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Individual Production, Project, and Performance Files (continued)
Pippin (Fosse) (continued)
Including radio and television transcripts, magazine clips and photocopies of newspaper clippings, etc.
BOX 25A Legal/Financial
Bob Fosse contract, 3/3/72, with Stuart Ostrow; legal correspondence, 197--72; prospectus, the Pippin Co., 4/10/72; Limited Partnership Agreement, Pippin Co., draft; 9/12/73, correspondence and briefs, Schwartz-Ostrow (Alvin Deutsch is attorney for Ostrow); 1973: pension and welfare payments, London agreement; 1973-76: royalties information; 1974: Toft, Lincoln Center agreement; 1971: draft, Bob Fosse authors; 1971: contract draft for direction/choreography
BOX 24C Deposition: Grove Entertainment vs. Pippin/Ostrow
313 pp. deposition of Bob Fosse, 5/13/76
Stuart Ostrow Foundation, 1973-81 (1)
This material was boxed with Pippin. Primarily 1970's material: correspondence, theatre fact sheets (Williamstown, Goodspeed, St. Clements), Board of Directors' papers, fundraising, Musical Theatre Lab (Kennedy Center) papers, budgets, reports, hiring information, script lists, etc.
Stuart Ostrow Foundation, 1973-81 (2)
Same as above
Stuart Ostrow Foundation, 1973-81 (3)
Same as above
BOX 25A Research
Photocopied book excerpts, including "Musical Instruments of the Medieval Age"
BOX 25B Casting
Correspondence, Stuart Ostrow, Michael Shurtleff, Bob Fosse, 1972-73; audition schedules, recall lists, casting cards, etc.
Same as above; 1971-77
Same as above; plus polaroids
BOX 25A Stage Manager's Reports, 1977
January- May 1977, December 1976
Tech Notes
For 2/3/76 and undated performances; 6/13/74 letter from Bob Fosse to cast
Pippin Company Financial Statements
11/30/75, 12/28/75
BOX 24C Ostrow Foundation Financial Statements
Not related to Pippin; dated 1974, 75, 76, 78
BOX 25A Sheehan Tele-Scenes (1)
Same as 27 below
Sheehan Tele-Scenes (2)
Concerning television production; contact sheet/cast list; 1981-82 correspondence between David Sheehan and Bob Fosse, plus related correspondence (e.g. DGA) including: production concept, proposed production schedule, notes (not Bob Fosse) on arrangements, terms, editing; 2/1/81 contract for options to Pippin (Hirson/Schwartz); 3/26/81 copy of final agreement Sheehan Tele-Scenes/Hillard Elkins Organization (executive producer); Pippin post-production editing schedule; Hollywood Reporter press; extensive Bob Fosse notes; program for Hamilton Place production of Pippin; miscellany
BOX 25C Family Home Entertainment
Handbill ads for 1981 release of Pippin; 2 news clippings re: auction of Pippin videotape rights, and settlement between MCPS Video Industries vs. David Sheehan Tele-scenes
BOX 25A Correspondence, including Opening Night, 1972
9/11/72 opening night: telegrams, personal notes, also on subsequent performances
Vienna Production
1973 correspondence re: Theater An Der Wein production
Las Vegas Review
1973 draft agreement re: show
Pippin Production Miscellaneous, 1971-75
1971 correspondence Bob Fosse to Ostrow; various cast lists; set budget 8/7/72; stage moves for cast; 12/29/71 tentative production schedule; lists on characters, costume changes, set elements; production schedule, London, 1973; Bob Fosse memorial for Irene Ryan; correspondence 1977, Alvin Deutsch and Bob Fosse re: revised script; 1973 Ostrow to Bob Fosse on Pippin motion picture; 1977 Deutsch to Bob Fosse on National Road tour, plus travel schedule; memos on Pippin television commercial and costs; job requests; Bob Fosse notes on Pippin
BOX 85F Pippin Poster and Art
Color poster, 41 x 64 1/2; photo montage of color snapshots of cast members, 21 x 18 1/2, on suede leather backing, handmade
BOX 93A Posters
Framed poster, 15x23, color, Opera House at the Kennedy Center
Framed poster, black and white, 16x22, Box 87B with press quotes
[Note: Identifications such as "Director's final draft," or "rehearsal draft," are taken directly from the scripts themselves, as are dates. Scripts may be duplicates. The terms "annotated," "notations," "markings" refer not only to commentary written on the scripts, but also any cuts, revisions, dialogue changes, etc., that have been marked on a particular script.]
BOX 24A Script (Revised)
Undated; marked # 26; with revisions dated 2/27/72; some handwritten Bob Fosse annotation; 103 pp.
