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Individual Production, Project, and Performance Files (continued)
Actor's Choice: 'Round The Wondrous (Verdon)
BOX 43A Script
"The Writings of Lewis Carroll," by David Novak; read for WNDT/CH.13; reading script only; 61 pp.
Alice (Verdon)
Souvenir program; invitation
Newspaper Clippings
Alive and Kicking (Verdon)
Newspaper Clippings
Playbill, Hershey Theatre, 1950
Playbill ad; 1 p. lyrics; ticket order blank
All That Jazz (Fosse)
Fosse Editing Notes
[Note: All the following files marked "Editing notes" contain handwritten notes by Bob Fosse (and possibly assistants) on the editing of particular scenes.]
BOX 3D "Katie/Joe Bedroom, Sc. 38+"
"Dan demonstrates song, Sc. 33"
"Take Off (after "number")"
"Victoria: breakdown, Sc. 42"
"Rehearsal III, Joe walks out; Sc. 44A"
"Roy/Leland/Tony, Sc. 45"
"Take off, part I, Sc. 52"
"Take off, transition from parts 1-2, Sc. 52"
"Bob's notes for scene 52"
"1st rehearsal into menage"
"Flashback, nightclub, Sc. 22+"
"Any Seat rehearsal, Sc. 36AA"
"Joe's apt. (Debbie), Sc. 13/15/17"
"Will reading; Sc. 128"
"Projection Room, Sc. 12"
"Audition: lineup, producers, Murray, Joe/Audrey/Michelle; Producers/Audrey, Joe/Audrey, Sc. 4/5/7/8/9/ (sic)"
"First cutting room, Sc. 11"
"Audition, Sc. 4"
"Morning wakeup"
"Limbo, Not Used"
"Leslie Perry Review, Sc. 122"
"Lead In: Everything Old is New Again"
"Everything Old is New Again, Sc. 59"
"2nd O'Conner Flood, Sc. 129"
"Corridor, surgery team & Audrey/Katie, Sc. 130"
"Insurance/surgery, Sc. 134-141B"
"Hospital hallucination number, Sc. 143" (including lyric sheet with light cues)
"Fiorello's Restaurant, Sc. 145"
"Heart attack after operation, Sc. 150/151/152"
"Old lady dying, Sc. 168"
"Bye Bye Life, Sc. 173"
"Michelle scene (Joe in BA)"
"Limbo - doctors, Sc. 127"
"Corridor: Ann/Max/Rackmil, angiogram, Sc. 125/126"
"Limbo: some people collect stamps, Sc. 82"
"Lighting stage (Bill/John/Jules), Sc. 82"
"Intercuts: Broadway Arts & hospital, Sc. 64-81"
"Examining room, Sc. 63"
"Book reading - cabs, 1st hospital"
Casting Files
[Note: The casting files contain photo/resumes, letters from applicants and agents, and occasional notes on applicants.]
BOX 4A General
BOX 4B General
BOX 4C "Women"
BOX 4D General, "rejects"
BOX 4E General
BOX 5A "Strippers"
"Young girls"
"Old women"
"Cafeteria people"
"Dancers, Take Off with Us"
"Character women, nurses, 25-35"
"Character women, nurses, 18-25"
"Character women over 35"
"Character men, 20-30"
BOX 5B "Men, 40-55"
"People to see"
"Men, 30-40"
Also contains audition schedules, contact lists
Fosse notes
Grey clip folder marked "Casting - All That Jazz - Fosse;" audition schedules, notes, few photo/resumes, suggestions from agents, character lists with possible actors, extensive handwritten notes by Bob Fosse
BOX 5C Fosse folder
White clip folder, including cast list, photo/resumes,audition schedules and notes, calendar pages, cast deal memos, film storage inventory, set dressing inventory, casting notes, publicity for South America, contact sheets for cast and crew,shooting schedules, etc.
