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Individual Production, Project, and Performance Files (continued)
Burnt Offerings (Fosse)
BOX 13C Casting
Photo/resumes; agency client lists
Bob Fosse handwritten drafts; miscellaneous correspondence re: acquiring a house for the set; memo to Larry Turman re: Barbara Streisand casting; various memos, letters, progress reports, casting suggestions, script discussions between Bob Fosse and Turman of 20th Century-Fox, 1970's
BOX 14D Budget
Production budget, 1970
Financial: Fosse personal
Bob Fosse's CA travel expenses: hotel, airfare, personal miscellaneous; few notes on Burnt Offerings' costs
Casting, including memos (1 of 2)
Photo/resumes and correspondence from prospective actors and agents; Turman and Andrea Brandt memos on casting; Bob Fosse notes on readings; interview schedules with notes; lists of candidates and possibilities; extensive
Casting, including memos (2 of 2)
Continuation of above file
Several Bob Fosse handwritten notes on costs, locations, etc.; address list
BOX 13A Screenplay, revised, orange paper cover 117 pp.; unmarked
Screenplay, revised, orange paper cover 117 pp.; unmarked
Screenplay, revised, orange paper cover 117 pp.; unmarked
Screenplay, revised, orange paper cover 117 pp.; unmarked; has "sex operation" written in pencil on title page
Screenplay, revised, orange paper cover 115 pp.
Screenplay, revised
Marked "Turman Notes" on cover; 117 pp.; annotation by Lawrence Turman
Screenplay, revised, yellow CMA paper cover 105 pp.; few annotations
BOX 13B Screenplay, revised, brown spring binder 117 pp.; unmarked
"Burnt Offerings or How I Spent Our Summer;" "CBS comments," 5/6/70, 3 pp. in front; 133 pp.; heavily annotated, plus characters, possible cuts, notes on art and set directors, and "movies to see"
BOX 13A Screenplay, black paper cover
"Burnt Offerings or How I Spent Our Summer;" 133 pp.; unmarked
BOX 13B Screenplay, "rewrite", black spring binder
Cover marked "rewrite"; shooting script; 109 pp.;annotated
Script pages
Annotated, cuts and dialogue changes; 35 pp.
Script revisions, 5/12/70
Script revisions, 5/12/70 duplicate
Script revisions, 5/12/70 duplicate
Script revisions, 5/12/70 duplicate
"Script rewrites, 9-10/70" 20 pp.; few markings; letter from Robert Marasco, 11/20/70 re: script changes
BOX 14D Fosse script notes
20 pp. handwritten; 1 p. typed Paddy Chayevsky notes; 20th Century-Fox outline notes, 1969
Cabaret (Fosse)
BOX 16E Magazine Reviews
New York, Feb. 21, 1972: "Best of Both Worlds," by Judith Crist
L'uomo Vogue, June/July 1973: "Dal Teatro al Cabaret," "Il Volo Di Michael York," and "Bob Fosse"
After Dark, Feb. 1972: "Maybe This Time - a photo preview of Cabaret," by Neil Applebaum Chaplin 116, No.5 1972: "Cabaret," by Torsten Manns
Time, Feb. 28, 1972: "Liza - Fire, Air and a Touch of Anguish," by Gerald Clarke (4 copies)
Newsweek, Feb. 28, 1972: "Liza Minnelli: A Star Is Born," by S. K. Oberbeck (2 copies)
Time, April 9, 1973: " Hollywood's Revenge" (on Cabaret Oscars)
Life, Feb. 4, 1972: "Liza" (2 copies)
BOX 16F Press Reviews
Including radio and television transcripts, magazine clips and photocopies of newspaper clippings, etc.
