M. Shawn [1937]
Vishnudass Shirali [ca. 1936]
Ernestine Stodelle [1964]
Sybil Shearer [1943]
Gene Weltfish [1974]
Mary Wigman [n.d.]
Julie Wilson [1947]
George Willis [n.d.]
Lavinia W. Yarborough [Germany, ca. 1949]
BOX 61-64 Miscellaneous
Dance related domestic periodicals
Dance related foriegn periodicals [Germany 1925-40]
BOX 54 National Dance Teachers Guild Newsletter [American Dance Guild] 1959-71
BOX 16 Selected articles on dance from Journal of Health-- Physical Education-- Recreation presented by National Section on Dance 1958 edited by Gertrude Lippincott
BOX 55-56 Therapy/Children
BOX 55 Childrens dance therapy classes
Bellevue [1940-48]
New York City 1947-48
BOX 56 Others
Dance therapy research projects
Atlanta, GA [1953] (see Rome, GA)
New York City [1947-48]
Rome, GA [1952-53]
American Dance Therapy Association conference 1971
California lecture tour 1952
Other locations
Solicitation for dance therapy course [1939-54]
BOX 66 Miscellaneous
BOX 66 Bank Street School 1968-70
Bennington summer school 1937
Boas school [1936, ca. 1948]
Creative approach to dance (draft) [1949]
Courses which I could offer in summer school [1953]
Dance music selection lists
Notebook 1 [Swimming conference 1921]
Notebook 2 [Fanziska Boas classes ca. 1933]
Notebook 3 [Notes and articles ca. 1933]
Notebook 4 [Roll book classes 1945-46]
Notebook 5 [Debussy: Prelude, Sarabande, Toccata (Dance) ca. 1933-44]
Tentative schedual for physical education (draft) [n.d.]
Miscellaneous notes
BOX 23 History of Dance, History of Theatre Notes
BOX 23 Bibliography for The history of European dance, non-European dance, theatre
Dated cards
Exam - History of non-European dance
Film lists
History of dance
Notes for classes
References from books
History of theatre
Bibliography and outline
Indices of articles, magazines
Mimeograph maps from dance history (non-European) exam
Miscellaneous notes for classes
Outline: "Dance in the West Indies"
Student papers
BOX 14-15 Clippings/Magazines
BOX 14 Annotated clippings
Ernst Boas
Franz Boas
Franziska Boas
Franziska Boas mentioned [dance related]
Civil liberties
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