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Correspondence, 1931-1976, bulk 1938-1953 (continued)
BOX 4/28 Great Britain. Embassy (U.S.), 1944
Green, C. Alfin see Pan American World Airways, Inc.
BOX 4/29 Green, Ray, 1945-1948
BOX 4/30 Greenbaum, Wolff & Ernst, 1949-1952
BOX 4/31 Greene, Lorenzo Johnston, 1943
Greimer, A.W. see Steinway & Sons
Greinert, E. see Stadium Concerts, Inc.
Greissle, Felix see G. Schirmer, Inc.
BOX 4/32 Grey, Robert G., 1940-1945
BOX 4/33 Griffeth, Merle R., 1943
Griffis, Stanton see United States. Foreign Service
BOX 4/34 Griffith, Kenneth, 1942
Griffith, Lena see Essex County Symphony Society
Grigg, Barbara see Time, Inc.
Grilli, Marcel see Nihon Hōsō Kyōkai
BOX 4/35 Gronowetter, Freda, 1945
BOX 4/36 Gross, Bethuel, 1942
Gross, Ludwik see DeGraff, Arthur C.
BOX 4/37 Gross, Robert, 1945
Grove, Anheli see Sztark, H. and A.
Grunes, David J. see Am-Rus Music Corporation
BOX 4/38 Guggenberg, Markus von, 1952
BOX 4/39 Guggenheimer, Minnie Schafer, 1944
Guggenheimer, Mrs. Harles S. see Guggenheimer, Minnie Schafer
Gump, H. N. see Clark H. Getts, Inc.
BOX 4/40 Guthrie, James K., 1936-1947
BOX 4/41 G miscellaneous, 1951
Haas, Alexander F. see San Francisco (Calif.). Art Commission
BOX 4/42 Hadley, Henry Kimball, 1934
BOX 4/43 Haensel & Jones, 1942-1945
see also Columbia Concerts Corporation (Columbia Broadcasting System)
BOX 4/44 Hageman, Richard, 1938-1943
Hahn, Edgar A. see Mooney, Hahn, Loeser, Keough & Freedheim
BOX 4/45 Haieff, Alexei, 1943
Halász, László see City Center of Music and Drama (New York, N.Y.)
Haley, Thomas J. see New York (City). Dept. of Finance
Halifax, [Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, Earl of] see Great Britain. Embassy (U.S.)
Hall, David see Columbia Records, Inc.
BOX 4/46 Halusza, Riki, 1951
BOX 4/47 Hammer, Heinrich, 1944-1947
BOX 4/48 Handler, Nathan E., 1945
Hansen, Katherine see Music Teachers’ Quarterly
BOX 4/49 Hanson, Howard, 1945
Hanzl, Rudolf see Wiener Philharmoniker
Happ, Eugene see South Bend Symphony Orchestra
BOX 4/50 Harold Holt, Ltd., 1949-1950
Harp, Raleigh see Carnegie Hall Recording Co.
Harris, Johana see Harris, Roy
BOX 4/51 Harris, Roy, 1936-1948 see also Gingold, Josef
BOX 4/52 Harry Smith Recordings, 1942
BOX 4/53 Harty, Hamilton, Sir, 1935
Hartzog, H.H. see A.I. Root Company
BOX 4/54 Harvey, Russell, 1943
BOX 4/55 Haubiel, Charles, 1942-1945
Hauser, Arthur A. see Carl Fischer Inc.
Havener, Helen see National Federation of Music Clubs
Hawkes, Ralph see Boosey & Hawkes Inc.
BOX 4/56 Haynes, Nita, n.d.
Hays, C. Lansing Jr. see Leve, Hecht, Hadfield & McAlpin
Hays, Will Harrison see Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America
Hearst, Siegfried see National Concert and Artists Corporation
BOX 4/57 Heilner, Irwin, 1944-1945
Heinsheimer, Hans W.
see Boosey & Hawkes Inc.
see Boosey, Hawkes, Belwin Inc.
see G. Schirmer, Inc.
