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Individual Production, Project, and Performance Files (continued)
Sweet Charity (Film)
BOX 30D Magazine Reviews
Look, 7/9/68: "Sweet Charity" by Jack Hamilton (2 copies)
Dance Magazine, 2/69: "Bob Fosse Translates Sweet Charity from Stage to Screen," by Viola Hegyi Swisher (2 copies)
Motion Picture Herald, 6/68: "On the Set of Sweet Charity," by Tom Gray
Dance Magazine, 7/69: "Sweet Charity," by Maria Harriton (cut out)
Today's Cinema 2/24/69: "How Fosse Went To Hollywood," by John Ware
Kine Weekly (UK), 2/22/69: Sweet Charity review, by Graham Clarke
BOX 30C Preview Program
BOX 30E Newspaper Clippings
BOX 30D Press Reviews
This category includes transcripts of radio and television coverage, as well as print reviews
BOX 30E Newspaper Clippings, France
BOX 30A Legal Correspondence, 1966-68
Correspondence re: motion picture rights, Fellini (Nights Of Cabiria), and De Laurentiis; extensive correspondence on the Universal Pictures rights purchase; correspondence re: agreements with Fields, Simon, Bob Fosse; copy of procedure re: distribution of monies with respect to motion picture rights for Sweet Charity; correspondence re: associate producer (Bob Fosse) with Universal Pictures; correspondence re: music rights
Step Outline
I.A.L. Diamond, 7/28/67 (2 copies)
Locations Research, NYC
Postcards and brochures; extensive photo file stored elsewhere
Preview Cards
Phoenix, AZ 12/6/68; Chicago, IL 12/7/68
Correspondence, personal congratulations; Schiller interview with Gwen Verdon and Bob Fosse; undated Bob Fosse biography; correspondence from the Association Francaise de la Critique protesting cut version of film from Universal, May 1969; staff and crew list, etc.
4/23/68 phonodisc recording of "I'm a Brass Band rehearsal (film?)
Location: MBRS
BOX 27E Clapboard
Universal City Studios, 6/15/68, autographed by crew
[Note: Identifications such as "Director's final draft," or "rehearsal draft," are taken directly from the scripts themselves, as are dates. Scripts may be duplicates. The terms "annotated," "notations," "markings" refer not only to commentary written on the scripts, but also any cuts, revisions, dialogue changes, etc., that have been marked on a particular script.]
BOX 30A Screenplay, 1st draft, 8/8/67, red cover
Marked "1st draft screenplay by I.A.L. Diamond (Scenes 1 through 87) 8/8/67;" 27 pp.; few annotations
Screenplay, 1st draft, 8/17/67, yellow cover
Marked "1st draft screenplay by I.A.L. Diamond, Scenes 1 through 75, revised 8/17/67;" 51 pp., annotations
Screenplay, 1st draft, 11/16/67, green cover
By Peter Stone; 84 pp.; some annotations
Screenplay, 1st draft, 11/28/67, "Director", green Universal Studios cover
Marked "Director" on cover; by Peter Stone; with Bob Fosse notes and markings; 146 pp.
Screenplay, 1st draft, 11/28/67, green Universal Studios cover
Unmarked copy; 146 pp.
BOX 27C Final screenplay, "Director's," 1/17/68, black 3 ring binder
Marked on cover: "Script, Mr. Fosse;" 140 pp., with revised pages; some annotation
BOX 30B Synopsis, Notes, Nights Of Cabiria
4/67 synopsis of the film Nights Of Cabiria; synopsis of Sweet Charity, by Neil Simon; notes (typed) to Bob Fosse from Robert Arthur on film editing; script pages, dialogue, revisions, and extensive annotations, with extensive Bob Fosse handwritten versions and notes. Note: This file contains some material pertaining to the original stage production, but was kept intact as Fosse had filed it
Screenplay, 1st draft 9/28/67, blue spring binder: The Carol Burnett Show, Gwen Verdon)
By Peter Stone; 122 pp; some annotations;
Fosse's Notes, blue spring binder: Sweet Charity - Der Fuhrer
Bob Fosse's notebook, important, containing shooting notes, general notes (location lists, construction schedules, etc); lyrics, camera shots, estimated footage; interoffice memos; shooting schedules, score information, staff and crew lists; movement/dance notes; partial storyboard, and so on.
