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Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon collection, 1920-1991

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Photographs (continued)
Tribute (Gwen Verdon and Cy Coleman) (continued)
Photographs: 8x10, black and white, 13
Gwen Verdon and Cy Coleman honored by the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health; includes excellent photos of Gwen Verdon, Bob Fosse, and Nicole Fosse; Gwen Verdon and Jacques D'Amboise; Gwen Verdon and Shirley MacLaine, et al
Photographs: 8x10, black and white, 4
NY State Governor's Award (?) (1); unidentified, with Jerry Lanning (2); unidentified, with Ingrid Bergman (1)
Hamilton College Awards
Photographs: 8x10, black and white, 2
By Bill Ray; Gwen Verdon accepting award (2 different shots), for Honorary Doctorate of Letters
Early Publicity
Photographs: 8x10, black and white, 3
Different shots of curly haired Gwen Verdon, age 16? (2); Gwen Verdon on her 21st birthday (1)
Publicity: Life Magazine
Photographs: 8x10, black and white, 2
2 shots of Gwen Verdon making up for photograph as Harlequin (Life cover)
BOX 60B Transparencies: 5x7, color, 6
Gwen Verdon in various Harlequin poses
Portraits (Seymour Linden series)
BOX 59D - E Photographs, contact sheets, and Negatives: 8x10, black and white
Portraits (2); contact sheets of informal shots, some including dog (4); 3 8x10 black and white negatives
Portraits (cat series)
BOX 59D Photographs: 8x10, black and white, 13
Single series of Gwen Verdon with cats
Publicity, 1959
BOX 60D Contact sheets: black and white
By Ormond Gigli; cut-up contact sheets, 17 different shots of Gwen Verdon posing, done at the time of Redhead
Publicity (single series, Central Park West)
BOX 59D Contact sheets: black and white, 3
Informal shots of Gwen Verdon at home, Central Park West apartment
Publicity Portraits
BOX 59D - E Photographs and Negative: 8x10, black and white, 10
Mainly black and white publicity photos ranging from at the time of Damn Yankees to 1990's (10 different shots); 8x11 black and white negative of 1950's publicity photo (includes print)
Personal (Miscellaneous)
BOX 59D Photographs: 8x10, 8x8, color
Shots of Gwen Verdon and friends
BOX 60D Photographs: snapshot, color 1
Gwen Verdon and Sanford Meisner
Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon
John F. Kennedy Performance
BOX 60A Photographs: 8x10, black and white, 6
Performance in London: 2 shots at airport, including Richard Adler and Sally Ann Howes; John F. Kennedy and Gwen Verdon; John F. Kennedy with Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon
Tony Awards, 1987
Photographs: 8x10, black and white, 5
Bob Fosse speaking (and duplicates); Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon (and duplicates), presenting 1987 Tony Awards
Personal Photos
Photographs: 8x10, black and white, 8
4 different shots of Gwen Verdon and Bob Fosse, at East Hampton, 1980
Photographs: 5x7, color, 6
From file: "Miscellaneous Parties": Arnold Weissburg party: Gwen Verdon with Norman Mailer, Lee Radziwill, Vivian Leigh, Tony Perkins and others; Gwen Verdon and Bob Fosse
Photographs: 8x10, color, 3; 8x10, black and white, 1
Several shots of Gwen Verdon and Bob Fosse in color; 1 shot, black and white, unidentified parties
Photographs: 7 1/2x9 1/2, black and white, 2
Around the time of Redhead: Gwen Verdon with horse, Bob Fosse with horse
Photographs: 8x10, black and white, 5
Various shots from 1961 trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica, including 2 of Gwen Verdon and Bob Fosse playing darts
Color Slides
BOX 60C Cabaret (4)
Also 35mm negatives
Chicago (16)
Set designs
Cocoon (3)
Damn Yankees
Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon
The Little Prince (19)
Pippin (10)
Redhead (13)
Not original production
Star 80 (15)
Fosse (2)
Fosse and Verdon (4)
Tony Awards (Bob Fosse, Gwen Verdon and Trevor Nunn)
Negatives, 8x10
BOX 60B Big Deal
  • Gwen Verdon
  • Gwen Verdon and Chita Rivera
Damn Yankees
  • Poster
  • Original, Gwen Verdon in baseball uniform
Erbie Fitch, Gwen Verdon
Sweet Charity
  • Poster
  • Gwen Verdon reclining
Poster Slides
BOX 60C Big Deal (3)
Chicago (14)
Little Me (4)
Pippin (13)
Redhead (3)
Sweet Charity (3)
Gwen Verdon, looking over her shoulder
Sweet Charity (3)
Gwen Verdon, reclining
BOX 61, 63 Scripts
Primarily material sent to Bob Fosse on spec, or colleagues' and friends' projects, also includes articles and manuscripts.
Arrangement is alphabetical by title.
BOX 61A 5-6-7-8: A Sort of Musical Comedy by Stan Cutler
The Adversary by Edward H. Schmitt
America Was by Jack Heifner
Amerika by Yoram Porat and Shlomo Gronich
Annie by Carol Sobieski
Any Day Now by Michael Nolin and David Engelbach
Aurore, The Early Life of George Sand by Carroll Baker
Away Out by William Saroyan
Becky! by Berny Stringle
Blue Movie by Terry Southern
BOX 61B Bojangles by Samm-Art Williams; 2
The Champeen by Melvin Van Peebles
Chaplin by Colin Welland
Desert Rose by Larry McMurtry, book draft
Children Of Paradise by Marcel Carne
Double Jeopardy by David Shaw
BOX 61C Eating Raoul, The Musical by Paul Bartel
Elaine May Musical
Eudora and The Zebra by Mary C. Noble
Firebird by Nieman Chiffre-Nul
Formerly Berman's by Alan King
The Goodbye People by Herb Gardner (2)
Hang-Ups by Leslie Bricusse
Headmistress by Henry Denker
BOX 61D Hundreds Of Girls (?)
I Love My Wife by Michael Stewart
Jazz Babies by Larry Gelbart
Jazz Dancing, uncorrected bound proofs by Robert Audrey
The Late Great Creature by Peter Stone
BOX 61E Libby Holman by Jon Bradshaw
Life Cycle by Roderick Taylor
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