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Franziska Boas collection, 1920-1988

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Writings & Research (continued)
BOX 66 Miscellaneous
BOX 66 Bank Street School 1968-70
Bennington summer school 1937
Boas school [1936, ca. 1948]
Creative approach to dance (draft) [1949]
Courses which I could offer in summer school [1953]
Dance music selection lists
Notebook 1 [Swimming conference 1921]
Notebook 2 [Fanziska Boas classes ca. 1933]
Notebook 3 [Notes and articles ca. 1933]
Notebook 4 [Roll book classes 1945-46]
Notebook 5 [Debussy: Prelude, Sarabande, Toccata (Dance) ca. 1933-44]
Tentative schedual for physical education (draft) [n.d.]
Miscellaneous notes
BOX 23 History of Dance, History of Theatre Notes
BOX 23 Bibliography for The history of European dance, non-European dance, theatre
Dated cards
Exam - History of non-European dance
Film lists
History of dance
Notes for classes
References from books
History of theatre
Bibliography and outline
Indices of articles, magazines
Mimeograph maps from dance history (non-European) exam
Miscellaneous notes for classes
Outline: "Dance in the West Indies"
Student papers
BOX 14-15 Clippings/Magazines
BOX 14 Annotated clippings
Ernst Boas
Franz Boas
Franziska Boas
Franziska Boas mentioned [dance related]
Civil liberties
Dance related [ca. 1959]
Dunham, Katherine
Einstein, Albert
Human relations/race/cultures
India: Music/dance
BOX 15 Mead, Margaret
Michelson, Gertrud
Music related
Native Americans
Personal friends
Photography and art
Shorter College
Social issues
Stage design
Therapy [dance/psychiatry/children]
Barnard College
Dance related
Music related
The Nation January 1943
Peoples of the World
Science January 1943
Time (3) 1945,68,79
BOX 1 BOX 2 BOX 5 BOX 9 BOX 27-30 BOX 50 BOX 65 BOX 87 BOX 93 Iconography
The Iconography series includes photos, slides and negatives arranged by subject; a variety of artwork by Boas; oversized iconographic materials; and iconography specifically relating to the Shorter College Dance Club.
Arrangement is by format and alphabetical by subject
BOX 5 BOX 27-30 BOX 65 Photos
BOX 28 Franziska Boas
BOX 27 Franziska Boas and family
BOX 65 Boas family
BOX 5 Boas family album
BOX 29 Dance related
Apparitions of the Real [F.B]
Balder 1952
Balinese Dance negative/positive
Bennington Summer School/Riverside School [F.B.]
Franziska Boas
In Goyaesque
In Lament
In Playful interlude
Proofs by Thomas Yee Summer 1949 Lament and Goyaesque
Franziska Boas and Grant Code [Native American]
Calloo to Balinese Music
Dance drama Franziska Boas and Claude Marchant
Dance group [F.B.]
Dance of men and women
Drum beat [F.B.]
Function of dance
Africa dances
Holm, Hanya
King, Eleanor
Miscellaneous dance photos
Negatives of dance photos [F.B.]
New York classes
Percussion classes [F.B.]
Percussion class, New York
Shelton, Sara [and Raymond]
Shirley, Sylvia
Wigman, Mary [and others]
Worldwide News pictures 1946 [F.B.]
BOX 30 Friends, miscellaneous
BOX 87 Slides
BOX 87 Friends
BOX 2 BOX 9 BOX 93 Artwork [by Franziska Boas]
BOX 93 Human artwork, nudes [various formats]
BOX 2 Human studies, miscellaneous [various formats]
BOX 9 Sketchbooks 1-8
BOX 1 Oversize Material
BOX 1 Evaluations of students from PS11 [fragile; in mylar]
Interaction chart
Maps, various
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