[Note: These belong with the scripts.]
Director's Notebook
"Banner Line" composition notebook, with only a few pages of Bob Fosse's writing; includes some loose memo pad sheets
Music notes, green paper cover
Editing notes for music, dated 7/30/68
Musical numbers, blue cover
Shooting script for musical numbers, with a few Bob Fosse notes
Casting, blue cover
Cast list with character/actor names and contact sheets
Sweet Charity - "Oscar", blue cover
Role outline, Bob Fosse dialogue ideas, etc. on Oscar section of film; note to reader from Bob Fosse at front.
Sweet Charity - "Oscar", blue cover
Original (# 5 is duplicate), with a few handwritten annotations
Sweet Charity - "Movie Star", blue cover
Outline, Bob Fosse idea for dialogue, etc. on particular character
Endings - miscellaneous versions, blue cover
Script pages, draft pages, revisions, some Bob Fosse annotations
Endings - revised versions
Script pages from final screenplay, dated 1/17/68; with revised endings and alternate endings dated 8/1/68
Sweet Charity (Revivals)
[Note: Check dates on these files for productions which are not properly revivals, but which belong with the original stage production (on tour.)]
BOX 29D Press Reviews
1985-86; this category includes transcripts of radio and television coverage, as well as print reviews
Newspaper Clippings
1985-86; Debbie Allen, Ann Reinking
Press Reviews
1987; Donna McKechnie, Philadelphia
Newspaper Clippings
1987; Donna McKechnie, Toronto
Press Reviews
1987; Donna McKechnie, Toronto
BOX 29C Casting, 5/7/87 - "Nikki-Ursala"
Audition schedules, photo/resumes
Casting, 5/13/87 - "Herman"
Herman audition script
Casting, 5/27/87 - Equity Female Dancers
Audition schedules, with notes
Casting, 4/23/87 - "Oscar, Nikki, Ursala, Herman"
Audition schedules, notes, photo/resumes
Casting, 4/30/87 - "Nikki, Ursala, Herman"
Audition schedules, notes, photo/resumes
Casting, 12/5/86 - "Ursala, Big Daddy"
Audition schedules, notes, photo/resumes
Casting, 2/19/87, 2/5/87 - "Oscar"
Audition schedules, notes, photo/resumes
Casting, 8/19/86 - 2nd swing call
Audition schedules, notes, photo/resumes
Casting, 7/29/86 - "Herman"
Audition schedules, photo/resumes, notes
BOX 29A Correspondence, 1985 - L.A. Opening
Telegrams, letters, notes, etc.
National Tour, Toronto, 1987
Cast and crew contact sheets, June and July weekly schedules
National Tour, Toronto, 1987 - Tech notes
Technical notes and color photos, set design
National Tour, Toronto, 1987 - Miscellaneous
Fan and personal letters and notes; casting list and updates, staff lists, Bob Fosse rough itinerary; Stagebill and playbill corrections; dresser note forms, information on studio availability, etc.
National Tour, Philadelphia, 1987
Philadelphia Inquirer ad, photocopy; tour policy memo; weekly September schedule; itinerary 9/1-9/3; 1 letter of resignation
Stage Manager's Reports, 1985-87
BOX 29B Casting, 1984-87
Audition schedules, notes, memos, photo/resumes
Audition schedules, notes, casting cards
Casting, National Company, 1987
Male dancer alternates; audition notes, photo/resumes, casting cards
Casting, National Company - New dancers
Casting cards, notes, photo/resumes
Casting, National Company
Female dancer alternates, 3rd; photo/resumes, polaroids, notes
Casting, National Company
Female dancer alternates, 2nd; same as 25
Casting, National Company
Female dancer alternates, 1st; photo/resumes, polaroids; notes, ranking list of alternates
BOX 29A Tech Notes
Undated, some April 1986
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