BOX 5B Selected cast
Resumes and photos, tagged with names, of those actors and actresses selected for film
General Files
BOX 5C Deal memos
Cast deal memos, 1978; shooting schedule, #4
Contact Sheets
For All That Jazz and Dancin', staff, crew, locations
Including photos of graphics for "directed by BF"
Cannes Film Festival statement; Columbia Pictures preliminary production information, including bios of Bob Fosse, motion picture stars, and crew; miscellaneous, e.g. air dates for Ann Reinking appearances
BOX 6A Tech Crew Resumes
BOX 5C Production Miscellaneous
Memos, miscellaneous invoices re: Fosse personal expenses; snapshot on set; 1976 Syosset Musical Workshop Tribute to Fosse; "Tommy McCarthy post-production schedule;" miscellaneous correspondence, Fosse and Michael Shurtleff, 1976; 2 interesting letters on casting leads between Shurtleff and Fosse, 1978; 3/11/77 2 pp. letter (notable), from Shurtleff to Bob Fosse, explaining the story of Joe Gideon from his perspective; Columbia Pictures correspondence re: marketing/publicity staff introductions; inventories pricing cameras, electrical supplies, Art Dept., wardrobe, etc.; Giuseppe Rotunno letter 1978 to Fosse
BOX 5D Press Book: Cannes
Large press clippings book, French, re: Palm d'Or, Cannes
BOX 5C Brazil/Argentina Publicity Tour
Very miscellaneous notes
BOX 6A Budget
Budget, undated, with ICM memo: "This is the one we're using"; preliminary budgets, 5/6/77 and 5/9/77; delay cost estimates, 7/5/78 to 7/17/78
BOX 5C Film Storage Inventory
BOX 6A Foreign
Updates on foreign film results
Music rights and costs, revised, 1979 by scene; Bob Fosse handwritten notes on music needed for film
Possible Crew
Resumes for costume designers, PAs, asst. directors, etc.; staff and crew contact list
Preliminary Notes, Fosse
Fosse file, including scene list, locations/sets, script pages, quotes, possible dialogue, audition schedules and notes; 1976 miscellaneous notes, from friends and colleagues; extensive random notes, e.g.: "Notes on latter part of All That Jazz, 6/19/76; list of "possible events" in film; 1 script page, listing dances and timings
Letters re: credits on paid ads, 1978; correspondence re: Richard Dreyfuss' breach of contract; question of Paramount payment, 1977; correspondence between DGA and Columbia Pictures on credits billing
BOX 6B Magazine Articles
  • Cue, 2/1/80: "The Importance of Being Roy," by Cynthia Heimel
  • Screen, 5/17/80: "The Million Dollar Backlot," by Sue Emmett and "The Tireless Perfectionist," by David Aldredge, and "Cannes Festival" report
  • People, 3/3/90: "After three coronaries and ical surgery, Bob Fosse puts his heart and soul into All That Jazz," by Barbara Rowes
  • After Dark, 2/80: "Fosse Reflects On Fosse," by Kenneth L. Geist (2 copies)
  • Playboy, 9/80: "Interview: Roy Scheider"
  • Playboy, 3/80: "Movies"
  • American Film, 11/79: "Life as a Long Rehearsal," by Bernard Drew (3 copies)
  • Le Nouveau Film Francaise, 5/17/80: Cannes - All That Jazz report
  • Life, 11/79: "Fosse's Ego Trip," by Chris Chase
  • The Observer, 6/29/89: "Work, Women - and All That Jazz," by Goodman/Bygrave
  • Sunday Times (London), "I Wanna Be a Dancin' Man" (2 copies)
  • Newsweek, 12/24/79: "Dance of Death," by Jack Kroll (2 copies); MD: "Films" review
Press Reviews
This category includes transcripts of radio and television coverage, as well as print reviews
Brazil/Argentina Press
BOX 6C Newspaper Clippings
Fosse: Dance/Music Notes, Miscellaneous
Few pages of notes (not Fosse) on All That Jazz dance; couple song sheets, Bob Fosse lyrics and notes
BOX 7C - D Music
"Emile Charlap" envelope marked: "Allan Heim, production parts, music" consisting of ozalid arrangements of music for the film by Ralph Burns. Some loose music material
BOX 85G Miscellaneous Music
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