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Individual Production, Project, and Performance Files (continued)
Star 80 (Fosse) (continued)
The Cable Guide, 11/84: "Bob Fosse" (3 copies)
The Arts Magazine, Chicago Tribune, 11/6/83: "Who Killed Playmate Dorothy Stratten?" by Gene Siskel
BOX 31D Research - Stratten
Playmate of the Year promotional package; photos and clips from Stratten's PLAYBOY articles
Research - Stratten
High school yearbook and directory
2, listing Dorothy Hoogstraten
Mariel Hemingway - publicity
Playboy article, using photos
BOX 36A Photos - Stratten/Casilli
Photocopies of Mario Casilli's shots of Stratten as Playmate of the Year
Photos - Stratten/Snider
Numerous snapshots (some photocopies) of Paul Snider and Stratten - personal snaps
Photos - Casilli/Vaughan miscellaneous
Photos and polaroids shot by Mario Casilli and Steve Vaughan
BOX 86B Location Photos, CA
Large format black and white, taped together
BOX 35A Photo Lists and Old Packing Inventories
BOX 36A Press Kit
Includes photos, biographies, production information
BOX 35E Music
BOX 36B Trade Ad
Mounted on Foamcore
BOX 85F Trade Ad
Laminated press quotes, 7x13
BOX Item 97I Posters and Photo Proofs
Star 80: color 1 sheet, 27x41, of Mariel Hemingway with daisy; 10 sheets of color proofs of Mariel Hemingway as Dorothy Stratten, reproducing her Playboy poses and cover, 23x36 each; color photo of Mariel Hemingway Polaroid montage, 20x24
BOX 85A, Item 97J Posters (damaged)
[Note: These were damaged by mildew; they've been packaged together.]
23x62 French Star 80 posters, (2; 1 is autographed to "Steve" by Bob Fosse); 47x64 French posters (2, 1 with minimal damage); 15x21 French handbill (1); French Star 80 press kit (1); 2 press clippings
BOX 86B Handbill and Trade Ad
Mounted black white film ad, 16x20; Star 80 15x21 handbill, color; 12x18 trade ad
Star 80, 15x21, handbill, color; 12x18, trade ad
BOX Item 94 Plaster Bust, Hemingway
Life size plaster bust of Mariel Hemingway, created for death scene
BOX 41C - G Research, Magazines
Various Playboy, Penthouse, and other magazines of this genre used for STAR 80 research have been packed in these boxes, where additional space was available
Photo Materials
[Note: The Star 80 files contain extensive photographic materials produced both by Mario Casilli, who shot the Playboy photos for the film, and by Steven Vaughan, who was the film's still photography. Because of the quantity of materials, they are listed separately from the other general photo files.]
BOX 42A - E Photos, Negative, and Miscellaneous
  • "Shoebox:" contains small group of Casilli 4x5 black and white negatives; one box of polaroids (extensive); group of indexed Casilli 4x5 negatives, color, and black and white; snapshots of Cliff Robertson as Hugh Hefner; envelope marked "Hefner magazine dupes, personal photos and dupes, etc.;" 1 packing list for Casilli work (for indexed negatives?)
  • Assorted Vaughan/Casilli slides
  • 10 copies of "fake" Playboy "Playmate of the Year, 1980" issues, with Mariel Hemingway replacing Dorothy Stratten
  • Archival file folders of: Steve Vaughan's work, mainly Vancouver; Mario Casilli's work; Elliot Marks' work-these are mainly color photos, various formats, including contact sheets from file folder taped shut (Bob Fosse note on envelope):" Mariel/Stratten, selected black and white, color shots"
BOX 41F Photos and Research Miscellaneous
Playboy magazines, various, used for research; includes some Stratten issues; several copies of "Playmate of the Year, 1980" with Hemingway as Stratten; hanging files of Vaughan and Casilli black and white, and color photos, indexed; blank "Playmate of the Year 1980" file folders. Casilli's removed.
BOX 39A - C Photos and Research Miscellaneous
  • Casilli, Marks and Vaughan photos and contact sheets
  • Playboy magazines, various, used for research; includes some Stratten issues; Casilli reject slides; Vaughan Vancouver negatives
BOX 38A - I Slides
Vaughan and Casilli reject slides (box originally labeled #5).
BOX 40A - B, 41A Slides and Research Miscellaneous
Reject slides; Playboys and assorted magazines used for research
BOX 37A - F Photography, Miscellaneous
  • 4 blue oversized 3 ring binders containing Steve Vaughan's contact sheets for: scenes from the film, production shots, etc.
  • 1 blue cloth 3 ring binder containing production notes on Casilli photos and polaroids; includes notes and numbered slides.
  • 2 oversized black scrapbooks of clothing ads and other clippings from PLAYBOY and assorted magazines, for research.
