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Individual Production, Project, and Performance Files (continued)
The Girl I Left Home For (Verdon)
BOX 57C Music, Miscellaneous
How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying (Fosse)
BOX 44E Programs
46th Street Theatre Playbill, 11/5/62; souvenir program
BOX 44C Newspaper Clippings, New York
Newpsaper Clippings, Philadelphia
Newspaper Clippings, general
Script, blue vinyl cover
Undated; 131 pp; Bob Fosse notes on staging, songs, etc.
Marked "Bob Fosse #33 revised;" undated; 151 pp.; with property list, costume plot; prop plot; light and music cues; not annotated
Financial, 1 of 2
Correspondence 1964-75, extensive; this is material related to financial matters, primarily negotiations and payments to Bob Fosse for US and international productions of How To Succeed; also including some box office statements, NYC 1964 and London Company; some Feuer/Martin correspondence re: royalties and disagreements
Financial, 2 of 2
Continuation of above
Press Reviews
Including press book, 1961
Several rehearsal schedules for national company
BOX 93A Poster
Framed poster, 15x23, color, 46th St. Theatre
Kiss Me Kate (Fosse)
BOX 44C Newspaper Clippings
One royalty statement, 2/18/65
Legs (Verdon)
Newspaper Clippings
BOX 85F Miscellaneous
11x14 poster board thank you card from Legs cast to Gwen Verdon
Lenny (Fosse) - Paper
BOX 20A Casting
Various male roles photo/resumes
  • Bob Fosse notes and memos discussing various actresses; casting suggestions from Juliet Taylor Casting; interview/auditions schedules and notes; polaroids, photo/resumes; correspondence - 1973; extensive file
  • Photo/resumes; polaroids
  • Photo/resumes; polaroids; memos and letters
Photo/resumes; polaroids; memos and letters
General files
Call back lists, 12/73; cast breakdown lists 11/20/73; memo, 12/3/73 on "dates and suggested cast deals;" casting lists, McDermont Talent Agency; audition notes, including Florida casting; correspondence, Michael Shurtleff; resumes: crew and cast; many casting suggestions and Bob Fosse notes
Crew Lists
Correspondence re: musical director/composer; Herbie Hancock package; music: "Yesterday" (Beatles)
BOX 20B Schedules: pre-production, shooting
Interiors list/by scene; shooting schedule 1/18/74; preproduction: Dustin Hoffman and Valerie Perrine; memo re: Geoffrey Unsworth; travel schedule; memo re: Miami location survey
BOX 20A Crew Resumes
Resumes for positions of costume designer, art director, production designer, production manager, production assistants, film editor; agency personnel lists; Bob Fosse notes
BOX 20B Locations
Location lists: interiors/exteriors, clubs; memos; Bob Fosse lists
BOX 22A Research (A)
Note: these may be part of Lawrence Schiller research. The Schiller list is filed in "Research - Schiller (1 of 6)"
Photocopies of newspaper and magazine articles on Lenny Bruce, including Albert Goldman's writing; photocopies of book excerpts (including Paul Krasner's autobiography, How A Satirical Editor...) with notes; Saturday Review le, 1972; New Yorker, 1969; Playboy, 1960's, etc.
Research (B)
Note: these may be part of Lawrence Schiller research. The Schiller list is filed in "Research - Schiller (1 of 6)"
Additional photocopied clippings, 1959-72
Research (C)
Note: these may be part of Lawrence Schiller research. The Schiller list is filed in "Research - Schiller (1 of 6)"
8x10 photo of Lenny Bruce billboard; Albert Goldman articles, 1963-64 on Lenny Bruce; annotated article,"Lenny and a Mother's Love," by Arthur Bell; miscellaneous, including someone's notes on Bruce and on the Schiller interviews; list of Lenny Bruce tapes (2 copies)
Research: court proceedings
Court proceedings, obscenity trials: summaries, transcripts, and associated papers from 1956-
Research: Lawrence Schiller (1 of 6)
The following 6 files are transcripts of interviews done by Schiller, and documentation collected for the book Lenny Bruce (by Albert Goldman, "based on the journalism of Lawrence Schiller). File # 1 of 6 contains a list explaining the interviewees' relationship to Bruce, as well as the additional documentation
Research: Lawrence Schiller (2 of 6)
Research: Lawrence Schiller (3 of 6)
Research: Lawrence Schiller (4 of 6)
Research: Lawrence Schiller (5 of 6)
Research: Lawrence Schiller (6 of 6)
BOX 20B Financial
Correspondence re: accounting, Movielab, 1974; correspondence between David Licht and United Artists re: United Artists' methods of billing and payment on Lenny; Lenny financial statements, 5/29/76
