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Photographic Materials, 1930s-1992 (continued)
Photoprints (continued)
Albums (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 18/19-21 1982 July-Aug. [color and b&w]
BOX-FOLDER 15/13 Japan, 1984 June [color and b&w]
BOX-FOLDER 18/22-24 Japan, 1984 June [color and b&w]
BOX-FOLDER 18/25-28 1986-88 [color and b&w]
BOX-FOLDER 15/14-17 Nirenska alone
BOX-FOLDER 15/14 Eastern ballad, 8 x 10 copy negative, safety film
BOX-FOLDER 15/15 Polish dance, 8 x 10 copy negative, safety film
BOX-FOLDER 15/16 La puerta del vino, 8 x 10 copy negative, safety film
BOX-FOLDER 15/17 A scarecrow remembers, 8 x 10 copy negatives, safety film
BOX 19 BOX-FOLDER 18/29-31 Others
BOX-FOLDER 19/1 Burkhardt, Beth and Denise Reed, 1986 July, color. National Zoo; choreography by Burkhardt
BOX-FOLDER 19/2-3 Dick
BOX-FOLDER 19/4-23 Karski, Jan, color and b&w
BOX-FOLDER 19/24-33 Knox, Marion
BOX-FOLDER 19/34-47 Norman
BOX-FOLDER 19/38-41 Osgood Chanock, Beth
BOX-FOLDER 19/42-51 Payne (Nolan), Arvilla
BOX-FOLDER 18/29 Pearson, Nicole, 5 x 4, 1964 Jan. 18. In The Evening Star
BOX-FOLDER 19/52-64 Sande, Rona
BOX-FOLDER 19/65-101 Students of Nirenska
BOX-FOLDER 19/102-106 Thimey, Erika, with her sister, Herta
BOX-FOLDER 19/107-114 The train: Paula Camilli, Heather Doerbecker, Jan Taylor, and Jan [?], 8 x 12, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 19/115-132 Xstery [?], Andrea
BOX-FOLDER 18/30-31 Unidentified relatives, 3-3/4 x 2-3/4 copy negatives, safety film
BOX-FOLDER 19/133-150 Unidentified
BOX 20 BOX 21 BOX-FOLDER 19/151-185 By Nirenska
BOX-FOLDER 19/151-153 Animals
BOX-FOLDER 19/154-185 Genre
BOX-FOLDER 20/1-53 Miscellaneous subjects, color and b&w
BOX-FOLDER 20/54-64 Pets
BOX-FOLDER 20/65-67 Photo class
BOX-FOLDER 20/68-146 Portraits, three 16 mm. images, color and b&w
BOX-FOLDER 21/1-64 Scapes: landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes
BOX-FOLDER 21/65-85 Spain
BOX-FOLDER 21/86-112 Still-life, color and b&w
BOX-FOLDER 21/113-137 Travel, color
BOX-FOLDER 15/18 Slides by Nirenska
BOX-FOLDER 15/18 Dusk [color]
Landscapes [color]
Life begins [color]
Lonely bird [color]
Portraits [color]
Seascapes [color]
Still-life [color]
Unidentified [color]
BOX 22 BOX 28 BOX 29 BOX 30 Art Work
The Art Work series is represented by two subseries: Costume designs and Drawings & paintings. The Costume designs subseries consists of drawings and paintings, primarily from the 1930s. The Drawings & paintings subseries consists of drawings and watercolors of Nirenska and colleagues, and several miscellaneous drawings and prints.
Arranged alphabetically by type, title, and subject.
BOX 22 BOX 28 BOX 30 Costume designs
BOX-FOLDER 28/21 By Audrey Cruddas, annotated
BOX-FOLDER 22/1 By Doroty Szenfeld, 1934
BOX-FOLDER 22/2 By Doroty Szenfeld, 1936
BOX-FOLDER 29/10 Costume, green and yellow
BOX-FOLDER 28/22 Costume, Polish
BOX-FOLDER 30/14 A scarecrow remembers, by Audrey Cruddas, annotated
BOX-FOLDER 22/3 Unidentified
BOX 22 BOX 28 BOX 29 BOX 30 Drawings and paintings
BOX-FOLDER 28/23 Barnes commons, pencil drawing, by S. R. [?]
BOX-FOLDER 29/11 La dame a l'éventail, by Pablo Picasso, print
BOX-FOLDER 29/12-14, 30/15 Drawings and watercolors, by A. H. C. [formerly Audrey Cruddas?]
BOX-FOLDER 29/15 Mardi Gras, by Paul Cézanne, print
BOX-FOLDER 22/4 Nirenska, drawing, by Felix Topolski. Used for programs and as a bookplate; see also Subject Files, Pola Nirenska Dance Company
BOX-FOLDER 22/5 Painting, by R. Mizufune, 1962
BOX-FOLDER 29/16 Pearson, Nicole and Rona Sande [?], watercolor, 1960s
BOX-FOLDER 30/16 Pencil drawing, by Zardenberg [?]
BOX-FOLDER 30/17 Sally, drawing, by Frances T. Trammell, 1964
BOX-FOLDER 22/6 Two bridges, by Sir Stanley Spencer, print
BOX-FOLDER 29/17 Le vieux juif, by Pablo Picasso, print
BOX-FOLDER 22/7-8 Music
The Music series consists of autographed miniature score of Priaulx Rainier's Quartet for strings, printed score of the Polish national hymn.
