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Individual Production, Project, and Performance Files (continued)
The Dinah Shore Show
1959 contract, Bob Fosse choreography for "Erbie Fitch's Twitch", from Redhead
Endings (Fosse)
[Note: Title of the film is referred to both as Ending and Endings.]
BOX 14C - D Casting
BOX 14C Casting
"Possible people to see in NY" photo/resumes
"People seen in CA" photo/resumes
"People who have been seen" photo/resumes
BOX 14B Casting
Fosse audition notes, blue cover notebook
Bob Fosse's notebook; has audition schedules, notes on characters and actors; extensive
BOX 14C Casting
"CA" Interview schedules and notes
"NY" Interview schedules and notes
BOX 14B Fosse Notebook
Composition book marked "Ending;" contains notes by Bob Fosse (handwritten) and others; plus clipping on the book "Ending", loose news clippings on hospices; Pete Hamill and Herb Gardner notes on Ending script; transcript of notes for film called Dying; documentary shot list; Stuart Ostrow notes on script; Robert Alan Aurthur's article, "Thoughts on the Death of My Father"
Magazine clippings on book "Ending" by Hilma Wolitzer, on death, disease, dying; notes on the movie Dying; brochures on hospitals and medical centers; medical reports on myeloma disease; questionnaires for physicians, including that of 8/26/76 meeting with physician in E. Hampton on dying and ethics; outline/synopsis of Ending by script reader; notes on stages of death; clippings on cancer treatments
Legal, 1974-76
Correspondence re: agreement with Hilda Wolitzer; R. A. Aurthur's agreement, 10/74 and revisions (including memos to Ostrow on this); draft and memos on Ostrow/Fosse agreement, 1975; CPA letter to Ostrow on taxes
BOX 14D Production Schedule and budget
2/5/76 shooting schedule and preliminary production budget; cover memo, Steve Kesten
BOX 14B Production Miscellany
Script record; photo/resumes; letters; notes on crew applicants
[Note: Identifications such as "Director's final draft," or "rehearsal draft," are taken directly from the scripts themselves, as are dates. Scripts may be duplicates. The terms "annotated," "notations," "markings" refer not only to commentary written on the scripts, but also any cuts, revisions, dialogue changes, etc., that have been marked on a particular script. Initial scripts were titled Ending; the revisions and final are titled Endings.]
BOX 13D Screenplay, 2nd draft revisions
Marked "9/4/75, 9/11/75;" 129 pp.; some annotation, cuts, additions, etc.; Endings
Marked "9/4/75, 9/11/75;" 129 pp.; Endings; partial script carbon, not annotated, plus miscellaneous heavily annotated revised pages; Bob Fosse/Aurthur (?) notes on script; letter to Ostrow and Bob Fosse from Aurthur (?), 1975, on script; documentary shot list with revisions; Aurthur's (?) outline and notes for meeting with Bob Fosse, 12/18/74; other noted dated 12/75; this file contains extensive material
Screenplay, 2nd draft
Marked "94/75, 9/11/75," Endings; 136 pp.; photocopy with few markings
BOX 13C Screenplay revisions 100 pp.; extensive revisions
BOX 13D Screenplay, 11/11/75
Marked Ending; 103 pp.; few changes, several loose pages; photocopy
BOX 14A Screenplay, 12/1/75
Marked #20; 105 pp.; few markings
Screenplay, 12/1/75
Marked #6; 105 pp.; unmarked
Screenplay, 12/1/75
Marked #2; 105 pp.; unmarked
Screenplay, 12/1/75, purple cover
Marked #21; 105 pp.; unmarked except for Bob Fosse notes on title page
Screenplay, 2nd draft, pink folder
Seems to be 2 separate scripts; 1 = 132 pp.; 2 = marked "2nd draft," is only 44 pp.; few annotations on both
Funny Girl (Fosse)
BOX 44A Script, 9/6/63, yellow paper cover; 36 pp.; unmarked
Script, 9/6/63, yellow paper cover; 36 pp.; unmarked
Script, revised
Incomplete, mainly Act II; revised pages; unmarked; undated; 36 pp.
Script, Act II, blue and white paper cover; 38 pp; unmarked
Script, red paper cover
Acts I and II; 84 pp.; undated; some annotation, Act II
Script, 6/19/63, black cover
Act I only; 52 pp.; extensive annotations in Bob Fosse's hand
Script, Act I
Act I only; 22 pp.; revised pages dated 9/6/63; unmarked
"Script pages, old 2nd Act"
"Script pages, Act II revisions
Music/song plot, that is, breakdown of songs by Act and breakdown of numbers by characters; song outline Act II; lyrics with notes
"Ideas - old scenes - untyped lyrics, and some correspondence"
From folder marked same; also includes old plot synopsis
"Extra lyrics"
From folder marked same; also, breakdown of numbers by characters
Set Designs
One page audition schedule and notes; 2 photo/resumes
Bob Fosse handwritten 3 pp. letter draft, re: his withdrawal from show; telegram 9/17/63 Ray Stark to Bob Fosse re: same
8/63 draft of Bob Fosse director/choreographer agreement, with pages of notes; material on Bob Fosse withdrawal, 9/63, from show, including agreement, associated correspondence, and newspaper clipping
Souvenir program; telegram re: premiere party cancellation
The Garry Moore Show (CBS TV) (Fosse and Verdon)
BOX 44A Legal
Fosse contract for dancing
Verdon's appearance contract, CBS TV, 1965; 1963 correspondence, including draft agreement on Jimmy Dean Show (she turned this show down)
BOX 57C Music
The Girl I Left Home For (Verdon)
BOX 57C Music, Miscellaneous
How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying (Fosse)
BOX 44E Programs
46th Street Theatre Playbill, 11/5/62; souvenir program
BOX 44C Newspaper Clippings, New York
Newpsaper Clippings, Philadelphia
Newspaper Clippings, general
Script, blue vinyl cover
Undated; 131 pp; Bob Fosse notes on staging, songs, etc.
Marked "Bob Fosse #33 revised;" undated; 151 pp.; with property list, costume plot; prop plot; light and music cues; not annotated
Financial, 1 of 2
Correspondence 1964-75, extensive; this is material related to financial matters, primarily negotiations and payments to Bob Fosse for US and international productions of How To Succeed; also including some box office statements, NYC 1964 and London Company; some Feuer/Martin correspondence re: royalties and disagreements
Financial, 2 of 2
Continuation of above
Press Reviews
Including press book, 1961
Several rehearsal schedules for national company
BOX 93A Poster
Framed poster, 15x23, color, 46th St. Theatre
Kiss Me Kate (Fosse)
BOX 44C Newspaper Clippings
One royalty statement, 2/18/65
Legs (Verdon)
Newspaper Clippings
BOX 85F Miscellaneous
11x14 poster board thank you card from Legs cast to Gwen Verdon
Lenny (Fosse) - Paper
BOX 20A Casting
Various male roles photo/resumes
  • Bob Fosse notes and memos discussing various actresses; casting suggestions from Juliet Taylor Casting; interview/auditions schedules and notes; polaroids, photo/resumes; correspondence - 1973; extensive file
  • Photo/resumes; polaroids
  • Photo/resumes; polaroids; memos and letters
Photo/resumes; polaroids; memos and letters
General files
Call back lists, 12/73; cast breakdown lists 11/20/73; memo, 12/3/73 on "dates and suggested cast deals;" casting lists, McDermont Talent Agency; audition notes, including Florida casting; correspondence, Michael Shurtleff; resumes: crew and cast; many casting suggestions and Bob Fosse notes
Crew Lists
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