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Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon collection, 1920-1991

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Oversized Materials (continued)
Photographs (continued)
All That Jazz, 12x19 color photo; 16x19 color photo (continued)
Ann Reinking dancing (alone); Ann Reinking dancing (male dancer in background)
Can-Can, 13x18 black and white
Milton Marx caricature on illustration board
Handbill, color, 14x19, Alexander Theatre, 1977; Handbill, 16 1/2 x 23 1/2, color, Teater Arena; Poster, 20 x 27 1/2 color, Operett Szinhaz Drawing (reproduction), Gwen Verdon dancing, by Mark Cote (2, same)
Chicago, 15x19, mounted black and white photos
By Murray Laden, one of Gwen Verdon, one of Gwen Verdon and Chita Rivera
Chicago, caricature, on illustration board
By Mark Cote; this is an original; there are copies elsewhere
Damn Yankees, 15 x 19 1/2 black and white photo
Gwen Verdon in "Whatever Lola Wants" costume (damaged)
Damn Yankees, 16x19 photo montage
Sports Illustrated montage of magazine photos of Gwen Verdon in baseball uniform
The Mississippi Gambler, 9 1/2x12 1/2 color advertisement
Advertisement from magazine
Redhead, 13x16 black and white mounted photo
Gwen Verdon and Richard Kiley, by Murray Laden
BOX 86B Star 80, 16x20 black and white advertisement
Film advertisement
Sweet Charity (stage), sketch, 12 1/2 x 18
"Dear Ms. Charity ...," by Bob Costello
Various productions
  • Damn Yankees (film); 3 large ad cuts
  • Sweet Charity (stage), 15x22, color; Theatre de la Music production
  • Star 80; 15x21, handbill, color; 12x18, trade ad
BOX 86A Fosse
Caricature of Bob Fosse and scenes from shows, on illustration board, by Mark Cote
Fosse, 13x18, black and white ad
Mitsubishi ad of Bob Fosse
Verdon, 16x18 black and white (some color added) photo
Gwen Verdon dancing (damaged)
Verdon, 3 (fragile, damaged) mounted black and white photos, 10x13, 10 1/2 x 12 1/2, 10 1/2 x 12
By Marcus Blechman, early career publicity
Allan Jones, black and white 8x10 photo
Allan Jones; mounted with autograph to Gwen Verdon
Barney Martin, black and white mounted photo
Barney Martin, with autograph, "To Mary...4/24/76," photo by Martha Swope; 8x10 cardboard piece, with note: "To Gwen, I love you I love you, Barney"
BOX 85B All That Jazz
Several miscellaneous large-format casting photos
BOX 85C Cabaret: press reviews
Extensive; photocopies; 1972
Cabaret: press book
Post-Academy Awards; including review quotes, photos, other press
BOX 85B Costume Sketches, Gwen Verdon:
New Girl In Town (1); from unidentified television show (2)
Location research: 2 contact sheets
Photographs, large format
see Photo Files
Chicago: photograph, 11x14, black and white
Chita Rivera and Gwen Verdon
New Girl In Town: photograph, 11x14, black and white
By Friedman-Abeles; rehearsal shot of Gwen Verdon and Bob Fosse (used in publicity), including other dancers in background
Sweet Charity (stage): Ringling Bros. Circus; photographs, 11x14, black and white, 3 10x13, black and white, 2 11x14
Gwen Verdon waving from atop an elephant (who's wearing a Charity banner) (3 duplicates); 10x13: same series, with unidentified man in shot (1), and unidentified man next to elephant
Sweet Charity (film): photographs, 11x14, black and white, 25
  • Many by Larry Barbier (Universal Pictures); 3 separate matte folders marked "production stills," not in sequence: Bob Fosse setting up shots, directing Shirley MacLaine, between scenes, filming dances ("Frug") with Gwen Verdon assisting, general "director" shots - Bob Fosse on stepladder, giving directions to unseen crew, at the camera, with crew on street and in lake.
  • Bob Fosse directing Shirley MacLaine, in dance hall and on the street; Shirley MacLaine alone.
