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Individual Production, Project, and Performance Files (continued)
Chicago (Fosse and Verdon) (continued)
Research: Beulah Annin
Articles on Beulah Annin and a few other characters: cover sheets (listing specific stage characters) and clippings pertaining to the actual person who was the basis for the character; also, notes on meetings with researchers
Research: 1920's
Police files, newspaper clippings
Research: Annin's police files and trial transcript 50 pp., including a letter from Ian Shearn, researcher
Research: Annin reportage
Cover letter from Alison Price, researcher, and miscellaneous correspondence with researchers; excerpts from news-clippings, trial transcripts and reportage, 80 pp., including "Gene Siskel" research
BOX 18G Magazine Reviews
After Dark, 6/75: "Gwen Verdon and Chicago: The Reincarnation of Roxie Hart," by Clarke
Taylor (3 copies)
People, 6/23/75: "On Stage: Separated but still mated professionally, Gwen Verdon hoofs for her
Centre Stage, 9-10/77: "Bob Fosse: From Dancer to Director," by Lawrence O'Toole
Cue, 7/7-13/75
Cue, 6/16-22/75: "All About Evil," by Marilyn Stasio
Dance Magazine, 11/75: "Bob Fosse's Chicago: Roxie's Razzle Dazzle and All That Jazz," by Richard Philp
Footlights, 6/78: "Ladies of the Evening: Gwen Verdon, Portrait by Peter Michael Carlisle" (same, Chita Rivera, Portrait) (3 copies)
Vogue, 9/75: "People Are Talking About.., Chicago, That Razzle Dazzle Musical," by Leo Lerman
BOX 18F Programs
Playbill, Forrest Theatre, 1975 (autographed to Bob Fosse from Paul Solen); playbill, 46th St. Theatre, 5/75; Stagebill (Chicago, IL) 4/78 (4 copies); Playbills, 46th St. Theatre: 7/75, 6/77, 8/75, 3/77; Playbill, Colonial Theatre, 9/77
Programs, international productions
Program and handbill: Teatro El Nacional, Buenos Aires, 1977; programs only for the following: Greece, 1982; Aarhus Theatre, 1976; Theater in Freiburg, 1981; Abo Svenska Teater, Finland, 1976; Teater Arena, Ghent, Belgium, 1980-81; Operett Szinhaz, Hungary; Stadsteatern, 3/11/76 (European premiere); Helsingin Kaupungin Teater (and handbill); Det Danske Teater, 1976-77; Hamburger Thalia Theater, 1977; Riksteatern, Sweden, 1976; handbill: Arena Teater, Ghent, Belgium; handbill and program: Ungdommens Teater, 1977
The Hanna Theatre, Cleveland, 1978; Harrah's Marina, Atlantic City, 1985; University of Akron, Ohio program, autographed to Bob Fosse by Arlene Fontana
Program, 1927 production
From 2/21/27 play Chicago by Maurine Watkins, staged by George Abbott, autographed by George Abbott
BOX 18C Stage Managers' Reports, 1975-78
BOX 18D Music
For "It," " Funny Honey," "Roxie," " Razzle Dazzle," "We Both Reached for the Gun," "Loopin' on the Loop," "Me & My Baby," "My Own Best Friend"
BOX 19B Press Reviews, miscellaneous productions
Press Reviews, foreign productions
Press Reviews, 1973
Press Reviews, 1975
Newspaper Clippings, 1975
Press Reviews, 1977
Press Reviews, 1978
Newspaper Clippings, 1978
Press Reviews, 1979
Press Reviews, 1985
BOX 18C Tech Notes, undated
BOX 18B Casting, 1974-75
Correspondence with Michael Shurtleff; audition schedules; character lists; callback sheets; photo/resumes and letters; audition lists with Bob Fosse notes
Photo/resumes; audition cards; Bob Fosse notes
Casting, 1976-77
See above
Photo/resumes; undated correspondence
BOX 18C Television Commercials
1975 correspondence re: commercial spots, plus television schedule
Rehearsal and production schedules
1974 and undated; including contact lists
Correspondence and schedules, 1978
A few 1978 promotional schedules for Verdon and Rivera
1974 correspondence re: Bob Fosse production contacts; royalty agreements and correspondence about reductions in royalties, 1974-76; 1974 prospectus for Chicago Company; Verdon's 9/74 agreement with Chicago Co.; closing notice; file covers 1974-82, but material is sparse after 1976
Financial, 1974-79
Financial statements and budgets, 1974-79, including estimated production costs, 1974, and weekly operating budgets; assorted financial statements for 1975, 1977