Heller, Gesine see Simkhovitch, Mary Kingsbury
BOX 4/58 Hendl, Walter, 1945-1951
BOX 4/59 Henri Stern Watch Agency, Inc., 1949
BOX 4/60 Henry Holt and Company, 1950
BOX 4/61 Hernández, Leopoldo, 1950-1951
BOX 4/62 Herou, Karl-Thore, 1951
BOX 4/63 Hess, Harold F., 1943-1944
BOX 4/64 Hicks, George Raymond, 1945
BOX 4/65 Hier, Ethel Glenn, 1945
BOX 4/66 Higgins, Grover, 1942
Hite, George E. Jr. see Milbank, Tweed, Hope & Hadley
BOX 4/67 Hoffman, Earl, 1947
BOX 4/68 Hoffman, Irwin, 1945
BOX 4/69 Hofmann, Josef, 1936-1937
Hogg, Ima see Houston Symphony Society
BOX 4/70 Holbrooke, Dan, 1948-1949
BOX 4/71 Hollywood Bowl Association, 1949-1951
see also Southern California Symphony Association
Holt, Harold see Harold Holt, Ltd.
Hope Associates see Earle Ferris Company
Hope, Constance see Radio Corporation of America. RCA Victor Division
BOX 4/72 Horenstein, Jascha, 1943
BOX 4/73 Hornblower & Weeks, 1942-1949
BOX 4/74 Houston Symphony Society, 1947
BOX 4/75 Hoving, Walter, 1944
BOX 4/76 Huber, Frederick, 1942
BOX 4/77 Huberman, Bronislaw, 1935-1936
BOX 4/78 Hubert, Marcel, 1944
BOX 4/79 Hugh, Ross, 1945
BOX 4/80 Hughes, Adella Prentiss, 1942
Hughes, Mrs. see Pettis, Ashley
BOX 4/81 Hull, Helen, 1945-1946
Hurd, Frederick see Brundage, Story and Rose
BOX 4/82 Hutcheson, Irmgart, 1937
Hyndman, R.V. see G. Schirmer, Inc.
BOX 4/83 H miscellaneous, 1950
Il Sindaco di Firenze see La Pira, Giorgio
BOX 4/84 Images Musicales, 1947-1948
BOX 4/85 Imparato, Giovanni, 1949
Incisoria Dischi see Alberto, Pisani
BOX 4/86 Insana, Silvio, 1947
BOX 4/87 Internal Revenue Agent in Charge, 1942
International Exposition of the Arts see Nabokov, Nicolas
Irish, Mrs. Leiland Atherton see Southern California Symphony Association
BOX 4/88 Isham & Isham, 1949-1950
Isham, Robert F. see Isham & Isham
BOX 4/89 Jabs, Russell, E., n.d.
BOX 4/90 Jachimowicz, Jan, 1951
BOX 4/91, 60/3 Jack Adams and Co., 1948-1950
BOX 5/1 Jacobi, Frederick, 1943
BOX 5/2 Jacobs, Ivan, 1945
BOX 5/3 Jaffe & Stern, 1953
Jaffin, Theodore S. see Greenbaum, Wolff & Ernst
BOX 5/4 Jafke, Orville W., 1951
Jarmel, Dorle see National Federation of Music Clubs
Jelliffe, Rowena Woodham see Karamu House
BOX 5/5 John F. White, Inc., 1949
BOX 5/6 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1945
BOX 5/7 Johnson, Thor, 1943-1945 see also Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
BOX 5/8 Jones, Isabel Morse, 1950
BOX 5/9 Jones, Mrs. T. Catesby, 1943
BOX 5/10 Jospe, Erwin, 1945
Judd, G.E. see Boston Symphony Orchestra
Judson, Arthur
see Columbia Concerts Corporation (Columbia Broadcasting System)
see Concert Management Arthur Judson
see New York Philharmonic
see Simkhovitch, Mary Kingsbury
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