  • Gwen Verdon and Sammy Davis, Jr. recording "Big Daddy;" Bob Fosse directing "Brass Band" on sets, outdoors, etc.
  • Single photo of Gwen Verdon, Shirley MacLaine and Nicole Fosse.
  • 2 duplicate shots of Gwen Verdon, Bob Fosse, Shirley MacLaine, and Paddy Chayefsky and son.
Sweet Charity (film): photographs, 11x14, black and white, 12
Some by Larry Barbier (Universal Pictures); matte folder marked "film stills," several shots from "Rich Kids Frug" (4); "Brass Band" with Shirley MacLaine (1); Shirley MacLaine on rooftop (2); several with Sammy Davis and Shirley MacLaine; Chita Rivera (1)
Sweet Charity (film): photographs, 10 x 13 1/2, black and white, 6
"Fosse rehearsing MacLaine:" series from 5 different negatives of Bob Fosse showing Shirley MacLaine dance steps; focus is on Bob Fosse, Shirley MacLaine is partially visible (from rear) in several, Gwen Verdon is partially visible (from rear) in several
Sweet Charity (film): 11x14, black and white, 4
By Larry Barbier (Universal Pictures); matte folder marked "Fosse, Verdon, Simon:" 3 separate photos (1 dupe) of Neil Simon and daughters, Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon (visiting set?)
Bob Fosse, Miscellaneous
Portraits: photographs, 11x14, color, 2
By Steve Vaughan; Star 80 portrait: duplicates, Bob Fosse with cigarette in mouth and hands thrown up next to his head
Photograph: 11x14, black and white, 1
By Mike Tighe; mounted image, 6x7, Bob Fosse, seated, with leg up, 1975
Photograph, 9x14, black and white, 1
Undated head shot of Bob Fosse wearing sunglasses
Photograph, 11x14, black and white, 1
By Mary Ellen Mark; full length portrait of Bob Fosse in cutoffs and sunglasses, smoking and holding wine glass; used for "Mr. Abbott" program
Gwen Verdon, Miscellaneous
Photograph, 11x14, black and white, 1
By Carroll Seghers II; Gwen Verdon and Chita Rivera performing in top hat and tails
Photographs, 14x17, black and white, 2
Mounted photos of Gwen Verdon instructing, Colgate Community College Teaching Workshop: Gwen Verdon alone, Gwen Verdon working with a dancer
BOX 86C1 The Conquering Hero
Photographs, 11x14, black and white, 33
By Pat Ferrier; terrific series (few duplicates) photographed over a period: Bob Fosse at rehearsals. Many shots include actors and actresses, but the focus is Bob Fosse. Some have been used for publicity
BOX 86C2 The Little Prince
Photographs and negatives, 14x11, black and white, 50
Extensive, high quality stills, production shots, and informals of Bob Fosse choreographing and dancing his Snake Dance: plotting dance moves, speaking with director and actor, etc. Broad range of shots, with numerous duplicates. 1 4x5 negative of publicity still, Bob Fosse in tree. Also includes familiar silhouette shot of Bob Fosse dancing
BOX 86E Fosse
Front page of The Amundsen Log, 10/5/44 (Amundsen High School, Chicago), with banner: "Bob Fosse President"
Minnelli, Liza
Matted black and white photo in 14 x17 frame
Large format; see Photo Files
Bob Fosse, Portraits: photographs, 11x14, black and white, 3
By Britain Hill; series of 3 different shots of Bob Fosse, seated, with "OH WOW" poster in background
Gwen Verdon, Miscellaneous, (including benefits); photographs, 11x14, black and white, 7
Various photographers including Murray Laden: mounted photo, Gwen Verdon in glasses and straw hat (1); Ra Cantu: Gwen Verdon (and woman pianist) performing for the Bedside Network, Lyons VA Hospital, 1965 (3), and damaged print, same series, Gwen Verdon holding "Bedside Network Songbook" (1); Pat Ferrier: Elizabeth Seal and Gwen Verdon performing in a Postgraduate Center for Mental Health benefit, 1 of Seal alone, 2 of Seal and Gwen Verdon
