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Individual Production, Project, and Performance Files (continued)
Star 80 (Fosse) (continued)
Script revisions
Packed with 6/7/82 script; 200 pp.; very miscellaneous; some notes and annotation
Script, 6/7/82, revisions, 150 pp.; very few markings
BOX 31A Script, 1/82
Partial?; 159 pp., with inserted notes, otherwise, few markings
Screenplay, "old copy"
From envelope marked same; 82 pp.; very few annotations
Script outline
Script and story outlines for "Dorothy Stratten Project"
Fosse notebook and notes
black composition notebook marked "Notes - Dialogue - Moments - HB;" handwritten; including some script scenes, list of photos needed for film
Script, "outpages from rehearsal week"
"Quotes for Dorothy's photo sessions scenes"
"Quotes for Dorothy's interview"
"Ideas, improvised dialog"
From envelope marked same; including script revisions, partial story board, dialogue from various scenes, some handwritten material; many script pages and revisions; also includes partial script draft and notes, numbered 1-5, handwritten and typed
"Dorothy Stratten Project: Outline, Herb's notes," 19 pp. outline with handwritten notes by Herb (Gardner?)
"Old pages, Fosse script, January"
Old pages, annotated
BOX 33A Screenplay, 1st draft, 5/7/81, dark brown 3 ring binder
157+ pp.; original cover label: "Star 80 - Rehearsal Script;" annotated; scene outline
Screenplay, 1st draft, 5/7/81, brown 3 ring binder
Original cover label: "Star 80 Working Script;" 166 pp.; revisions, annotations
"Fosse: Ideas, Schedules, Legal, Addresses, etc.", black 3 ring binder
Original cover label marked same; including handwritten 6 pp. letter from Herb (Gardner) with dialogue for the Playboy Mansion party scenes; tabbed binder with sections for script ideas, crew lists, casting material, etc.; legal material involves possible Bogdanovich and Hoogstraten litigation; much on Carpenter sources
BOX 33A - B Continuity script, black 3 ring binder
Complete continuity script, with dialogue, camera, etc.
BOX 31B Locations research, black 3 ring binder
Original cover label marked same; contains reference photos: snapshots of locations, California, New York, Canada
BOX 33B Screenplay, 6/7/82, black 3 ring binder
Striped label: Star 80; 145 pp.; shot/scene breakdowns
BOX 31B Revised shooting schedules, 2/14/82, 2/19/82, 3/5/82
Script, 1st draft, 5/7/81, brown cover)
Marked "OK but penciled changes;" 157 pp.; annotated
Miscellaneous, shooting and editing
Assorted, scene print lists, location lists, Bob Fosse notes, etc.
Steam Heat (WNET/13 Dance In America documentary on Bob Fosse)
BOX 46C Newspaper Clippings
Press Reviews
This category includes transcripts of radio and television coverage, as well as print reviews
Magazine Reviews
Nine (KETC Magazine), 2/90: "All That Jazz," by Mary Wagner (2 copies)
New York, 2/20/90: mention in Television section
2 preview invitations
Sweet Charity (Stage) (Fosse and Verdon)
[Note: "Stage" refers to the original stage production. The film version is listed separately, as are revivals.]
BOX 29D, 30E Magazine Reviews
Life, March 25, 1966
Impresario, December, 1965: "Verdon Is Back - and Sweet Charity has her!" by Florence Semon
BOX 30D - E Press Reviews
This category includes transcripts of radio and television coverage, as well as print reviews
Newspaper Clippings
Contains newspaper clippings only, 1965
BOX 26C Legal Correspondence, 1964-66
Correspondence, Jack Perlman, 1964, re: Sweet Charity financial negotiations; assistant choreographer agreement with Robert Tucker, 1965; correspondence related to various agreements, with Columbia Records, Fellini, Fields, Coleman, Nancy Enterprises, etc.; correspondence re: subsidiary rights, credit negotiations, royalties, foreign rights, national company proposal, Random House publication rights, Sweet Charity - England, Australia, Las Vegas; 12/22/65 partnership agreement for "The Small World of Charity;" 9/14/65 Gwen Verdon/Fryer, Carr and Harris contract etc.
Legal Correspondence, 1967-69
Correspondence re: Caesar's Palace - Las Vegas Sweet Charity; Ed Sullivan Show, 1967; royalty problems with Sweet Charity, London, Australia, New York; Greek Theatre, LA; Fellini agreements; Tams-Witmark Music Library, etc.
Financial, 1966-67
Australian admissions and royalties record, 8/67; financial condition reports (Hollender and Shapiro) for Sweet Charity Company, 6/67, Las Vegas and NY; box office statements, Palace Theatre, NY, 3-4-5/66; balance sheet 6/67; financial condition statements, Las Vegas, NY for 10/67; 3 pp. documenting minor expenses; summary of operations sheets for National Tour, 10/67
Martin Charnin vs. Fryer, Carr and Harris, Inc.
Correspondence from Jack Perlman re: Charnin vs. Fryer, Carr and Harris, Inc., CHARITY Company and Robert Fosse, 1966-69, including release form ($1) dated 12/71; 2 copies of the cross examination of Bob Fosse in this case, 3/69, 6/69; 7/67 legal pad notes, handwritten (Perlman): "Fosse account of Events;" Drama Bookshop bill with Bob Fosse note: "Jack - very important...don't lose" (pertains to case; 2 pp. handwritten Bob Fosse notes
BOX 26F Costumes
8x10 photos of costume sketches for most characters, 30, marked "In" and "Out"
BOX 26D Lyrics - Director's
Tabbed lyric sheets with Bob Fosse notes, cuts, revisions, etc.
