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Individual Production, Project, and Performance Files (continued)
All That Jazz (Fosse) (continued)
BOX 7C - D Music
"Emile Charlap" envelope marked: "Allan Heim, production parts, music" consisting of ozalid arrangements of music for the film by Ralph Burns. Some loose music material
BOX 85G Miscellaneous Music
BOX 6B Publicity Materials
Large format brochure: "For your consideration... Academy Awards". One in color, one black and white; inserts for trade magazines
BOX Item 97A All That Jazz Poster
33x48 black and white German poster
BOX 7A Josh Weiner's All That Jazz contact sheet
BOX 86A 12x19 color photo, Ann Reinking alone; 16x19 color photo, Ann Reinking dancing (male dancer in background)
BOX 85B Several miscellaneous large format casting photos
[Note: Identifications such as "Director's final draft," or "rehearsal draft," are taken directly from the scripts themselves, as are dates. Scripts may be duplicates. The terms "annotated," "notations," "markings" refer not only to commentary written on the scripts, but also any cuts, revisions, dialogue changes, etc., that have been marked on a particular script. Covers have been removed for preservation concerns.]
BOX 1A Screenplay, 8/3/76, green cover, blue dot 133 pp.; with revisions; unmarked
Screenplay, 8/3/76, blue cover, blue dot
Marked "1st draft, Bob Fosse's script;" 133 pp.; annotated
BOX 1C Screenplay, 8/3/76, gold cover, blue dot
Marked "uncorrected 1st draft;" 133 pp. with revisions; unmarked
Screenplay, 8/3/76, brown cover
Marked # 15, 133 pp. with revised pages; very few annotations
BOX 1A Screenplay, revised, 10/1/76 126 pp.; unmarked
Screenplay, revised, 10/1/76
Marked #5; 126 pp., unmarked; 1 page of notes
BOX 1B Screenplay, revised, 10/1/76, black vinyl cover 126 pp.; few markings
Screenplay, revised, 10/1/76, black vinyl cover 126 pp; unmarked
15 Duplicates of above, all in black vinyl covers
Duplicates marked # 9 - 14
BOX 1C Duplicates marked #16 - 21
BOX 2A Duplicates marked #22 - 24
Screenplay, revised, 10/1/76
Marked # 13; 126 pp; no annotations
Screenplay, revised, 10/1/76
Marked # 13; 126 pp; several deletions
Screenplay, revised, 10/1/76, black vinyl cover 126 pp.; few markings
Screenplay, revised, 4/14/77
Marked # 11; 103 pp.; no annotation
Screenplay, revised, 4/14/77 103 pp.; unmarked
BOX 2B Screenplay, revised, 4/14/77, green vinyl cover 103 pp.; unmarked
Screenplay, revised, 4/14/77, green vinyl cover 103 pp.; unmarked
Screenplay, revised, 4/14/77, green vinyl cover 103 pp.; unmarked
Screenplay, revised, 5/26/78
Marked # 32; 130 pp. with revisions; no annotation
Screenplay, 6/26/78
Marked "Vicki, extra copy;" revised pages, 131 pp.; some annotation
Screenplay, 6/26/78, black vinyl cover revised pages, few annotations
BOX 2D Director's script, 3/9/79, black 3 ring binder
Marked "All That Jazz, 3/9/79, final lined script, Bob Fosse;" continuity script
BOX 2C Fosse script, 6/26/78
Original folder marked "Fosse's script;" 128 pp. with revisions; heavily annotated; numerous loose pages and other paper: revised crew and staff lists, billing, "multiple camera days," script notes, dancer list, revised staff and crew, Joe Gideon character analysis by Paddy Chayevsky, hospital scenes, music list, scene's list, cast list. See box list for specific items.
BOX 3A Script, undated 104 pp.; some annotation; staff and crew list 4/28/78; revised pages up to 5/16/78
Script, undated 124 pp.; unmarked
Script, undated 124 pp,; annotated
BOX 3B Script, 2nd draft
From file marked "2nd draft, Fosse;" Bob Fosse and other handwritten annotation: very extensive changes; 150 pp.