[Note: Identifications such as "Director's final draft," or "rehearsal draft," are taken directly from the scripts themselves, as are dates. Scripts may be duplicates. The terms "annotated," "notations," "markings" refer not only to commentary written on the scripts, but also any cuts, revisions, dialogue changes, etc., that have been marked on a particular script.]
BOX 32A Script, 1st draft, 5/7/81
1st page marked "Names & changes missing;" few annotations; 166 pp.
"Pages from 1st draft of script, 5/7/81"
Script with revised pages; many notes and additional pages; 20 pp.
Script, 1st draft, 5/7/81
1st page marked "Names & changes missing;"unmarked; 166 pp.
Script, 1st draft, 5/7/81, 166 pp.
Screenplay, 10/81, tan Ladd Co. cover
Marked "H.F., uncorrected" on title page; 150 pp.; unmarked
BOX 32B Screenplay, 10/81, red 3 ring binder, 159 pp.; unmarked
Screenplay, 1/82, 159 pp.; timing notes on title page; some annotations
Screenplay, 1/82, green cover, 159 pp.; unmarked
Screenplay, tan Ladd Co. cover, 159 pp.; undated; title page missing; unmarked
Script, "old pages"
Many revisions, annotations
Script, "old pages"
Many revisions, annotations
Script, "old pages & Fosse notes"
Extensive; including lots of notes and ideas, old script pages; draft letter in Bob Fosse's hand to "Jay" re: real names of characters in Star 80, including source information; much of this file in writing other than Bob Fosse's hand
Script revisions
Packed with 6/7/82 script; 200 pp.; very miscellaneous; some notes and annotation
Script, 6/7/82, revisions, 150 pp.; very few markings
BOX 31A Script, 1/82
Partial?; 159 pp., with inserted notes, otherwise, few markings
Screenplay, "old copy"
From envelope marked same; 82 pp.; very few annotations
Script outline
Script and story outlines for "Dorothy Stratten Project"
Fosse notebook and notes
black composition notebook marked "Notes - Dialogue - Moments - HB;" handwritten; including some script scenes, list of photos needed for film
Script, "outpages from rehearsal week"
"Quotes for Dorothy's photo sessions scenes"
"Quotes for Dorothy's interview"
"Ideas, improvised dialog"
From envelope marked same; including script revisions, partial story board, dialogue from various scenes, some handwritten material; many script pages and revisions; also includes partial script draft and notes, numbered 1-5, handwritten and typed
"Dorothy Stratten Project: Outline, Herb's notes," 19 pp. outline with handwritten notes by Herb (Gardner?)
"Old pages, Fosse script, January"
Old pages, annotated
BOX 33A Screenplay, 1st draft, 5/7/81, dark brown 3 ring binder
157+ pp.; original cover label: "Star 80 - Rehearsal Script;" annotated; scene outline
Screenplay, 1st draft, 5/7/81, brown 3 ring binder
Original cover label: "Star 80 Working Script;" 166 pp.; revisions, annotations
"Fosse: Ideas, Schedules, Legal, Addresses, etc.", black 3 ring binder
Original cover label marked same; including handwritten 6 pp. letter from Herb (Gardner) with dialogue for the Playboy Mansion party scenes; tabbed binder with sections for script ideas, crew lists, casting material, etc.; legal material involves possible Bogdanovich and Hoogstraten litigation; much on Carpenter sources
BOX 33A - B Continuity script, black 3 ring binder
Complete continuity script, with dialogue, camera, etc.
BOX 31B Locations research, black 3 ring binder
Original cover label marked same; contains reference photos: snapshots of locations, California, New York, Canada
BOX 33B Screenplay, 6/7/82, black 3 ring binder
Striped label: Star 80; 145 pp.; shot/scene breakdowns
BOX 31B Revised shooting schedules, 2/14/82, 2/19/82, 3/5/82
Script, 1st draft, 5/7/81, brown cover)
Marked "OK but penciled changes;" 157 pp.; annotated
Miscellaneous, shooting and editing
Assorted, scene print lists, location lists, Bob Fosse notes, etc.
Steam Heat (WNET/13 Dance In America documentary on Bob Fosse)
BOX 46C Newspaper Clippings
Press Reviews
This category includes transcripts of radio and television coverage, as well as print reviews
Magazine Reviews
Nine (KETC Magazine), 2/90: "All That Jazz," by Mary Wagner (2 copies)
New York, 2/20/90: mention in Television section
2 preview invitations
Sweet Charity (Stage) (Fosse and Verdon)
[Note: "Stage" refers to the original stage production. The film version is listed separately, as are revivals.]
BOX 29D, 30E Magazine Reviews
Life, March 25, 1966
Impresario, December, 1965: "Verdon Is Back - and Sweet Charity has her!" by Florence Semon
BOX 30D - E Press Reviews
This category includes transcripts of radio and television coverage, as well as print reviews
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