BOX 26F Costume Plot
Black 3 ring binder with photos of sketches, 10/27/65, costume plot with notes and item lists
BOX 26E Sheet Music
2 are autographed by Simon, Coleman, Fields: "If My Friends...," "Poor Everybody Else;" also: "Where Am I Going," "Big Spender," "Too Many Tomorrows," "Baby, Dream Your Dream," "You Should See Yourself"
BOX 26F Sheet Music
"You Should See Yourself" (2 copies); "If My Friends..." (2 copies)
BOX 26D Correspondence, Opening Night
1/29/66; extensive telegrams and correspondence
Telegram announcing tour of NYC company; note on 1967 program; Bob Fosse itinerary for Miami tour; costume list from Eaves-Brooks Costume Company, undated; 2 programs from Banshees award to Bob Hope, 4/26/66, featuring dances from Sweet Charity
BOX 30C Premiere
2 souvenir programs, 2 opening night tickets
BOX 26D, 30C Programs
Playbills: Shubert Theatre, 12/66 (2 copies), Palace Theatre, 6/67; Stagebills: Palace Theatre, 1/67, 2/67, 2/66 (3 copies), 9/66, 10/66
BOX 57C Songbook
Songbook, "Sweet Charity: Vocal Selections"
BOX 86A Miscellaneous
Sketch, 12 1/2 x 18,"Dear Ms. Charity ...," by Bob Costello
BOX 86B Handbill
Sweet Charity (stage), 15x22, color, Theatre de la Music production
BOX 93A Poster
Framed poster, 15x23, original, color, Verdon, Palace Theatre
[Note: Identifications such as "Director's final draft," or "rehearsal draft," are taken directly from the scripts themselves, as are dates. Scripts may be duplicates. The terms "annotated," "notations," "markings" refer not only to commentary written on the scripts, but also any cuts, revisions, dialogue changes, etc., that have been marked on a particular script. Also check "Sweet Charity (Revivals) - scripts" for Las Vegas, 1967, version.]
BOX 26A Script, "Original Two Act Version..."
Marked "Original 2 Act Version, before Simon," and "Book by Bert Louis," dated 7/10/65; 143 pp., carbon and originals (?), with handwritten annotations; also marked "Bob's original script for Sweet Charity"
Script, early "Fosse version"
Marked # 24, "Gwen Verdon, Fosse Version, "Book by Bert Louis;" 135 pp., very few annotations, but includes notes such as "This is to be musicalized..."
Script, revised 8/65
Carbon; 75 pp.; Act One only; no annotations
Script, Act Two, draft, 62 pp., Act Two; some annotation; carbon
Script, Neil Simon's 1st draft, grey binder
Marked "Doc's 1st draft;" incomplete, mainly 2nd Act, few annotations
Script, Neil Simon's 1st Act revisions, red folder
Marked same and "Revised, Aug. 1965;" unmarked; ALSO: miscellaneous - character list for "New Act I," staff directory, tentative production schedule 8/24/65, dancer list, "conceivable running order," "possible numbers, both songs & dances," some lyrics; also: red folder marked "Extra Pages," "I don't know where they belong," containing assorted unmarked script pages
Script, first cuts, orange vinyl cover
Marked "First Cuts" "Bob Fosse" and # 62, "Book by Neil Simon; 119 pp.; few annotations
Script, green cover
Marked "Book by Neil Simon," # 51, "Broadway Version;" 119 pp.; no annotations
Script, green cover
Marked "Book by Neil Simon," # 51 (sic), "Broadway Version;" 119 pp.; no annotations
Script, green cover
Marked "Book by Neil Simon," # 51 (sic), "Broadway Version;" 119 pp.; no annotations
BOX 26B Production script, Paul Phillips, black spring binder
Marked # 8; Phillips was stage manager; tabbed script with all acts marked, including tech plot, light cues, etc., annotated; and file folder marked "(Paul Phillips) advance materials for Sweet Charity" includes xeroxed photos, prop list, running order, staff directory
BOX 30B Fosse's Notebook
Containing handwritten choreography notes, etc.
BOX 26A Fosse Notes
This has some Sweet Charity filmscript pages, but also has notes attached to various drafts: A) "Early notes on show called Dance Hall before seeing Cabiria" B) "Translation of Spanish Man in (?) Charnin didn't get" C) "Misc. notes on Sweet Charity;" These notes are in Bob Fosse's hand
BOX 27A Script, orange vinyl cover
Title paged marked "old, #80;" 119 pp.; unmarked; undated
Script, red vinyl cover
Marked #1; 126 pp.; unmarked; including cast of characters, synopsis of scenes, musical numbers, etc.
Script, red vinyl cover
Marked #26; 126 pp.; unmarked; including cast of characters, synopsis of scenes, musical numbers, etc.
Script, red vinyl cover, 126 pp.; unmarked; including cast of characters, synopsis of scenes, musical numbers, etc.
Script, blue vinyl cover, 126 pp.; unmarked; including cast of characters, synopsis of scenes, musical numbers, etc.
Script, Tams-Witmark Music Library, maroon vinyl cover, 126 pp.; no notation; labeled "Property of Tams-Witmark Music Library on cover
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