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BOX 1-11 Correspondence, 1931-1976, bulk 1938-1953
This series contains letters, telegrams, invitations, and postcards. Some letters include contracts, schedules, programs, bills, royalty statements, business cards, brochures, photographs, advertisements, newspaper clippings and magazine articles. The correspondence documents Rodzinski’s professional life, such as the scheduling of guest conductor positions, programs and publicity; reviewing and finding scores; signing contracts; and responding to requests from composers, conductors, other performers and fans. The materials cover performances in the United States, Latin America and Europe. There is personal correspondence, including salutations from friends. Some of the major correspondents are Ada Finzi, Goddard Lieberson, and Ernesto de Quesada. Rodzinski’s outgoing correspondence was often written and/or typed by his wife, Halina, or one of his secretaries. Some of the correspondence is addressed to Halina, instead of Artur, and includes information requested for her book, Our Two Lives. While the majority of the series is in English, a significant amount is in Polish with smaller amounts in Italian, German, Russian, French and Spanish.
The series is arranged alphabetically and then chronologically.
A.F. of M. see American Federation of Musicians. Local 802
BOX 1/1 A.I. Root Company, 1942
BOX 1/2 Abram, Jacques, n.d.
BOX 1/3 Accademia di Santa Cecilia, 1952-1953 see also Porrino, Ennio
Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia see Accademia di Santa Cecilia
BOX 1/4 Achron, Lindon, 1942 see also Alexander, Josef
BOX 1/5 Acro Associates, Inc., 1950
Adams, Jack see Jack Adams and Co.
Adams, Robert see Jack Adams and Co.
BOX 1/6 Adler, Clarence, 1951
BOX 1/7 Adler, Frederick Charles, 1945
Adler, Hans see Konzert-Direktion Hans Adler
BOX 1/8 Adler, Max, 1949
BOX 1/9 Adomián, Lan, 1945
BOX 1/10 Advise & Regis, 1952
BOX 1/11 Agenzia Internazionale Concerti, 1949-1950
BOX 1/12 Agenzia Lirica Concertistica Internazionale, 1950-1953 see also Finzi, Ada
BOX 1/13 Ahrendt, Karl, 1948 see also Alexander, Josef
BOX 1/14 Ainsley, W.M., 1944
BOX 1/15 Akon, Alfred, 1945
BOX 1/16 Akron Beacon Journal, 1942
BOX 1/17 Albert B. Ashforth, Inc., 1949-1951
BOX 1/18 Alberto, Pisani, 1953
BOX 1/19 Albi Manufacturing Company, Inc., 1953
ALCI see Agenzia Lirica Concertistica Internazionale
Alcotea see Agenzia Lirica Concertistica Internazionale
BOX 1/20 Alexander, Josef, 1942-1947
Alexeeva, Mrs. see Soviet Union. Posol’stvo (U.S.)
Allen, George Venable see United States. Embassy (Yugoslavia)
Allen, Kenneth L., Jr. see Kenneth Allen Associates, Inc.
Allen, Larry see Music Corporation of America
BOX 1/21 Am-Rus Music Corporation, 1942
American-Canadian Concerts and Artists see Kachouk, Michel
BOX 1/22 American Federation of Musicians. Local 802, 1949-1950
BOX 1/23 American Music Center (New York, N.Y.), 1948
BOX 1/24 Amkniga Corporation, 1934
BOX 1/25 Anders, Marieo L., 1942
Anderson, Lois see Anderson, Oliver William
BOX 1/26 Anderson, Oliver William, 1949
Anello, John see Milwaukee County (Wis.). Park Commission
BOX 1/27 Angelicum dei Frati Minori, 1953
Antell, Eleanor see National Concert and Artists Corporation
BOX 1/28 Antheil, George, 1943-1950
BOX 1/29 Antonini, Alfredo, 1947
Antrim, Thomas M. see Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
BOX 1/30 Argentina. Consulado General (New York, N.Y.), 1950
BOX 1/31 Armed Forces Master Records, Inc., 1942
Armitage, Merle
see Cowles Magazines, Inc.
see Simon and Schuster, Inc.
