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Franziska Boas collection, 1920-1988

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BOX 1 BOX 2 BOX 5 BOX 9 BOX 27-30 BOX 50 BOX 65 BOX 87 BOX 93 Iconography
The Iconography series includes photos, slides and negatives arranged by subject; a variety of artwork by Boas; oversized iconographic materials; and iconography specifically relating to the Shorter College Dance Club.
Arrangement is by format and alphabetical by subject
BOX 5 BOX 27-30 BOX 65 Photos
BOX 28 Franziska Boas
BOX 27 Franziska Boas and family
BOX 65 Boas family
BOX 5 Boas family album
BOX 29 Dance related
Apparitions of the Real [F.B]
Balder 1952
Balinese Dance negative/positive
Bennington Summer School/Riverside School [F.B.]
Franziska Boas
In Goyaesque
In Lament
In Playful interlude
Proofs by Thomas Yee Summer 1949 Lament and Goyaesque
Franziska Boas and Grant Code [Native American]
Calloo to Balinese Music
Dance drama Franziska Boas and Claude Marchant
Dance group [F.B.]
Dance of men and women
Drum beat [F.B.]
Function of dance
Africa dances
Holm, Hanya
King, Eleanor
Miscellaneous dance photos
Negatives of dance photos [F.B.]
New York classes
Percussion classes [F.B.]
Percussion class, New York
Shelton, Sara [and Raymond]
Shirley, Sylvia
Wigman, Mary [and others]
Worldwide News pictures 1946 [F.B.]
BOX 30 Friends, miscellaneous
BOX 87 Slides
BOX 87 Friends
BOX 2 BOX 9 BOX 93 Artwork [by Franziska Boas]
BOX 93 Human artwork, nudes [various formats]
BOX 2 Human studies, miscellaneous [various formats]
BOX 9 Sketchbooks 1-8
BOX 1 Oversize Material
BOX 1 Evaluations of students from PS11 [fragile; in mylar]
Interaction chart
Maps, various
Nude studies [drawings]
Poster of Boas Dance Group
BOX 50 Shorter College Dance Club
BOX 50 1951-61
And winter's end 1958
Carolyn Gold's master class
Celebration of carols 1958
Mayday 1953-55
BOX 22 BOX 92 Miscellaneous Materials
The Miscellaneous Materials series of consists of greeting cards, photostats of movement drawings, items relating to animals, a scrapbook and other miscellany.
Arrangement is by format
BOX 22 Animal orders
Barnard College alumni list
Call slips
Exercise schedule
Friends of the Center Award 1975
Greeting card halves
Krackowizer genealogy notes
Paper doll
Photostats of Boas drawings
Quote [favorite]
Table map of Rome, Georgia
Theatre Arts Monthly front page
BOX 92 Scrapbook

Contents List