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Individual Production, Project, and Performance Files (continued)
Lenny (Fosse) - Paper (continued)
"Old script pages" (2)
Assorted; some annotations
"Old script pages" (3)
Assorted; some annotations
"Old script pages" (4)
Assorted; no annotations
BOX 23A "Master script - Nick Sgarro", binder
Dated 1/5/74; marked "master script - Nick Sgarro" on front page; 128 pp., including timing, notes, with few annotations. Sgarro was script supervisor.
Screenplay, 7/26/73, maroon vinyl cover, 143 pp.; no annotations
Screenplay, 7/26/73, maroon vinyl cover, 143 pp.; no annotations
Screenplay, rehearsal draft, 12/8/73, black vinyl cover, 128 pp.; no annotations
Screenplay, rehearsal draft, 12/8/73, black vinyl cover, 128 pp.; no annotations
BOX 23B Screenplay, rehearsal draft, 12/8/73, black vinyl cover, 128 pp.; no annotations
Screenplay, revised rehearsal draft, 12/8/73
Marked "revisions up to date 1/2/74;" label on black vinyl cover was "revised rehearsal draft, 1/2/74;" 128 pp. with revisions
BOX 21C Fosse notebook
BOX 23B Screenplay, first draft, maroon vinyl cover, 72 pp.; very few notations
Screenplay, revised draft, 11/13/70, 120 pp.; grey paper cover marked: "No. 1;" unmarked
Screenplay, first draft, 3/30/70, green paper cover, 142 pp.; unmarked
Marked both "#1" and "No. 3"on title page; 105 pp.; unmarked
BOX 23C Screenplay
Marked "Script No. 4" on title page, with Julian Barry notes (photocopied) on title page; 105 pp. with notation (photocopy)
Screenplay, work in progress
Marked "work in progress" on title page, with handwritten note to Bob Fosse signed "Julian;" 52 pp.; unmarked
105+ pp. with revised pages; unmarked
Screenplay, revised 2nd draft, 8/3/70
Marked "production # 8895" on yellow paper cover; 124 pp.; unmarked
Screenplay, 2nd draft, 5/19/70, green paper cover, 149 pp.; unmarked
Little Me (Fosse)
BOX 44E Newspaper Clippings
BOX 44D Press Reviews
BOX 44C Script, 8/71, black vinyl cover
Marked # 21; 130 pp.; unmarked
BOX 44D Program
Playbill, Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, 1/7/63
Magazine Reviews
Theatre Arts, 11/62: "The Seven Caesars," by Richard and Betsy Gehman
Theatre Arts, 5/63, on Tony Nominations
Newsweek, 11/26/62 (cover): "Sid Caesar: The Many Faces of Little Me;" "Conquest of the 7 Caesars," by Richard Lemon
Dance Magazine, 6/63: "Lament for Broadway," by Leo Lerman
BOX 44C Financial
1963-65, assorted royalty statements and associated correspondence; 1963 financial statement for Hot Spot Venture (Little Me?)
Audition schedules and notes, callbacks, 1962
BOX 44D Fosse Notebook
Composition notebook, with handwritten notes, including dance notes, production list; also legal pad pages with notes on dances, stage business, etc.
BOX 44C - D Legal
1964 licensing agreement with Tams Witmark; Bob Fosse's co-director and choreographer agreements, various drafts, one signed, related correspondence and notes; royalty agreements; agreements on soundtrack album rights; Letter of Instructions; British licensing agreements; agreement for the original cast album with RCA; material on proposed tour, etc.
Continuation of #9
BOX 93A Posters
Framed poster, 15x23, original, color, Lunt-Fontanne Theatre
Artist's design paste-up, by Paul Bacon, 20x28
The Little Prince (Fosse)
BOX 44D Magazine Reviews
Variety, Japan, 1985 (2 different issues)
Sight & Sound, Summer 1973 (cover)
BOX 44E Press Reviews
Newspaper Clippings
BOX 44D Production Miscellaneous
Unit list, editing notes
Liza With A Z (Fosse)
BOX 45A Newspaper Clippings
Tabbed production script, with lyrics, props, timing, etc.; annotated by Bob Fosse
Script, 1st draft, 5/27/71, 27 pp.; few notes
Budget, Liza With A Z account
Fosse Notebook
Composition notebook marked "Liza TV" with dance notes, music and lyric notes, etc.; not very extensive
1 fan letter, 1973
Love Letters (Verdon)
Letter, 1990, from producer
The Madwoman Of Chaillot (Fosse)
Madwomen: Miscellaneous
[Note: This is a project Bob Fosse began work on; Jerry Alden cover letter and "concept, Madwoman of Chaillot musical version 8/3/62;" outline; Bob Fosse notes; producing manager's contract, Bob Fosse and the Dramatists Guild, with letter 5/20/59 attached.]
Magnum, PI (Verdon)
Script, bound leather
Cover embossed "Resolutions" and Gwen Verdon; dedication to Gwen Verdon from Tom Selleck, "Thanks, mom;" 236 pp.; production date, 2/5/88
Newspaper Clippings
Mississippi Gambler (Verdon)
Newspaper Clippings
1 clipping with attached note
BOX 86A Miscellaneous
color advertisement from magazine, 9 1/2 x 12 1/2
My Sister Eileen (Fosse)
BOX 45A Script, bound leather
Embossed cover "My Sister Eileen, Bob Fosse;" revised final draft screenplay, 10/4/54; frontpiece 8x10 black and white photo of Janet Leigh and Bob Fosse, and 2nd inset 8x10 black and white photo of 3-shot with Bob Fosse; 218 pp.
Song Sheet
New Girl In Town (Fosse and Verdon)
BOX 44E Newspaper Clippings
BOX 45B Programs
Playbill, 46th St. Theatre, 10/57
1 letter 1/13/58 concerning royalty agreement on possibly closing show; 9/27/56 Bob Fosse choreography contract; 9/28/57 "summary statement of receipts and disbursements;" 3/1/58 and 2/22/58 weekly financial statements
BOX 57B Music
Music sheets for "Ven I Valse"
BOX 85B Miscellaneous
Costume Sketch (1) Gwen Verdon, for New Girl In Town
BOX 93A Poster
Framed poster, damaged, tape; 15x23, Oscar Liebman, artist, color, 46th St. Theatre
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (Fosse)
BOX 45B Script, 3/9/64, 123 pp.; some annotation
Cast breakdown; audition schedule and notes, 1964; note: some of this seemed to include Little Me and Pleasures and Palaces material
1963 correspondence re: contracts; Bob Fosse draft director/choreographer contract with attached correspondence, notes, revisions, etc.
Fosse Notebook
Composition notebook marked "Clear Day & Odd Ideas," including dance notes and character notes
Once Upon An Eastertime (Verdon)
Newspaper Clippings
Note: show air date of 4/18/54, CBS
The Pajama Game (Fosse)(Various stage productions and film version)
Warner Bros. and Bob Fosse 1956 choreography contract for motion picture; 1973 revival choreography agreement; 1954 choreography agreement for the play; MGM 1954 letter re: Bob Fosse's being under contract to MGM when he left to do the play; Bob Fosse letter to Jean Dalrymple re: reproduction of Bob Fosse choreography in Lincoln Center production; Bob Fosse letter, 1957 on summer stock use of his choreography
PlaybillS: Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, 12/73; St. James Theatre, 8/55; souvenir program
Newspaper Clippings
Revival, 1973
7/73 letter to Sam Cohn re: percentages to be paid in revival
BOX 93A Pajama Game
Framed poster, 15x23, color, Peter Arno design, St. James Theatre
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