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Geraldine Farrar papers, 1895-1960s

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Correspondence, 1901-1965 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 9/30 "G" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 9/31 Hadley, Henry
BOX-FOLDER 9/32 Hahn, Reynaldo
Hesse, Almor Vangel
see Scrapbook: Box 39
BOX-FOLDER 9/39 Holmes, E, Burton
BOX-FOLDER 9/34 Houghton Mifflin
Huelsen, Von
see Berlin, Königlichen Schauspiele
BOX-FOLDER 9/35 Hughes, Rupert
BOX-FOLDER 9/36 Humperdinck, Engelbert
BOX-FOLDER 9/37 Humphries, Daisy ("Dadums")
BOX-FOLDER 9/38 Hurst, Ernie
BOX-FOLDER 9/39 "H" miscellaneous
Internationale Stiftung, Salzburg
See: Mozarteum
Irwin, Mary
see Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 9/40 Japanese student (anonymous)
BOX-FOLDER 9/41 Jerome, William Travers
Johnson, Edward
see Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 9/42 Kaulback, Friedrich August von
BOX-FOLDER 9/25 Kent, Rockwell
BOX-FOLDER 10/1 Key, Pierce V.R.
BOX-FOLDER 10/2 Klan, Marc
Krause, Otto
see Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 10/3 "I-K" miscellaneous
La Grant, Earle W.
see Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 10/4 Lambert Company
BOX-FOLDER 10/5 Lara, Isidora de
BOX-FOLDER 10/6 Le Gallienne, Eva
BOX-FOLDER 10/7 Lehmann, Lilli, 1904-1915
BOX-FOLDER 10/8 Lehmann, Lilli, 1919-1929
BOX-FOLDER 10/9 Lehmann, Lotte
see also Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 10/10 Leoncavallo, Berthe
BOX-FOLDER 10/11 Long, John Luther
BOX-FOLDER 10/12 Mack, Willard
BOX-FOLDER 10/13 Marlowe, Julia
BOX-FOLDER 10/14 Martens, Frederick Hermann
BOX-FOLDER 10/15 Martinelli, Giovanni
BOX-FOLDER 10/16 Massenet, Jules
BOX-FOLDER 10/17 Maulsby, Ann
BOX-FOLDER 10/18 McBride, Mary Margaret
BOX-FOLDER 10/19 McCormack, John
BOX-FOLDER 10/20 McCormack, Mrs. John
BOX-FOLDER 10/21 Melba, Nellie
Melchior, Lauritz
see Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 10/22 Metropolitan Opera Company, New York
Miller, Mrs. Bernard
See: scrapbook: Box 34
BOX-FOLDER 10/23, 11/40 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 10/24 Moscher, Florence
BOX-FOLDER 10/25 Mozarteum
BOX-FOLDER 10/26 Murat, Princess
BOX-FOLDER 10/27 Musical Courier
BOX-FOLDER 10/28 Muzio, Claudia
BOX-FOLDER 10/29 "M" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 10/30 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
BOX-FOLDER 10/31 Nast, Condé
BOX-FOLDER 10/32 National Broadcasting Company
Neuer, Berthold
see Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 10/33 New England Conservatory of Music
BOX-FOLDER 10/34 New York Tribune
BOX-FOLDER 10/35 Nordica, Lillian
BOX-FOLDER 10/36 Novotna, Jarmila
BOX-FOLDER 10/37 "N" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 10/38 Oppenheimer, Mildred R.
BOX-FOLDER 10/39 Paris Opéra
BOX-FOLDER 10/40 Peroni, Carlo
Peterson, Dr. and Mrs. F.
see Scrapbook: Box 34
BOX-FOLDER 10/41 Pickford, Mary
BOX-FOLDER 10/42 Plançon, Pol
BOX-FOLDER 10/43 Poet (anonymous)
BOX-FOLDER 10/44 Political Correspondence
see also Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 10/45 Pons, Lily
see also Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 11/1 Ponselle, Rosa Melba
see also Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 11/2 Prisoner (anonymous)
BOX-FOLDER 11/3 Puccini, Giacomo
BOX-FOLDER 11/4 Rachmaninoff, Sergei and Natalie
see also Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 11/5 Raisa, Rosa
Republican National Committee
see Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 11/6 Rogers, James H.
BOX-FOLDER 11/7 Rostand, Edmond
BOX-FOLDER 11/8 "O-R" miscellaneous
Scharf, Bernard W.
see Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 11/9 Schirmer, Rudolph E.
BOX-FOLDER 11/10 Schumann-Heink, Ernestine
BOX-FOLDER 11/11 Sembrich, Marcela
see also Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 11/12 Sheldon, Edward
BOX-FOLDER 11/13 Slezak, Leo
Smith, Delos Jr.
see Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 11/14 Spanuth, August
BOX-FOLDER 11/15 Stockholm Opera
BOX-FOLDER 11/16 Stokowski, Olga Samaroff
BOX-FOLDER 11/17 Strauss, Richard
Sturgis, David
see Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 11/18 "S" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 11/19 Takaoki, Sumiko
BOX-FOLDER 11/20 Taylor, Deems
BOX-FOLDER 11/21 Tempest, Marie
BOX-FOLDER 11/22 Thompson, Samuel S.
BOX-FOLDER 11/23 Thorburg, Kerstin
BOX-FOLDER 11/24 Thursby, Emma Cecelia
BOX-FOLDER 11/25 Torrey, George Burroughs
Toscanini, Arturo
see Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 11/41 Unidentified
see also Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 11/26 Universal Pictures Corporation
BOX-FOLDER 11/27 U. S. Army, Women's Army Corps
BOX-FOLDER 11/28 U. S. Government, Office of Civil Defense
BOX-FOLDER 11/29 U. S. Government, Office of Price Administration
BOX-FOLDER 11/30 "T-V" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 11/31 Waller, Frank Laird
BOX-FOLDER 11/32 Webb, Annie B.
Whitcomb, Lois Elisabeth
see Scrapbook: Box 42
BOX-FOLDER 11/33 Wiggin, Kate Douglass ("Katydid")
BOX-FOLDER 11/34 Wilhelm, Crown Prince, 1901-1941
see also Scrapbook: Box 33
BOX-FOLDER 11/35 Wilhelm, Crown Prince, 1945-1951
BOX-FOLDER 11/36 Wilhelm II, Kaiser
BOX-FOLDER 11/37 Wilkie, Mrs. Wendell
Wright, Mrs. Earl D.
see Scrapbook: Box 39
BOX-FOLDER 11/38 Wolff, Albert
BOX-FOLDER 11/39 "W-Z" miscellaneous
Zenatello, Giovanni
See: Gay, Marcia
BOX 12 Contracts, 1904-1940
Farrar's contracts with the Metropolitan Opera comprise the bulk of this series. There are also a considerable amount of film contracts with Goldwyn Pictures Corporation. Farrar's contract with the Berlin Royal Opera dates from 1904 while a contract dated 1940 regarding royalties from her autobiography with Greystone Press is the most recent. Illustrative of Farrar's popularity as both a prima donna and an actress is her contract with Benjamin Claggett regarding the production and distribution of "Geraldine Farrar Candy." Included are other business related materials, such as concert tour itineraries and receipts.
Arranged alphabetically by organization or format.
BOX-FOLDER 12/1 American Piano Company
BOX-FOLDER 12/2 American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers
BOX-FOLDER 12/3 Anderson, E. H.
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