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Individual Production, Project, and Performance Files (continued)
My Sister Eileen (Fosse)
BOX 45A Script, bound leather
Embossed cover "My Sister Eileen, Bob Fosse;" revised final draft screenplay, 10/4/54; frontpiece 8x10 black and white photo of Janet Leigh and Bob Fosse, and 2nd inset 8x10 black and white photo of 3-shot with Bob Fosse; 218 pp.
Song Sheet
New Girl In Town (Fosse and Verdon)
BOX 44E Newspaper Clippings
BOX 45B Programs
Playbill, 46th St. Theatre, 10/57
1 letter 1/13/58 concerning royalty agreement on possibly closing show; 9/27/56 Bob Fosse choreography contract; 9/28/57 "summary statement of receipts and disbursements;" 3/1/58 and 2/22/58 weekly financial statements
BOX 57B Music
Music sheets for "Ven I Valse"
BOX 85B Miscellaneous
Costume Sketch (1) Gwen Verdon, for New Girl In Town
BOX 93A Poster
Framed poster, damaged, tape; 15x23, Oscar Liebman, artist, color, 46th St. Theatre
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (Fosse)
BOX 45B Script, 3/9/64, 123 pp.; some annotation
Cast breakdown; audition schedule and notes, 1964; note: some of this seemed to include Little Me and Pleasures and Palaces material
1963 correspondence re: contracts; Bob Fosse draft director/choreographer contract with attached correspondence, notes, revisions, etc.
Fosse Notebook
Composition notebook marked "Clear Day & Odd Ideas," including dance notes and character notes
Once Upon An Eastertime (Verdon)
Newspaper Clippings
Note: show air date of 4/18/54, CBS
The Pajama Game (Fosse)(Various stage productions and film version)
Warner Bros. and Bob Fosse 1956 choreography contract for motion picture; 1973 revival choreography agreement; 1954 choreography agreement for the play; MGM 1954 letter re: Bob Fosse's being under contract to MGM when he left to do the play; Bob Fosse letter to Jean Dalrymple re: reproduction of Bob Fosse choreography in Lincoln Center production; Bob Fosse letter, 1957 on summer stock use of his choreography
PlaybillS: Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, 12/73; St. James Theatre, 8/55; souvenir program
Newspaper Clippings
Revival, 1973
7/73 letter to Sam Cohn re: percentages to be paid in revival
BOX 93A Pajama Game
Framed poster, 15x23, color, Peter Arno design, St. James Theatre
Pal Joey (Fosse)(Various Productions)
BOX 45C Script, black paper cover
Undated; 78 pp.; fragile; very few markings
Script, Revival 1952, black cover, 78 pp.; "Bob Fosse" written on title page; few markings
BOX 45B Script, Revival 1952, 78 pp.; no annotation
O'Hara Story
Photocopy of John O'Hara's Pal Joey short story
BOX 45C Programs
Roosevelt Playhouse, Miami (1 original, 4 photocopies); Playbills, City Center 5/27/63 (Bob Fosse) (2 copies); City Center 5/29/61 (3 copies); souvenir programs, City Center (Bob Fosse) (4 copies)
Libretto and Lyrics
2 photocopies of Random House publication, 1952
Newspaper Clippings, 1961-63
Contract 1963
City Center choreography agreement; standard Actors Equity agreement
Contract, 1955
Bob Fosse, Actors Equity contract
Press Reviews
Fosse: Choreography Notes
Handwritten, 6 pp.
Vocal Score
Published by Chappell & Co., Inc
BOX 93A Posters
Framed poster, black and white photo, 10x14 (photo size), of Viveca Lindfors and Fosse, by Alice Jeffrey, 1965; in 17x21 frame
BOX Item 96A 20x40 Foamcore mounted photo of Fosse young, in robe
Le Petite Cafe (Fosse)
BOX 45C Script
2 very fragile pages, and 2 photocopies of a play Bob Fosse wrote as a child
Pippin (Fosse)
BOX 24E Music
"Spread a Little Sunshine" (2); "Magic To Do"
BOX 25C Playbills
Imperial Theatre: 1973: March, April, May, June; Imperial Theatre: April 1976, December 1975, October 1972 (2); Program, Kennedy Center, September 1972
BOX 25D Magazine Reviews
The New Yorker, Nov. 4, 1974: "Carolingian Razzle Dazzle," by Brendan Gill (2 copies)
Time, Nov. 6, 1972: "Medieval Hippie," by T.E. Kalem (2)
Newsweek, Nov. 6, 1972, "Charley's Kid," by Jack Kroll
Life, Nov. 17, 1972, "Happy Reign for Pippin" (2 copies)
BOX 25C Songbook
Pippin "vocal selection"
BOX 25D Press Reviews - 1972
Including radio and television transcripts, magazine clips and photocopies of newspaper clippings, etc.
