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Franziska Boas collection, 1920-1988

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Choreographic Scores (continued)
BOX 74 Others
BOX 74 Labanotations [Printed]
Dance Notation Record [magazine]
"Dance of the little swans" from Swan Lake
Dancer's Glancer [labanotation]
Jay Dance Notation
Labanotation symbols
16 dances in rhythms. Shawn
My first dance book. Chilkovsky, Nadia
Orchesography. Arbeau, Thoinot
Short modern dances. Chilkovsky, Nadia
A Stickman Notation [Jay Notation]
Three Rs for dancing book 1. Nadia Chilkovsky
Three Rs for dancing book 2. Nadia Chilkovsky
BOX 89 BOX 95 BOX 95a Music
The Music series consists of music manuscripts for works by Franziska Boas and others, some with accompanying movement notation.
Arrangement is alphabetical by composer and title
BOX 95 BOX 95a Manuscripts
BOX 95 Franziska Boas
BOX 95 Basket ritual [working]
Changing tensions [with block diagram]
March for percussion and accordion
Percussion study
Quittez pastures
Rhythmic study
Sketch [Shorter college percussion class]
Miscellaneous sketches by Franziska Boas
BOX 95a Others
BOX 95a Anderson, Paquita
Dance drama
Eschenberg, G. I. and G. Handel
Des Herren Einzug
Goeb, Roger
Heiden, Cola
Hyman, Jose
Untitled holograph [working]
Jurist, Irena
Music for fear
Kupferman, Meyer
Apparitions of the real
Bolton set
In a garden
Sonata for 2 cellos [blue line]
McConnell and Gilstrap
McManamon, Charlotte
Mayday 1958
McPhee, Colin
Purcell, Margaret
Segall, Bernardo
Study in monotony
Willis, Richard
Music for Mayday [1958]
BOX 89 Printed Music
BOX 89 Barbes, L. L.
Trois danses berberes
Beyer, J. M. ... [et al.]; H. G. Davidson, and R. Green
Percussion pieces
Britten, Benjamin
Ceremony of carols
Chapuis, A[uguste]
L'ecureil dans les bois
Debussy, Claude
Jardins sous la pluie
Pour le piano
Dubuque, A[lexander]
50 airs petites russes
Hindemith, Paul
Music of mourning [score, parts]
Hovhaness, Alan
Invocation to Vakahen no.1
McPhee, Colin transcriber
Balinese ceremonial music
Nápravík, E[duard]
Danse russe no. 4
Rodgers and Hammerstein
Carousel (libretto)
Sliker, H. G.
Music unto us the living
Vaughn Williams, Ralph
Weinberg, J[acob]
Danse hébraïque
BOX 21 BOX 31-39-40 BOX 42-49 BOX 75-76 BOX 78 BOX 82-84 Correspondence
The Correspondence series consists of drafts and copies of letters to Boas, divided between personal and subject correspondence with subseries defined.
Arrangement is alphabetical by correspondent or subject
BOX 21 BOX 36-39 BOX 40-49 Personal
BOX 39-40 Franziska Boas
BOX 39 A-E miscellaneous
BOX 40 F-Z miscellaneous
BOX 21 BOX 36-38 BOX 42-49 Others
BOX 36 Boas, Ernst
BOX 21 Boas, Franz
BOX 37-38 Boas, Franz, 1914-1942 and Marie Boas
BOX 42 Gay, Jan
Griffin, Martha, 1952-1984
BOX 47 Kapuste, Roman and family
BOX 43 Lehman, Hedwig, 1915-1940 and Rudolph Lehman
BOX 44-45 Michelson, Gertrud, 1960-1959
BOX 48 Shelton, Sara, 1966-1981
BOX 49 Yampolski Family, 1917-1969
BOX 46 Miscellaneous
BOX 75-76 BOX 78 BOX 82-84 Subject
BOX 75 BOX 76 BOX 78 Boas School Correspondence
BOX 75 "A" miscellaneous
Bennett Junior College
Bennington School of the Dance (see also Martha Hill)
Bryn Mawr College
"B" miscellaneous
California, University of
Cnare, Ida
See also: General Correspondence: Jones, Ida in "J" miscellaneous
"C" miscellaneous
Dunham, Katherine
"D" miscellaneous
Experiment in International Living
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