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Bob Fosse Personal Papers and Career Miscellany (continued)
General Files (Miscellaneous Contracts, Projects, Office Files, Etc.) (continued)
Correspondence, Jack Perlman
1962-70, from the point where Jack Perlman took over from MCA Artists (Jack Perlman was Bob Fosse's attorney); extensive and varied file, much handwritten, on matters such as Sweet Charity, script offers, etc.
MGM contracts, 1951-53
Employment contracts and correspondence with MGM/Loews, Inc., 1951-53
"The Gay Girls"
6/54 contract for Bob Fosse with Columbia Pictures for choreography and dance direction of this motion picture
"The Girls Against the Boys"
10/1959, Bob Fosse contract for staging and directing the musical revue
"Copper and Brass"
9/1957 contract for Bob Fosse; this was a play Bob Fosse edited
CMA - David Begelman contracts, 1969-73
Bob Fosse's agreements, 1969, '72, '73, with Creative Management Associates
General Artists agreements (Gwen Verdon)
1964 and undated representation agreements and related correspondence
Union materials
Bank forms; DGA memoranda, 1973, re: negotiations with the Association of Motion Pictures and Television Producers; collective bargaining and royalty cuts rules - Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, 1962; etc.
BOX 51B Weegee Project, Stuart Ostrow, 1984
Ostrow correspondence about proposed project; photocopy of Naked City, by Weegee
"Atlantic City" script, blue paper cover
Marked "First draft & Notes"; by Jack Heifner
"Atlantic City" miscellaneous
Pete Hamill outline; several letters between Heifner and Stuart Ostrow, 1981-84; lyric sheets; from envelope marked "Atlantic City - Cy Coleman"
Winchell Project
Extensive photocopied press clippings on Walter Winchell
Grind, Ben Vereen, 1985
Press clippings on Grind; Bob Fosse's dance notes
BOX 51C Contact sheets
Telephone/address list for various shows
1977 calendar, annotated
BOX 51E Millimeter '77, "Directors '77" issue
Dance Magazine Annual 1975
Face International
Casting guide
BOX 51C "Phone Book - old pages"
This file and the following four contain records of incoming and outgoing phone calls, and some notes and memos; generally undated
Phone lists and memos
BOX 51E Casting, general, 1980s
Photo/resumes, correspondence
BOX 51D The Laundry
Bob Fosse was part owner of this restaurant; newsclippings on opening
Michael Bennett: obituary
Paddy Chayevsky: correspondence
Paddy Chayevsky: general
Press clippings, playbills, theatre reviews, obituaries
Paddy Chayevsky: funeral service
Stuart Ostrow Foundation, 1977
1977 Board of Directors meeting agenda; various foundation reports, e.g. fundraising, Musical Theatre Lab, etc.
Ann Reinking
press clippings
Miscellaneous paper
Couple script outlines, Drama Bookstore brochures
General Correspondence
[Note: The bulk of this material was originally stored together in letter file boxes, ordered chronologically. (This material was stored separately from the "General Files" listed above.) The following is a list of dates; there are usually several file folders of correspondence per year listed. This is primarily professional correspondence, and contains many carbons and photocopies of Bob Fosse letters and memos.]
BOX 47A Undated
BOX 47B 1975
BOX 47D 1976
BOX 47C Oversized correspondence
BOX 48A 1977
BOX 48B, 49A 1980
BOX 49A 1981
BOX 49B 1982
BOX 49B - C 1983
BOX 49C 1984
BOX 49D Oversized correspondence
BOX 50A 1986
Including file on "Jules Fisher - Russian Project"
BOX 50B Oversized correspondence
BOX 50C Miscellaneous
Appointment Books/Calendars
BOX 55G 1966 Executive Almanac, brown paper cover
1967-68 Week-at-a-glance Appointment Book, maroon cover
1969 Diary, red cover
1970 Diary, black cover
Daily Notes, Phone Lists and Calendars
[Note: Daily Notes or Phone Lists contain incoming and outgoing phone calls and notes; calendars are annotated.]
BOX 54D Phone Lists, 1/81-4/81, blue notebook
Phone Lists, 4/81-8/81, blue notebook
Phone Lists, 9/81-12/1, blue notebook
BOX 54E Daily Notes, 1982, black 3 ring binder
Daily Notes, 1983, black 3 ring binder
Daily Notes, 1984, brown 3 ring binder
Daily Notes, 1985, black 3 ring binder
Daily Notes, 1986, black 3 ring binder
Daily Notes, 1987, black 3 ring binder
BOX 54A - D Calendars: 1976, 1977, 1980 (2), 1981, 1982 (2), 1983 (2), 1984 (2), 1985 (2), 1986 (2)
With appointments and notes
BOX 54D Monthly Planners: 1975, 1976, 1982 (2)
BOX 53, 57, 85, 86 Gwen Verdon Career Miscellany
Material related to Gwen Verdon's career. Included are awards, documentation of public appearances and benefits pertaining to Fosse and Verdon, publicity materials, and other miscellaneous items.
Arrangement is by provenance.
BOX 53C Bio
  • General correspondence, 1980's
  • Actor's Fund, 1985
  • Lifetime membership
American Dance Machine--articles
Booth Theatre Library
Items on permanent loan, 1989 deposit paper
Charity functions
Various programs
China, teaching dance
Asia Magazines, Chinese magazines, Chicago program for Imperial Theatre, miscellaneous newsclippings on China
John Drew Theatre benefit: The Nutcracker
Programs and audition cards
"A Divertissement of Dancers," Lincoln Center benefit
Script and program
BOX 57A - B Peter Gennaro/Gwen Verdon Benefit
Conductor's score from show medley, and parts
Houston Ballet, 1978
Press clippings; 4 programs
Little Theatre, 1959
Press clippings
Milliken Breakfast Show
Press clippings; 1974 program
National Ballet Benefit, 1973
Press clippings
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