Script, blue vinyl cover
Undated; 107 pp.; no annotations
Script, blue vinyl cover
Undated; marked # 6; 107 pp.; no annotations
Rehearsal Script, 8/7/72, blue vinyl cover
Marked # 2, "Bob Fosse" written on title page; contains revisions dated 8/22, 9/10; annotations by Bob Fosse (and other), and diagram/sketches
Production Script, 10/23/72, blue vinyl cover
Marked "authorized version;" 96 pp. no annotation
Production Script, 10/23/72, blue vinyl cover, 96 pp. no annotation
Production Script, 10/23/72
Marked "authorized version;" 96 pp. no annotation
Production Script, 10/23/72
Marked "authorized version;" 96 pp. no annotation
BOX 24B Production Script, 10/23/72
Marked "authorized version;" 96 pp.; with extensive original and photocopied annotations; this would seem to contain Bob Fosse's notes upon seeing the play with an audience
Rehearsal Script, 8/7/72, red spring cover
Marked # 43, "Copy revised" and "Bob Fosse;" with numerous revised pages, some original (not Bob Fosse) and photocopied changes
Production Script, 4/1/76, black vinyl cover
Marked "authorized version;" 96 pp. no annotation
Script Revisions
200+ revised script pages; handwritten annotations; very miscellaneous
Script Pages and Revisions
Early version with revisions and handwritten annotations; pages marked "rough draft"; some of this is from Roger Hirson and includes a note to Bob Fosse from Roger Hirson on changes.
Script Revisions
Assorted pages of script revisions; few annotations; Bob Fosse note at front
Script Revisions
More pages, multiple dates, some annotation
Production Script, 4/1/74, 96 pp.; unmarked
Pleasures and Palaces (Fosse)
BOX 46A Programs
Souvenir program
Newspaper Clippings
Including coverage of Bob Fosse's lawsuit on choreography
Script, 1/25/65
Marked "Bob Fosse;" extensively annotated
Fosse's Notebook
With handwritten dance notes, etc.
Copies of Wittop's design sketches; costume research from file marked "Fashions & Costumes"
Script Pages
Partial script, lots of revisions and annotation; lyric sheets; note to Bob Fosse re: understudies
Audition schedules and notes (some of these marked "Ex-Lover"; this was the original title)
1964 draft contract and notes, Bob Fosse director/choreographer; agreements with Music Theatre International over net profits; many Jack Perlman notes (Jack Perlman was Bob Fosse's attorney); 1965 assistant choreographer contracts; royalty and box office correspondence; proposed Detroit production schedule
BOX 85F Poster
Color lithograph, 14x22, Fisher Theatre, Detroit
The Red Mill (Verdon)
BOX 58B Program
Souvenir program, 1940, Victor Herbert's The Red Mill, featuring the Broadbent Ballet Dancers, with Gwen Verdon
Redhead (Fosse and Verdon)
BOX 46B Script, red vinyl cover
Undated; 113 pp.; some annotation (Gwen Verdon's copy?); list of musical numbers, lyrics
Newspaper Clippings, Philadelphia
Newspaper Clippings, New York and Washington, D.C.
"I Feel Merely Marvelous," "The Right Finger of My Left Hand;"
Playbills: 46th St. Theatre, 2/2/59 (2 copies), 1959, 5/18/59; Shubert Theatre, 3/60, 4/60; National Theatre 1958 (59?); Shubert, Philadelphia; Shubert, New Haven, 12/27/58 (world premiere); handbills (3) from Arie Crown Theatre at McCormick Place
Magazine Reviews
Dance Magazine, 5/59: "Closeup of Redhead," by Leo Lerman (2 copies)
This Week (D.C.), 12/28/58 (2 copies)
Dance Magazine, 3/59: "At the Theatre," by Leo Lerman
Gwen Verdon's 1958 contract draft, extensive changes and Perlman notes; Bob Fosse's 1958 contract, director/choreographer; miscellaneous contracts, including Donald McKayle's for additional choreography
Redhead-logo business envelopes; few thank you notes
McKayle vs. Fosse
1959-60, extensive: Perlman notes, documentation (such as Gwen Verdon's handwritten account of events, "preparation for exam before trial," cross examinations, summonses, interviews, etc.) and general legal papers on McKayle vs. Fosse lawsuit
Newspaper Clippings, general
BOX 57E Music
"Simply Marvelous," "I Feel Merely Marvelous," "Tom's Apartment," "Look Who's in Love," "'Erbie Fitch's Dilemma," "Pickpocket Tango," "The Right Finger of Me Left Hand"
BOX 86D Press, Fragile
Fragile magazines (complete), magazine pages, and newspaper clippings, bound to matte board, from:
Redhead, 1958-60
Life Magazine, 2/23/59: Redhead (Verdon) cover (2 complete magazines)
BOX 85F Posters
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