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Oversized Materials (continued)
Posters, Framed Posters, Handbills, Mounted Photos, etc. (continued)
Big Deal, 2 64x29 color posters (continued)
Mounted on cardboard; 2 different shots of cast
Big Deal, 2 43x29 color posters
Mounted on cardboard; 2 different shots of cast
BOX 96B - C Big Deal, 48x21 color poster
Mounted on cardboard
BOX 96E Big Deal, 48x31 color poster
Mounted on cardboard
BOX 87A, 96D Chicago, 14x21 color handbill
Abo Svenska Theatre, in clear plastic modular frame
BOX 87A Chicago, framed poster, 16x20, color
46th St. Theatre
BOX 93A Damn Yankees #1, framed poster, 15x23, color
Original, Gwen Verdon in baseball shirt, 46th St. Theatre
Damn Yankees #2, framed poster, 15x23, color
Original, Gwen Verdon in "Whatever Lola Wants" costume, 46th St. Theatre
How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, framed poster, 15x23, color
46th St. Theatre
BOX 87A Lenny, framed black and white magazine page, 16x20
From Variety; "Bob Fosse, Best Director for Lenny"
Lenny, framed, 23x18, black and white, double page ad
United Artists double page spread magazine ad, listing Oscar nominations for Lenny, black and white
BOX 93A Little Me, framed color poster, 15x23
Original; Lunt Fontanne Theatre
BOX 93B Little Me, artist's design paste-up, 20x28
By Paul Bacon
BOX 93A New Girl In Town, framed color poster, 15x23
By Oscar Liebman (artist); 46th St. Theatre; damaged and taped
Pajama Game, framed poster, 15x23, color
Peter Arno design, St. James Theatre
Pal Joey, framed poster, black and white photo, 10x14--photo size; in 17x21 frame
Viveca Lindfors and Bob Fosse, by Alice Jeffrey, 1965
BOX 96A Pal Joey, 20x40 Foamcore mounted photo
Young Bob Fosse in robe
BOX 87A Pippin, framed poster, 15x23, color
Opera House at the Kennedy Center
Pippin, framed poster, black and white, 16x22
With press quotes
BOX 93A Redhead, framed poster, 15x23, color
Original, 46th St. Theatre
Sweet Charity, framed poster, 15x23, color
Original, Gwen Verdon, Palace Theatre
Thieves, 20x24, black and white photo
Bob Fosse in character, mounted on Foamcore
Thieves, 20x24, black and white photo
Bob Fosse in character, mounted on Foamcore
BOX 87A Set Sketch, 23x18
Unidentified, drawing room, signed by artist
BOX 112 Film Fest, Berlin, framed poster, 33x46
From the 34th International Berlin Film Fest, 1984
BOX 97A All That Jazz
33x48 black and white German poster
BOX 96F Big Deal
20x29 color poster, mounted on cardboard
BOX Items 95A - C Big Deal
29x64 color reproductions of cast, mounted on cardboard
BOX 87A Chicago
16x27 1/2 color lobby poster from Det Danske Teater
BOX 87B Chicago
41x59 color poster, 46th Street Theatre
BOX 97D Dancin'
Foreign Dancin' posters: 15x22, color, Palais de Congres, Paris; 16x23, color, Theatre Mogador, Paris; 13 x 27 1/2 (not illustrated, handbill), Teatro Comunale Bologna; 27x39, color, Teatro Petruzzelli, 1983
BOX 97J Star 80
Color 1 sheet, 27x41, of Mariel Hemingway with daisy
BOX 97I Star 80
10 sheets of color proofs of Mariel Hemingway as Dorothy Stratten, reproducing her Playboy poses and cover; 23x36 each
BOX 97J Star 80
Color photo (printed in negative) of Mariel Hemingway POLAROID montage; 20x24
BOX 97B Sweet Charity
Large - 51 in./height, black and white computer printout reproduction of the "Big Spender" girls photo
BOX 97E Erte'
24x32 color poster for Grosvenor Gallery
Fox Graphic Originals
40x25 poster of dancers in tuxedos on piano keys
Night Of 100 Stars
Color, 29 1/2x50
Sleight Of Hand
One sheet color poster, Cort Theatre, signed by J.C. Suares (designer)
[Note: These items are crossed referenced with individual production files where applicable, and also with Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon personal files where applicable.]
BOX 86A All That Jazz, 12x19 color photo; 16x19 color photo
Ann Reinking dancing (alone); Ann Reinking dancing (male dancer in background)
Can-Can, 13x18 black and white
Milton Marx caricature on illustration board
Handbill, color, 14x19, Alexander Theatre, 1977; Handbill, 16 1/2 x 23 1/2, color, Teater Arena; Poster, 20 x 27 1/2 color, Operett Szinhaz Drawing (reproduction), Gwen Verdon dancing, by Mark Cote (2, same)
Chicago, 15x19, mounted black and white photos
By Murray Laden, one of Gwen Verdon, one of Gwen Verdon and Chita Rivera
Chicago, caricature, on illustration board
By Mark Cote; this is an original; there are copies elsewhere
Damn Yankees, 15 x 19 1/2 black and white photo
Gwen Verdon in "Whatever Lola Wants" costume (damaged)
Damn Yankees, 16x19 photo montage
Sports Illustrated montage of magazine photos of Gwen Verdon in baseball uniform
The Mississippi Gambler, 9 1/2x12 1/2 color advertisement
Advertisement from magazine
Redhead, 13x16 black and white mounted photo
Gwen Verdon and Richard Kiley, by Murray Laden
BOX 86B Star 80, 16x20 black and white advertisement
Film advertisement
Sweet Charity (stage), sketch, 12 1/2 x 18
"Dear Ms. Charity ...," by Bob Costello
Various productions
  • Damn Yankees (film); 3 large ad cuts
  • Sweet Charity (stage), 15x22, color; Theatre de la Music production
  • Star 80; 15x21, handbill, color; 12x18, trade ad
BOX 86A Fosse
Caricature of Bob Fosse and scenes from shows, on illustration board, by Mark Cote
Fosse, 13x18, black and white ad
Mitsubishi ad of Bob Fosse
Verdon, 16x18 black and white (some color added) photo
Gwen Verdon dancing (damaged)
Verdon, 3 (fragile, damaged) mounted black and white photos, 10x13, 10 1/2 x 12 1/2, 10 1/2 x 12
By Marcus Blechman, early career publicity
Allan Jones, black and white 8x10 photo
Allan Jones; mounted with autograph to Gwen Verdon
Barney Martin, black and white mounted photo
Barney Martin, with autograph, "To Mary...4/24/76," photo by Martha Swope; 8x10 cardboard piece, with note: "To Gwen, I love you I love you, Barney"
BOX 85B All That Jazz
Several miscellaneous large-format casting photos
BOX 85C Cabaret: press reviews
Extensive; photocopies; 1972
Cabaret: press book
Post-Academy Awards; including review quotes, photos, other press
BOX 85B Costume Sketches, Gwen Verdon:
New Girl In Town (1); from unidentified television show (2)
Location research: 2 contact sheets
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