Arranged alphabetically by composer
BOX-FOLDER 22/7 Anonymous, Jeszcze Polska nie zginela (The Polish national hymn). Words by Josef Wybicki
BOX-FOLDER 22/8 Rainier, Priaulx, Quartet for strings. Miniature score; autographed "For Pola from Priaulx 1942-1947"
BOX-FOLDER 22/9-21 Poetry, 1934-1936, 1949, 1987, undated
The Poetry series consists of poems for, about, and by Nirenska, a few miscellaneous others.
Arranged alphabetically by author
BOX-FOLDER 22/9 Bymme; "On first seeing Pola"
BOX-FOLDER 22/10 Faber Wolff, Rima; "Thanksgiving poems"
BOX-FOLDER 22/11 Genega, Paul; "The courier"; 1987. For Jan Karski; original in correspondence, "G" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 22/12 Kraft, Marcy; Night flowers. To Nirenska with thanks for her inspiration
BOX-FOLDER 22/13 Kraft, Marcy; "17 poems"
BOX-FOLDER 22/14 Nirenska, Pola; "Dreamscape"
BOX-FOLDER 22/15 Scheider, Hanns; "Sü-schy tanzt"; 1934 June 28
BOX-FOLDER 22/16 Seidl, Ina; "Aus der engelsuite, getanzt von Pola Nirenska (Versuch einer Bewegungsdeutung)"
BOX-FOLDER 22/17 Seidl, Ina; "Der Schrei: Choreographische studie, getanzt v. Pola Nirenska, Warschau, anlässlich des Internat. Tanzwettbewerbes in Wien"
BOX-FOLDER 22/18 Seidl, Ina; "Trance [and] Engel des todes"; Winter 1935-36. Based on Nirenska's choreography
BOX-FOLDER 22/19 Seidl, R. [Ina ?]; "Erinnerungen einer Vogelscheuche, Studie über einen Tanz von Pola Nirenska"; 1949. Original in correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 22/20 Winczakiewicz, Jan; Izrael w poezji Polskiej antologia
BOX-FOLDER 22/21 Unidentified
BOX 23 Subject Files, 1933-1982
The Subject Files series consists of Nirenska's dance school, dance company, and related files containing publicity, programs, clippings, and writings; also a file of gardening materials ("New plants").
Arranged alphabetically by subject
BOX-FOLDER 23/1 Dance recital publicity, 1958-82
BOX-FOLDER 23/2-4 Dance school, 1960-68
BOX-FOLDER 23/5 An evening of choreography by Pola Nirenska, 1990 July 28-29
BOX-FOLDER 28/24-27 Für Pola, 1933-58 [writings, programs, and publicity from outside U.S.]
BOX-FOLDER 23/6 Loose single reprints [clippings and programs], 1964-81
BOX-FOLDER 23/7 New plants
BOX-FOLDER 23/8 Pola Nirenska Dance Company -- programs, leaflets, etc., 1958-66
BOX-FOLDER 23/9 Reviews [and programs/publicity], 1948-63
BOX-FOLDER 23/10 Washington Dance Company, 1958-66
BOX 24 BOX 25 Personal Papers
The Personal Papers series consists of three categories arranged alphabetically and sorted chronologically at the folder level as applicable: addresses and cards, bibliographic cards, business, medical, and miscellaneous.
Arranged alphabetically and sorted chronologically
BOX-FOLDER 24/1 Addresses and cards
BOX 25 Bibliographic cards [Note: Topics are as follows: Art, cookery, dance, dictionaries and encyclopedias, fairy tales and legends, gymnastics and health, literature, love and marriage, music, philosophy and psychology, poetry, politics and history, religion and religion-philosophy, theater and costumes, etc., miscellaneous]
BOX-FOLDER 24/2 Business
BOX-FOLDER 24/3 Medical
BOX-FOLDER 24/4 Miscellaneous
BOX 24 BOX 29 BOX 30 Awards, 1934, 1980, 1987, 1991
The Awards series consists of a certificate of appreciation, and a diploma.
Arranged chronologically
BOX-FOLDER 30/18 Diploma, Internationaler Tanz = Wettbewerb und Volkstanztreffen Wien, 1934 June 16
BOX-FOLDER 24/5 Award, Metropolitan Dance Association, 1980
BOX-FOLDER 29/18 Award, St. Patrick's Senior Center, for the intergenerational contribution of Pola Nirenska to the cultural life of the greater Washington area, 1987
BOX-FOLDER 24/6 Certificate of appreciation, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, 1991 Aug. 16
BOX 26 BOX 27 Realia, 1985, undated
The Realia series consists of a medal from the 200th anniversary of the Polish Ballet and other items.
Arranged alphabetically
BOX 26 Medal, 200th anniversary of Polish Ballet, 1985
BOX 27 Sea shell
BOX [shelf] Books and Articles
The Books and Articles series is represented by two subseries: Books ; Articles & Clippings. The Books subseries consists of monographs related to dance, religion, and history. The Articles & Clippings subseries consists of magazines, articles and clippings (not about Nirenska), mostly dance-related.
Arranged alphabetically by author and title
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