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Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon collection, 1920-1991

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Gwen Verdon Career Miscellany (continued)
Awards, Tributes, Honors (continued)
Hamilton College, Honorary Doctorate, to Gwen Verdon (continued)
Film Daily, 1958, "Filmdom's Famous Fives," to Gwen Verdon
Newspaper Guild of New York, 1959 Page One Award to Gwen Verdon for Redhead
Interfest, 1990, award to Gwen Verdon
BOX 53D Tribute, American Cancer Society: "Gwen Verdon Week," Culver City, CA, 1960
Emmy nominations: 1987, Magnum PI for "Infinity and Jelly Donuts
Certificate and correspondence
1989, Steam Heat documentary, for "contributions to an outstanding informational special"
Governor's Award (NY State), 1989
Program, correspondence, and press clippings
Hamilton College Honorary Degree, 1988
Doctor of Humane Letters; correspondence and college brochure
Howe School (Culver City, CA) Tribute, 1990
Press clippings
"Lambs' Spring Gambol," 1981, honoring Gwen Verdon
Program and 3 flyers
Lion of the Performing Arts award, 1988, New York Public Library
1989 program; "tribute" book: "Images of the Dance," by Lillian Moore
Postgraduate Center for Mental Health: "A Gala Musical Tribute to Gwen Verdon and Cy Coleman"
1985 Playbill
Southern Rep Tribute to Gwen Verdon
Program, brochure, menus, newsclippings
Theatre Hall of Fame, 1981
Membership Scroll of Honor, programs
Tony nominations
Certificate for Chicago, 1975-76
"Tony Babies," 1981 - publicity re: past Tony award winners
Press clipping
Publicity Files
[Note: These files contain assorted articles focused primarily on the life and career of Verdon, though current productions may be mentioned, and contain useful biographical information. For publicity on specific productions, check individual show files.]
BOX 53E Publicity: 1950's; 60's; 70's; 80's
Publicity: magazine articles
Re: Manhattan
Publicity: magazine articles
  • Theatre Week,8/6/90: "Gwen Verdon and All That Jazz," by Michael Buckley
  • Theatre Week, 6/20/90, Letter to the Editor re: preceding article; "New York Scene" (by Marriott Marquis), Spring 1985
BOX 57H The Hamptons, 7/4/86: "Gwen Verdon Does a Number - On Critics and Producers," by Dick Anderson 3 copies
BOX 53E Verdon, interviews
Spotlight! 1984, correspondence with Ryan Keating, host, and several snapshots of Gwen Verdon on show
BOX 86A Photos
  • Gwen Verdon; 16x18 black and white (some color added) photo of Gwen Verdon dancing (damaged)
  • Gwen Verdon; 3 (fragile, damaged) mounted black and white photos, 10x13, 10 1/2 x 12 1/2, 10 1/2 x 12, all by Marcus Blechman, early career publicity
  • Allan Jones; black and white 8x10 photo of Allan Jones, mounted with autograph to Gwen Verdon
  • Barney Martin; black and white photo by Martha Swope, with 1976 autograph, including 8x10 cardboard piece, with note: "To Gwen, I love you I love you, Barney"
BOX 85F Miscellaneous
Thank you to Gwen Verdon from workshop students witten on computer paper
BOX 85B Costume Sketches, Gwen Verdon
From unidentified television show, (2)
Miscellaneous Material Related to Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon
BOX 57C - G Sheet Music (Oversized)
Miscellaneous: "Bubbles Was a Cheerleader," "Let Me Entertain You," "The Category Stomp," "The Girl I Left Home For"(music Gwen Verdon recorded on the album)
BOX 57F Dance Magazine
"Jack Cole" series by Glenn Loney, 1/83, 2/83, 3/83, 4/83, 5/83, 6/83, 8/83,9/83, 11/83, 12/83, 1/84
BOX 55, 56, 58 Scrapbooks
The designation "Fosse" or "Verdon" scrapbook marks the SUBJECT of the scrapbook, not necessarily the creator. All scrapbooks are extremely fragile.
Arrangement is by provenance.
