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Individual Production, Project, and Performance Files (continued)
Star 80 (Fosse) (continued)
Interview releases; Bob Fosse film director deal memos; DGA memos; staff and crew loanout agreements; list of signed contracts; Bob Fosse and K. Meyers letters to Kanter, Ladd Co. re: script changes; Bob Fosse's letter to Peternella Eldridge (Stratten's mother) offering payment to family; 1981 Playboy attorney correspondence re: Playboy trademark; correspondence legal services billing; Kojak footage clearance; employment agreements, Bob Fosse, cast and crew; collective agreement with Canadian DGA, Teamsters and others; RF Productions Canadian registration
BOX 35A European Trip: Fosse
2/7/84, 2/20/84, schedules, brochures for Bob Fosse's publicity tours; interview schedules, phone numbers, etc.
Los Angeles Trip: Fosse
Information on research trip for film; phone lists, notes, Academy Players Directory, etc.
BOX 35C Titles and Credits
DGA correspondence re: credits, 1983; main titles, etc. with legal requirements; yellow "Fosse" notebook with notes on titles, spotting, and music spotting notes by reel
BOX 31C Research: notes on Hefner/Playboy,(Cis Rundle)
Letters and notes on Playboy Mansion activities and lifestyle by Cis Rundle to Bob Fosse
BOX 35B Music
Blue notebook "Top albums and singles, 1978, 79, 80; 1 Billboard Publications/research notebook
2 Billboard Publications/research notebooks
Press clipping; benefit invitation and thank you to Bob Fosse from Postgraduate Center for Mental Health (premiere beneficiary); 3 premiere souvenir programs
Memos, guest lists, theatre lists, screening schedules; screening notes (for editing)
BOX 31B "Patti James Notes"
James was Bob Fosse's California assistant; phone lists; cast/crew lists for Personal Best; information on photographer Mario Casilli
BOX 35A Publicity: production notes
Biographies; standard press stories on actors, locations, etc; Ladd Co. publicity Extensive; interview schedules; interviewer lists; memos, Lee Gross, Ladd Co.; Bob Fosse letter to Mariel Hemingway on publicity
BOX 31D Research: Stratten, "Saturday Show"
Excerpt from interview transcript
BOX 35A Correspondence
Miscellaneous: from critics; personal notes, telegrams; some Bob Fosse/Ladd Co. correspondence about film stock; Roger Rees/Bob Fosse correspondence on immigration matters; inquiries from individuals hoping to work as consultants on film; fan mail, reactions to film; WGA letter on withdrawal of WGA/Warner Bros. case, 1984
Editing Notes
Bob Fosse's extensive, handwritten editing notes
BOX 35B Screening Notes
Bob Fosse's handwritten notes, typed transcript
BOX 35A Correspondence, Special
Bogdanovich memo 3/5/82 to Bob Pawsner re: Star 80; Louise Hoogstraten (Stratten's sister) letter to Bob Fosse 8/29/83 and Bob Fosse letter draft response; Bob Fosse draft, special screening invitation to unknown person
BOX 35C Star 80 - Television Version
Lists of possible cuts for Television version of film
BOX 35A Looping
From Sound One, including voice over information - cue sheets, schedules, etc.
Continuity/reels, from folder dated 5/10/83
BOX 35B Music Timing Sheets
Bob Fosse's tabbed notebook of music timing sheets, with some notes
Music, Miscellaneous
Music department inventory; sheet music; annotated lyric sheets; Ladd Co. memos on song quotes, licensing fees; music spotting notes by reel; song sheets
BOX 31C Research: Autos
Brochures on various cars
BOX 35C Casting, notebook
Brown cover; including cast list, interview schedule and notes
Casting - "LA"
Cast lists, audition/interview schedules, audition scripts; Eric Roberts biography
BOX 35D Casting
"Audition scenes" for leads
"Eileen, open call"
Studio 54, 3/11/82; photo/resumes
Men and women, photo/resumes, polaroids
Cast list, women and men audition schedules, audition scenes, photo/resumes
BOX 34A "Comic"
"Eileen, NY"
"Faye or Betty, maybe"
"Mark, Joey, Makeup Lady"
Audition scenes, photo resumes
"Off bulletin board in Fosse's office"
Photos and information on actors and actresses cast
"Roy, Pete Rose, Bobo, Phil Wass, Vince"
Audition scenes, photo/resumes
"DQ blonde"
"Charlie, Geber/NY men"
"Female emcee"
BOX 34B "NY women/Dorothy"
"CA women/Dorothy"
"Paul/California men"
"Tootsie girls"
Photocopied resumes from Dustin Hoffman
"Football player jock"
"Mrs. Hoogstraten"
"Eileen, CA"
"Eileen, callbacks/NY/CA"
"Possible Eileens"
Photo/resumes and polaroids
BOX 34C "No, Eileens"
Photo/resumes and polaroids
"NY supporting actors"
"Possible, no specific role"
"Unsolicited resumes"
"California casting"
Audition schedules, photo/resumes
Audition/interview schedules
BOX 35D General
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