Newspaper Clippings - 1972
Newspaper clips only
Press Reviews - 1978, Los Angeles
Including radio and television transcripts, magazine clips and photocopies of newspaper clippings, etc.
Press, Miscellaneous - 1973-82
Newspaper clippings
Newspaper Clippings - 1975
Press Reviews - 1986
Including radio and television transcripts, magazine clips and photocopies of newspaper clippings, etc.
Newspaper Clippings - 1972
Press Reviews - 1978, Los Angeles
Including radio and television transcripts, magazine clips and photocopies of newspaper clippings, etc.
Press Reviews - 1972
Including radio and television transcripts, magazine clips and photocopies of newspaper clippings, etc.
BOX 25A Legal/Financial
Bob Fosse contract, 3/3/72, with Stuart Ostrow; legal correspondence, 197--72; prospectus, the Pippin Co., 4/10/72; Limited Partnership Agreement, Pippin Co., draft; 9/12/73, correspondence and briefs, Schwartz-Ostrow (Alvin Deutsch is attorney for Ostrow); 1973: pension and welfare payments, London agreement; 1973-76: royalties information; 1974: Toft, Lincoln Center agreement; 1971: draft, Bob Fosse authors; 1971: contract draft for direction/choreography
BOX 24C Deposition: Grove Entertainment vs. Pippin/Ostrow
313 pp. deposition of Bob Fosse, 5/13/76
Stuart Ostrow Foundation, 1973-81 (1)
This material was boxed with Pippin. Primarily 1970's material: correspondence, theatre fact sheets (Williamstown, Goodspeed, St. Clements), Board of Directors' papers, fundraising, Musical Theatre Lab (Kennedy Center) papers, budgets, reports, hiring information, script lists, etc.
Stuart Ostrow Foundation, 1973-81 (2)
Same as above
Stuart Ostrow Foundation, 1973-81 (3)
Same as above
BOX 25A Research
Photocopied book excerpts, including "Musical Instruments of the Medieval Age"
BOX 25B Casting
Correspondence, Stuart Ostrow, Michael Shurtleff, Bob Fosse, 1972-73; audition schedules, recall lists, casting cards, etc.
Same as above; 1971-77
Same as above; plus polaroids
BOX 25A Stage Manager's Reports, 1977
January- May 1977, December 1976
Tech Notes
For 2/3/76 and undated performances; 6/13/74 letter from Bob Fosse to cast
Pippin Company Financial Statements
11/30/75, 12/28/75
BOX 24C Ostrow Foundation Financial Statements
Not related to Pippin; dated 1974, 75, 76, 78
BOX 25A Sheehan Tele-Scenes (1)
Same as 27 below
Sheehan Tele-Scenes (2)
Concerning television production; contact sheet/cast list; 1981-82 correspondence between David Sheehan and Bob Fosse, plus related correspondence (e.g. DGA) including: production concept, proposed production schedule, notes (not Bob Fosse) on arrangements, terms, editing; 2/1/81 contract for options to Pippin (Hirson/Schwartz); 3/26/81 copy of final agreement Sheehan Tele-Scenes/Hillard Elkins Organization (executive producer); Pippin post-production editing schedule; Hollywood Reporter press; extensive Bob Fosse notes; program for Hamilton Place production of Pippin; miscellany
BOX 25C Family Home Entertainment
Handbill ads for 1981 release of Pippin; 2 news clippings re: auction of Pippin videotape rights, and settlement between MCPS Video Industries vs. David Sheehan Tele-scenes
BOX 25A Correspondence, including Opening Night, 1972
9/11/72 opening night: telegrams, personal notes, also on subsequent performances
Vienna Production
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