BOX 55A Scrapbook, Fosse - fragile; black embossed cover with Dutch boy and girl with "Scrapbook"
1948-1950; clippings scrapbook, many undated; includes Call Me Mister, Make Mine Manhattan, etc.; Bob Fosse and Mary Ann Niles dance reviews; includes Dance Me A Song, 1950 press reviews
BOX 55B Scrapbook, Verdon - fragile; red embossed cover with gold squares pattern
Clippings scrapbook of Can-Can, Damn Yankees, New Girl In Town, Redhead, etc.; includes playbills
BOX 55C Scrapbook, Verdon - fragile; green embossed cover with gold borders
New Girl In Town, including playbills and press
BOX 55D Scrapbook, Verdon - fragile; green embossed cover with gold borders
Redhead, including playbills and press
BOX 56A Scrapbook, Fosse - fragile; blue cover with embossed scissors
Clippings scrapbook of Call Me Mister and other; 1946-48; black and white photo of Bob Fosse and Mary Ann Niles on title page
BOX 56B Scrapbook, Fosse - fragile; brown cover with embossed scissors
1938-45; Hook, Line and Sinker, Make Mine Manhattan, Pal Joey, and others; Bob Fosse high school, Riff Brothers, and Navy material, including photos and ads as well as clippings; script pages with notes for Three's A Crowd; important documentation
BOX 56C Scrapbook, Fosse; light orange cover with embossed scissors
Photos, posters and handbills, press clippings on Hook, Line, and Sinker, Call Me Mister, and others including later material; Joan McCracken press
BOX 56D Scrapbook; dark orange scrapbook with embossed scissors
Clippings: photos of dancers in various poses
BOX 56E Scrapbook; green cover with gold bars and "Scrapbook"
Clippings: photos of dancers in various poses
BOX 56F Scrapbook, Fosse; navy blue cover
1952-1960; title page article: "Bob Fosse: Triple Threat;" including Kiss Me Kate, Pajama Game, Damn Yankees, Redhead; includes playbills and clippings
BOX 56G Scrapbook, Fosse; stars and stripes cover
1972-73; clippings, telegrams etc. on 1973 "Triple Crown," Sweet Charity, Liza With A Z, Cabaret
BOX 58A - B Miscellaneous dance programs and brochures
Miscellaneous souvenir film programs
BOX 53, 59, 60, 85, 86 Photographs
Photos are arranged by, and relate to: production or project; Fosse/Verdon individual files; Fosse/Verdon combined photos; personal shots; and miscellaneous. Color slides, poster slides and negatives are included. "Duplicate" entries are intentional; they pertain to different photos.
Arrangement is by subject.
The Affairs Of Dobie Gillis
BOX 59A Photograph: 8x10, black and white, 1
Fosse and 3 other leads, publicity shot;
Alive and Kicking
BOX 59A Photograph: 5x7, black and white, 1
By Will Rapport of the dance: "The Reason for Divorce is Marriage," featuring Jack Cole and others
Photograph: 5x7, black and white, 1
By Fred Fehl of the dance: "Cole Scuttle Blues," 1951, at the Winter Garden, featuring Gwen Verdon and Marie Grosscup
Photograph: 5x7, black and white, 1
By Will Rapport of the dance: "The Reason for Divorce is Marriage," 1951, at the Winter Garden, featuring Jack Cole and Gwen Verdon
Photographs: 5x7, black and white, 5
By Fred Fehl of the dance: "Dove's Blues," 1951, featuring Gwen Verdon, Jack Cole and others
Photograph: 5x7, black and white, 1
By Will Rapport of the dance: "Dove's Blues," dress rehearsal, featuring Gwen Verdon, Jack Cole, and Marie Grosscup
All That Jazz
Photographs: 3 1/2 x 5, color, 4
Of Ann Reinking; duplicates of same shot
BOX 60D Photographs: 4x5, color, 3
Various head shots of Roy Scheider
Photo contact prints: color, 2
Dance photos: Leland Palmer in studio, etc.
BOX 59A Photographs and negative: 8x10, color, 10
File: "Fosse Portraits"; excellent prints of Bob Fosse directing Leland Palmer, Roy Scheider (several), dancers, crew, Bob Fosse at camera, publicity stills (and 1 8x10 negative for publicity still)
Photographs: assorted sizes, color
20 Color contact prints, and 1 4x8 of Sandahl Bergman; very small prints of Ann Reinking, Erzebet Foldi, Roy Scheider, dancers and others in scenes from film
Photographs: contact prints, 8x10s, color, 16
Portraits: Roy Scheider, Ann Reinking, Erzebet Foldi, in costume; several stills: Ann Reinking and Erzebet Foldi dancing, Joe's apartment, Airotica dance, shots of Ann Reinking leaping, several small format photos of Roy Scheider
Photographs: 8x10 snapshots, black and white, 14
Bob Fosse showing steps to dancers; Erzebet Foldi, Leland Palmer and Michael Bennett (some of these are casting photos of Leland Palmer and Michael Bennett, not film stills); casting: Ann Reinking; numerous informal shots of Roy Scheider and Erzebet Foldi; publicity shot: Jessica Lange; Bob Fosse directing Roy Scheider; All That Jazz ad; an autographed "joke" photo from Roy Scheider to Bob Fosse
Photographs: contact sheets, black and white, 5
File: "Cannes" (Cannes Film Festival)
Photographs: 8x10, black and white, 10
File: "Research" hospital and cafeteria photos
Photographs: 8x10, black and white, 4
File: "Festivals"; shots of Bob Fosse and others at various festivals
BOX 86E Photographs: 11x14, color, 3; 11x14, black and white, 2)
Color: Roy Scheider in role 2; portrait shot of Scheider and Erzebet Foldi 1; black and white: All That Jazz in neon lights, 2
BOX 60A Photographs: 8x10, black and white, 50
South American film festivals photos
Big Deal
BOX 59A Photographs: 8x10, black and white, 7
4 stage stills, assorted: Devine/Derricks, male leads, dancers; 1 opening night photo of Bob Fosse and leads; 1 still, Bill Robinson research; 1 casting shot of Cleavant Derricks
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