Redhead, Rehearsal; photographs, 10 1/2 x 13 1/2, black and white, 4
From envelope marked "Orchestra Rehearsal and Pickpocket Tango;" Orchestra rehearsal: Gwen Verdon/Bob Fosse, rear silhouette surveying orchestra (1); Bob Fosse and composer Albert Hague (1); Gwen Verdon singing, with Jerry Blackton, Dorothy Fields, Albert Hague (1); different shots of Bob Fosse, Gwen Verdon and Bill Guski rehearsing "Pickpocket Tango" (2)
Redhead, photograph, 11x14, color, 2
By Linda Bartlett, production shots, each featuring Gwen Verdon, 1 seated drinking, 1 three shot
Sunday News Magazine, 11x14, color, laminated page, 1
Laminated page of Sunday News Magazine, 7/19/59, featuring photos from Redhead, with text
All That Jazz, photographs, 11x14, color, 3; 11x14, black and white, 2
Color: Roy Scheider in role (2); portrait shot of Roy Scheider and Erzebet Foldi (1); black and white: All That Jazz in neon lights (2)
Cabaret, photograph, 9x12, color, 1
Fosse directing Minnelli - the camera is behind Fosse, he's gesturing with his hands, Munich set
Photograph, 9x14, black and white
Liza Minnelli, in still from another film, perhaps "...Junie Moon;" casting file shot?
Damn Yankees (stage), photographs, various formats, black and white, 5
Life Magazine photographer: damaged print, Bob Fosse rehearsing cast (he's striding with head in hands) (1, 9 x 13 1/2); Sun-Times, Leo Friedman: different scenes of Gwen Verdon and Ray Walston (2, 10x13); Leo Friedman: different shots marked "Yankees in New Haven tryout. This piece was cut and replaced by Who's Got The Pain," Gwen Verdon with gorilla in one shot, dancing with group in the other (2, 9x13 and 10 1/2 x 13 1/2); Leo Friedman: different shots of Stephen Douglass and Gwen Verdon in Lola number (2, 10x13)
Damn Yankees (stage), photographs, 10x12, black and white, 1
Bob Fosse, Gwen Verdon, group at the Tony Awards
Damn Yankees, photograph, 8x13, black and white 1
Retouched "Lola" Verdon portrait, used for publicity
Dancin', photographs, 11x14, black and white, 4
By Lene Costello; 2 shots, and duplicates of each of Dancin' cast, informal
Give A Girl A Break, lobby card, 11x14, color, 1
Lobby card: Bob Fosse, Gower Champion, and Debbie Reynolds
Pippin, photograph, 11x14, black and white, 1
Full length photo of Leland Palmer
New Girl In Town, photographs, 10 x 13 1/2 to 11x14, black and white, 18
By Friedman-Abeles; series of publicity shots for New Girl: Gwen Verdon and George Wallace on the docks of NYC, including Gwen Verdon cooking, Gwen Verdon with longshoremen in bar, Gwen Verdon dancing on the docks, etc.
Sweet Charity (stage), photographs, 9 1/2 x 13 1/2 to 11x12, black and white, 4
By Al Stewart; stills from several different scenes, each featuring Gwen Verdon (very chiaroscuro), and one enlargement of still
Photographs, 9x13, black and white, 2
By Mark Kauffman (Life); photos of Gwen Verdon in dressing gown, seated, "After the show, 1966"
Photographs, 11x 14, black and white, 4
By Friedman-Abeles; 2 separate shots for production publicity, each with duplicate: a) Charity: twisted foot, hand on hip, finger in mouth; b) backwards glance, hand on hip (poster)
Sweet Charity (revival - Debbie Allen), photographs, 11x14, black and white, 2
By Robert Kalfus (NY Post); cast, Cy Coleman, Debbie Allen, Bob Fosse at piano, 1986; Debbie Allen, Bob Fosse, and Gwen Verdon, 1986
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