Fosse notebooks
  • Green composition notebook marked "Firebird -Rock, All That Jazz 1;" music and dance notes
  • Black composition notebook, unmarked, only 1 page of notes and a couple clippings
"1st script meeting, Fosse - Aurthur (sic), 7/1/76"
Typed notes from meeting; notes from Paddy Chayevsky, 6/1/76
Revised screenplay pages 150 pp.; very miscellaneous annotated drafts and revisions
"Script pages that have been retyped"
Old script pages, heavily annotated, some handwritten notes
BOX 3C Script draft
Script draft
Mainly handwritten
Script draft
Mainly handwritten; note: 46-48 seems to be written by someone other than Bob Fosse
"Script pages that have been retyped"
"Script, old pages, first draft"
Few annotations
"Script, Bob Aurthur's old pages"
Revised script, 4/14/77
Marked #4; 103 pp.; no annotation
Bells Are Ringing (Fosse)
BOX 43A Program
Shubert Theatre, July 1957
Legal Contracts
8/2/56 Fosse agreement with Comden, Green, Styne (original and photocopy); Bob Fosse and Theatre Guild, choreography agreement; 10/27/56 Jerome Robbins and Bob Fosse, for choreographic collaboration; Tams-Witmark Music Library, 8/23/57; 7/15/57 British rights and royalties; 2/16/59, LA Civic Light Opera, play rights and interests; several letters regarding percentages and miscellaneous
Big Deal (Fosse)
BOX 8D Playbills
May 1986, Broadway Theatre (20 copies)
May 1986, Broadway Theatre (20 copies)
April 1986, Broadway Theatre (2 copies);June 1986, Broadway Theatre; Feb. 1986, Shubert Theatre (3 copies); March 1986, Shubert Theatre; Panorama (Boston weekly guide) 2/10-23/86 (2 copies); Playbill, Jack Lawrence Theatre, 4/86 (article on Big Deal)
BOX 8C Magazine Reviews
Dance Magazine, 7/86: "Fosse's Follies" by Kevin Grubb
New York Magazine, 4/7/86: "Bob Fosse's New Big Deal," by Kevin Kelly (3 copies)
Newsweek, 4/21/86: "Broadway Boogie Woogie," by Jack Kroll
Time, 4/21/86: "Slick, Sassy, Borrowed and Blue," by Wm. A. Henry III
Vanity Fair, 4/86: "Glossy Fosse," by Sylviane Gold
Dance Magazine, 8/86: "Fosse and His Followers," by Kevin Grubb
BOX 8A Tech Notes, Shubert, Boston
All from March, with Bob Fosse notes
Tech Notes, Shubert, Boston
February and March, with Bob Fosse notes
Tech Notes, Broadway
April, some Bob Fosse notes
Tech Notes, Miscellaneous
BOX 8B Stage Managers Reports
1986, very few
Big Deal Film Shoot
Film shooting schedule, 1985; script pages for scene to be shot
Big Deal Running Order
Running order, 1/20/86 (2 copies); annotated by Bob Fosse, and a story board
News clippings, postcards, FDR Inaugural address, 1933; list of 1930s movie titles
Actor's Equity
1985 correspondence re: guidelines and regulations
Script Notes: Herb Gardner
Herb Gardner's notes (and transcript) on script; also includes long memo from Bob Fosse's secretary, dated 4/7; company phone list; dressing room list
Press Reviews
This category includes transcripts of radio and television coverage, as well as print reviews
BOX 8C Newspaper Clippings
BOX 8B Correspondence, 1983: Big Deal On Madonna Street
Italian film; correspondence re: rights acquisition for Big Deal on Madonna Street: involves Stuart Ostrow, Allen Deutsch, Bob Fosse, Giovanna Cau; correspondence re: Peter Allen on music/lyrics matters
Applicants For Book And Music
Applications, photo/resumes, correspondence
Correspondence, personal
Re: Big Deal: people's responses to show, telegrams, letters; opening night correspondence
Contact Sheets
For company
BOX 9B Casting
10/23/85 auditions with Howard Feuer at Minskoff: photo/resumes, memos, audition schedules, notes, contact sheets, recommendations, character assignments, etc.
Miscellaneous photo/resumes
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