Newspaper Clippings
BOX 16A Unit Lists
Location Memos, 1971
Location and set research
BOX 16B Cy Feuer
Correspondence from envelope marked "Cy Feuer," containing Bob Fosse's insurance application, Bob Fosse hand-written notes and letter to Martin re: production problems (pertaining to overheard Feuer phone call); Cy Feuer correspondence, 1970-71, re: script and score
Casting: Dancers, Germany
Audition schedules, memos, notes, lists of dancers
BOX 16A Costumes
Costume/character/production number lists, 1971; wardrobe memos
BOX 16D Lyrics
Shooting and editing notes, and timing for these lyrics, extensively annotated; "Cabaret," "Mein Herr"
Editing and shooting notes, "Maybe This Time," and "Two Ladies"
Lyric sheets, music notes, "Wilkommen," and "Wilkommen Finale"
Music notes, editing notes, "Tomorrow Belongs to Me"
Music notes, choreography notes, "If You Could See Her Now," and "Money"
BOX 16B Set Designs
Set plot and memos, plus blueprint designs for various sets
Preview Cards
For 1972 Los Angeles and Anaheim previews
BOX 16A Research, Germany
Postcards and photos for location, set and costume research: Munich, Berlin, Hamburg
BOX 16B Contracts
Bob Fosse contract, 1970, and correspondence; handwritten notes by Bob Fosse
German budgets, including formal 1970 complete budget; Cabaret costume count; ABC interdepartmental memos, 1971 re: production representatives and budget, associate producer assignments; employment letter, unit publicist, budget and shooting schedule for period vehicles; memos on added costs, sets, mechanicals
BOX 16A Memoranda, German Office
1971, miscellaneous informational office memos, re: rehearsal rooms, expenses, staff/crew hiring; preproduction research on photos and films; information on dancers; cast and crew flight schedules, etc.
BOX 16B Shooting Schedules
Breakdown sheets, based on 10/22/70 script
BOX 16C Casting
Memos, resumes, letters, photos
BOX 16D Songs And Notes
From file marked "Songs," annotated, revised lyric sheets; extensive Bob Fosse drafts of lyrics
BOX 16B Fosse Notes
"Cabaret Ideas" notebook, with handwritten notes, including cinematography and editing
Premiere Program
Includes ad cut, and Spanish ad
Foreign Stage Productions
Programs: Theater An Der Wien, 1970-71; Det Danske Teater, 1969-70
Financial, Fosse personal expenses
London, Germany bills and receipts for hotels, travel, meals, etc.; memos to Cy Feuer re: living expenses, etc.
Correspondence, re: film crew and staff
1970 memos, correspondence and resumes, re: cameramen, costume designers, director of photography, editors, and so on; includes Bob Fosse handwritten interview notes and Robert Surtees correspondence
Correspondence, Fosse personal
Miscellaneous memos, Bob Fosse notes; correspondence with Surtees, John Kobal on books, hiring, etc.; pamphlet of Cabaret sketches "It had been a big pleasure to work for you... Ladies group sextette;" miscellaneous banking, etc.
1973-83: legal correspondence and statements, including ABC's financial statements on Cabaret; 1971 Writers Guild correspondence re: credit arbitration; contractual payment schedules, residuals, etc.
BOX 16A - B Production Miscellaneous
German vocabulary list; fact sheet on Munich, flight schedules, Germany; hotel lists, contact sheets; ABC letter, 1971 on editing schedule; G. Unsworth, cameraman memo on filming concerns; period vehicle/location lists; cast start/finish schedule; London schedule; Germany brochure; Bob Fosse "To Do" handwritten memo for Europe; Bob Fosse handwritten note on Surtees; other miscellaneous information and notes
BOX 16A Editing Miscellaneous
Sequence breakdown/synopsis 7/11/90; musical numbers and spots, with timing, 6/25/70
BOX 16B Script Notes (from friends)
From file marked "Friends' notes after reading script," including comments from Neil Simon, Bob Aurthur,Gwen Verdon; 10/6/70 letter from Cy Feuer to W.E. Dodd (Allied Artists' president) on changes in first draft screenplay suggested by Dodd; Bob Fosse's script notes, typed and handwritten
Dialogue Revisions
Notes on various script pages, much in Bob Fosse's hand
Script Miscellaneous
Sequence breakdowns, musical numbers, locations, and appropriate script pages
BOX 16C Casting
Letters, photo/resumes, correspondence, audition schedules, memos
BOX 85B Press Clippings Book
Post-Academy Awards; large format, 12x16, including quotes, photos, other press
Cabaret Press
Extensive press reviews, all photocopies; 1972
BOX 85F Cabaret Posters
Color, Italian, 40x55, (1); Color, 27x41, (3 copies)
[Note: Identifications such as "Director's final draft," or "rehearsal draft," are taken directly from the scripts themselves, as are dates. Scripts may be duplicates. The terms "annotated," "notations," "markings" refer not only to commentary written on the scripts, but also any cuts, revisions, dialogue changes, etc., that have been marked on a particular script.]
BOX 15A Script, 1st draft, blue vinyl cover
Marked # 30; 129 pp.; no annotations
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