Correspondence, miscellaneous
Several theatre-goers' complaints
Correspondence, re: script
Fred Ebb's notes on script reviews, undated; 4/23/78 letter re: script reviews, with Bob Fosse marginal notes
BOX 18E Playscript
French's musical library publication of Chicago script (3 copies)
BOX 19B Calendar, 1986
"Hirschfeld's Broadway," including Chicago caricature; Chicago publicity card
BOX 17C Chicago (Watkins)
Playscript of Maurine Watkins play; photocopied press clippings from original (Watkins) production
BOX Items 97C, 97K Posters and Handbills
Black and white, 17x24 photo of trade ad for film (1); 16x27 1/2 color lobby poster from Det Danske Teater (1); 41x59 color poster, 46th Street Theatre
BOX 93B Handbill, Framed
14x21 color handbill, Abo Svenska Theatre, in clear plastic modular frame
BOX 86A Handbills and Illustrations
Single matte folder:
Handbill, color, 14x19, Alexander Theatre, 1977; Handbill, 16 1/2x23 1/2, color, Teater Arena; Poster, 20x27 1/2 color, Operett Szinhaz Drawing (reproduction), Verdon dancing, by Mark Cote (2, same)
Caricature, on illustration board, by Mark Cote; this is an original; there are copies elsewhere
BOX 85F Sketch
12x15 pencil drawing by Graff, 1978, of Ann Reinking and Liza Minnelli as Roxie Hart; mattted in
20x23 frame
BOX 86A Photos
15x19, mounted black and white photos, both by Murray Laden, one of Verdon, one of Verdon and Chita Rivera
BOX 87A Framed Poster
16x20, color, 46th St. Theatre
[Note: Identifications such as "Director's final draft," or "rehearsal draft," are taken directly from the scripts themselves, as are dates. Scripts may be duplicates. The terms "annotated," "notations," "markings" refer not only to commentary written on the scripts, but also any cuts, revisions, dialogue changes, etc., that have been marked on a particular script. Covers have been removed.]
BOX 17A Script, 1st draft
Marked # 39, "1st draft, 8/3/73; no annotations; 136 pp.
Script, 1st draft, blue vinyl cover
Marked # 7, "1st draft, 8/3/73; no annotations; 136 pp.
Script, 1st draft, blue vinyl cover
Marked # 40; "1st draft, 8/13/73 (?);" 136 pp.; no annotations
Script, black vinyl cover
Undated; no annotations; 106 pp. plus property list
Script, black vinyl cover
Undated; no annotations; 106 pp. plus property list
Script, black vinyl cover; 106 pp. plus property list; annotated, with handwritten dance notes on final page
Rehearsal script, black spring binder marked "Gwen Verdon," inside red binder
Marked # 26, "Rehearsal script, 10/21/74;" 134+ pp.; much handwritten notation, mainly 1st Act
BOX 17B Rehearsal script, black spring binder
Marked "10/21/74;" handwritten notation, including dance notes, etc.; 136+ pp.
Rehearsal script, black clip binder
Marked 10/21/74; 71 pp., 1st Act only; unmarked
Playscript, Watkins, wood-grain vinyl clip binder
"Chicago, A Play in 3 Acts," by Maurine Watkins; 103+ pp., including property plot, electrical plot, sketches, annotations
Script pages
Both Act I and II; 150+ pp.; some handwritten notes
Script pages
Some revisions dating 3/8/75; handwritten notations and changes
150 pp.; from folder marked "Script corrections, 4/7/75; annotated
98+ pp., marked "Script corrections;" has felt marker and pencil notation
"Old script pages"
Very assorted pages, including entire handwritten pages; typed "outline;" important file, heavily annotated
BOX 17C Script
Marked # 99, "1st draft, 8/3/73;" 132 pp.; unmarked
BOX 19A Script, brown vinyl 3 ring binder
Director's script, including rehearsal and production schedules 2/24/75; tabbed by scenes; with revisions and notations
BOX 17C Playscript, Watkins
Chicago, by Maurine Watkins, 1927 (Alfred A. Knopf); see also playscript in paper files, listed elsewhere
  • Phono record,"Chicago Surprise 1975 - Happy Holidays from Peter Howard"
  • Location: MBRS
BOX 19A Script, Gwen Verdon
From discarded 3 ring binder; contains script, revised pages, personal notes, clippings, etc.; heavily annotated by Verdon
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