BOX 1/32 Armsby, Leonora Wood, 1945-1950
BOX 1/33 Arneill, James Rae, 1949
BOX 1/34 Arnell, Richard, 1945
Arnold, Alfred see Arnold Motorcycle Company
BOX 1/35 Arnold Motorcycle Company, 1942
BOX 1/36 Arnovick, Peter Gerald, n.d.
Arnstein, Karl see Goodyear Aircraft Corporation
Arpesani see Teatro alla Scala
BOX 1/37 Arrowhead Music Camp, 1948
BOX 1/38 Art of Musical Russia Co., n.d.
BOX 1/39 Arthur, Nela, 1937
BOX 1/40 Ashe, B.F., 1949
BOX 1/41 Aspuru, Manuel, 1950
BOX 1/42 Associated Music Publishers, 1942-1953
Associated Musicians of Greater New York see American Federation of Musicians. Local 802
BOX 1/43 Associated Negro Press, 1944
BOX 1/44 Aszkenazy, n.d.
BOX 1/45 Automobile club d’italia, 1952
BOX 1/46 Autori, Franco, 1943-1945
BOX 1/47 Avshalamoff, A., 1950-1951
BOX 1/48 Babin, Vitya Vronsky, n.d.
BOX 1/49 Bacevičius, Vytautas, 1944
BOX 1/50 Bacon, Ernst, 1945
Bacon, Jacqueline see Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra
BOX 1/51 Baker, Sidney, 1950
Baker, W.D. see Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Los Angeles
Ball, Mary see National Concert and Artists Corporation
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra see Stewart, Reginald
BOX 1/52 Bank of England, 1948-1949
BOX 1/53 Barber, Samuel, 1936-1945
BOX 1/54 Barera, Orlando, n.d.
BOX 1/55 Barkentin, Marjorie, 1934-1935
BOX 1/56 Barrett, Edward Ware, 1951
Barrett, Ethel see Gingold, Josef
BOX 1/57 Barrett, Herbert, 1942-1945
Barrett, Jim see Gingold, Josef
BOX 1/58 Barrie, George N., 1944
BOX 1/59 Barron, Rick & Rockmore, 1942-1949
Barry, Roberto F. see Boosey & Hawkes Inc.
BOX 1/60 Barwig, Norbert J., 1950
Barzin, Leonee see National Orchestral Association (U.S.)
BOX 1/61 Basham, Lenard, 1945
Bass, William see Columbia Records, Inc.
BOX 1/62 Bate, Stanley, 1942-1945
Bauer, Karl F. see Associated Music Publishers
BOX 1/63 Baume, Emile, 1944-1945
BOX 1/64 Bay Cities Music Association, 1929
Bazykin, V. see Soviet Union. Posol’stvo (U.S.)
Bean, Betty Randolph
see Boosey & Hawkes Inc.
see San Francisco (Calif.). Art Commission
BOX 1/65 Bechert, Paul, 1949
BOX 1/66 Becker, John J., 1947-1948
Beek, Johanna see Nederlandsche Concertdirectie
Behrens, Edith see Columbia Records, Inc.
Béique, Pierre see Concerts Symphoniques de Montréal
Benardi, Mr. see Agenzia Lirica Concertistica Internazionale
BOX 1/67 Bennet, Robert Russell, 1943
BOX 1/68 Berenbau, 1950
BOX 1/69 Berezowsky, Nicolai, 1942-1943
BOX 1/70 Berg, Daniel George, 1945
BOX 1/71 Bergamini, Herbert M., 1950
BOX 1/72 Bergen Evening Record, 1943
BOX 1/73 Berkshire Music Center, 1942
Bernard R. La Berge, Inc. see Boosey & Hawkes Inc.
Bernhardt, Sarah see Beu
Bernstein, Leonard
see Bergen Evening Record
see Pelletier, Wilfrid
Best, Allen see Universal Recording Co. Inc.
BOX 1/74 Beu, 1951
BOX 1/75 Beu, Sidney, 1937
BHB see Boosey, Hawkes, Belwin Inc.
BOX 1/76 Biennale di Venezia, 1952
BOX 1/77 Biétry-Salinger, Jehanne, 1950
BOX 1/78, 13/1 Biggs, Edward Power, 1943-1944
BOX 1/79 Binder, Abraham Wolf, 1945
Bird, Remsen D. see Hollywood Bowl Association
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