Legal contracts
1973-78; 1974: film credit negotiations, title layouts, correspondence re: profit distribution; 1973: Bob Fosse director's contract; Bob Fosse/United Artists "financing and sale agreements" re: Lenny, 1978
Lenny (play) Reviews
Reviews of the O'Horgan-directed production of the play Lenny
Letters from and promotional piece on Sally Marr (Bruce's mother); 12/21/73 letter to Hoffman from "Gloria," with information on Lenny Bruce; correspondence re: appropriate research sources for Bob Fosse and Dustin Hoffman; several long letters, 1973, from Marvin Worth, 20th Century Fox re: Marvin Worth's reaction to Lenny script (these have Bob Fosse's marginal notes), and personal note from Marvin Worth to Bob Fosse; note, from Julian Barry to Bob Fosse; 1974: Worth at 20th Century-Fox re: marketing exploitation of film (and photocopy of same, with Bob Fosse's marginal notes
Production Miscellaneous
Several personal letters re: casting; Miami street map; several phone call lists and memos from Bob Fosse's secretary; script record; screening guest list with screening notes; cast/crew hiring miscellany; list of office expenses, including small billings; extras list, LA party; Bob Fosse itinerary for 6/4/74
BOX 22C Newspaper Clippings
Contains newspaper clippings only
Press Reviews
This category includes transcripts of radio and television coverage, as well as print reviews
BOX 22A Magazines
"Stamp Help Out! And Other Short Stories" by Lenny Bruce: paperback publication
BOX 22C New York, 12/16/74: "Bob Fosse Off His Toes," by Paul Gardner (2 copies)
New York, 1973: "The Real Lenny Bruce is Alive and Well in Brooklyn," by Albert Goldman
Time, 12/16/74: "People" section note on Valerie Perrine
People, 12/23/74: "After Talking Dirty in Lenny, Dustin Hoffman Tries Directing," by Richard
People, 12/2/74: "Valerie Perrine of Lenny, the Sex Goddess of the '70's," by Jim Watters
New Times, 12/13/74: "The Irresistible Rise of Lenny Bruce," by Frank Rich
Filmmakers Newsletter, Feb/75: "The Making of Lenny: An Interview with Bob Fosse," (3 copies)
BOX 20B Village Voice, 11/21/74: "Will the Real Lenny Bruce Please Stand Up," by Andrew Sarris
New York, 9/6/71: "Tonight at the Blue Angel: Lenny Bruce," by Albert Goldman
BOX 22C Miscellaneous Clippings (for research)
Newspaper and magazine clippings
BOX 23D Research Slides
2 boxes of research slides for porno districts, Boston
BOX 86D Press, Oversized
New York News Magazine, 1/26/75, (Lenny) "Valerie Perrine: I'm No Grace Kelly," by Bob Lardine
BOX 85F Posters
Lenny, black and white poster, 27x41, (2 copies)
BOX 93A Ads, Framed
Framed black and white Variety page, 16x20, "Bob Fosse, Best Director for LENNY"
BOX 87A Framed 23x18 double page spread United Artists magazine advertisement, listing Oscar nominations for Lenny, black and white
BOX 23E Miscellaneous
5 1/2 x 7 1/2 framed drawing of Lenny Bruce
[Note: Identifications such as "Director's final draft," or "rehearsal draft," are taken directly from the scripts themselves, as are dates. Scripts may be duplicates. The terms "annotated," "notations," "markings" refer not only to commentary written on the scripts, but also any cuts, revisions, dialogue changes, etc., that have been marked on a particular script.]
BOX 21A Screenplay, 1st draft, 72 pp.; final pages: "some obligatory scenes"
Screenplay, 1st draft, 72 pp.; contains a small amount of handwritten annotation (Bob Fosse and Julian Barry?)
Screenplay, 1st draft, maroon vinyl cover, 72 pp.; small amount of handwritten annotation
Screenplay, July 26, 1973, black 3-ring binder, 140 pp.; with heavy annotation, including cuts, revisions, dialogue changes; Bob Fosse?
Screenplay, 7/26/73
Marked "working script," 143 pp.; few annotations (Bob Fosse)
Screenplay, 7/26/73, red vinyl cover
Marked #7; 143 pp., few annotations
Screenplay, 7/26/73
Marked # 13; 143 pp.; no annotations; pages missing
Screenplay, 7/26/73
Marked # 31; 143 pp.; no annotations
BOX 21B Screenplay, 7/26/73, 143 pp.; no annotations
Screenplay, 7/26/73, 143 pp.; no annotations
Screenplay, 7/26/73, red vinyl cover, 143 pp.; no annotations
Screenplay, 7/26/73, red vinyl cover, 143 pp.; no annotations
Screenplay, 7/26/73, red vinyl cover, 143 pp.; no annotations
BOX 21C Screenplay, 7/26/73, black spring binder, 143 pp.; with revised pages; includes Bob Fosse annotations, e.g. dialogue additions
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